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What Was I Saying in 2009?

We are about to be skewered

November 5, 2009

Al Gore and his allies become fabulously rich on the global warming hoax.

The carbon trading scam is no different from the taxi licensing scam at work in Hamilton and most other cities.

In Hamilton, if you want to operate your own cab, you have to either purchase a license for upwards of $200,000 or lease one for what has just gone up to $14,000 a year. Greed is good. In a free market. It gets downright ugly where there is a large government footprint that isn't subject to the discipline of laissez-faire competition.

Whatever happened to the "right" to earn a living?

I own one of these licenses. I know how this system works. It's a government sponsored scam to rip off the public and to rip off the poor drivers. I would like to see this system reformed, but not in such a way that those who made a huge investment of time and/or money in the existing regime are wiped out overnight. I.E. people like me. Sorry, Ejaz, but I am too old to start over again.

The damage done locally by restrictive taxi licensing is nothing but a ripple compared to the damage that will be done by Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade is an international taxi licensing scam with this difference; instead of buying or leasing a taxi "plate," you will have to buy carbon credits to run just about any business you can think of.

Imagine you want to sell burgers out of a trailer? Well, burgers contribute to global warming. You will have to buy credits. You might even get a "plate" you can attach to your trailer with a sticker showing your quota of carbon credits, along with an expiry date.

A trailer burger operation is about all you will be thinking about because carbon intense industrial activities will go to someplace where they don't have to buy "carbon credits," like India or China.

Duh! Who'd've thunk?

Western labour unions have already made China the largest steel producer in the world! Who could not have seen that coming? Don't you just love how much unions have done to help "working people?" In China! Now, the working people our unions have "helped," are serving burgers and fries to customers who have borrowed the money from the Chinese.

Comic Interlude

Brought to you by none other than the famous Blueline cab driver, Spaceman.

"How do the monkeys in Africa fight each other?

"They use Gorilla warfare."

Second Comic Interlude
Don't you just love how much unions have done to help "working people?" In China. Now the working people our unions have "helped," are serving burgers and fries to customers who have borrowed the money from the Chinese.

Who will you be buying these carbon credits from?

People like Al Gore and Goldman Sachs. Enron wanted some of this action too.

Gore is the one whose movie has been brainwashing your children with the help of the public education system, to scare the hell out of your kids and butter them up for unquestioning acceptance of what is coming straight at them; a big green bulldozer. Public education has a very large government footprint. They will be telling their grandkids stories like, "Yep, when I was knee high to a grasshopper, we were actually allowed to keep our lights on past eight o'clock!" Those young eyes will be glowing with disbelief.

One in eight or so American kids reportedly have been traumatized by Gore's advertising campaign. They think the world is going to end. If global warming *is* a grand hoax to make certain people rich, do not forget how it's promoters chose to exploit and frighten our children to further their agenda. How low will they go? Are we looking into the face of evil? Or am I just crazy?

Man, this is so hilarious. An entire civilization committing mass suicide. I must be crazy.

There are other goodies in Cap and Trade too. Don't forget, Dalton is bringing this abominable scheme to Ontario. We will have enforcement officers in every city with the power to come into your home an make sure it has a low carbon footprint. How do you like that idea?

And if they find anything that is substandard they will have the power to compel you to spend the money to fix it. And if you DON'T fix it within the prescribed time, you will be deemed to be occupying your own home illegally.

Smart meters anyone?

How about computer chips in your garbage cans as in the UK?


Are you angry yet????

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