Friday, May 28, 2021

Hesitant, Yet?

"will be allowed to watch"

Let that sink in.

This is the new Canada.

What about the old Canada?

You know. The one where you could do whatever you liked? Like, if you wanted to go to a restaurant, or a show, or have friends over, or go fishing.

If you've thought about any of those things, lately, has it been followed by the question? Is it allowed?

Don't you listen to the news?

The news is generally useless, but these days it has become slightly more usefull. It's no longer a place you go for perspective or insight. It's the place you go to find out what you might be permitted to do. As you hold your breath and wait for the latest PCR test numbers. Or the number of people who have volunteered to participate in the vaccine experiment.

It has been established. Your freedom is no longer considered to be a basic human right. As Fred Eisenberger is alleged to have recently stated, and knowing Fred as I do, I have no reason to doubt that he would have said such a thing, "human rights are not infinite." In other words, human rights are limited, to what people like Fred Eisenberger thinks.

Which means that, if people like Fred Eisenberger get to decide the finite boundaries of our basic rights, we ain't got no fucking rights.

You idiots. You let what used to be Canada slip through your hands. It's gone. And you didn't even bat an eye.

Keep your eye on the ball. What we have seen happen over the last sixteen months has very little to do with the WuFlu. I has shown us just how vulnerable our dumbed-down population is to having their whole lives turned upside-down by a convergence of opportunism.

Whatever fucked-up opinion you might have, on any issue, if you still believe that, as a Canadian, you have freedom, you are a fucking retard.

"I appear before you this evening as a thief and a robber. I stole this head, these limbs, this body from my master and ran off with them." -- Frederick Douglass

I have asked the same question to everyone I know who is getting, or has gotten the V*****e. "Did you get tested for antibodies in case you were one of the majority who got C*******9, but only experienced mild or no symptoms? If so, you should already be immune to the disease?

Not one of them did.

As of today, 504,304 "confirmed" cases of C*******9 in Ontario are listed as recovered. Do they still need to get j****d?

It asbolutely staggers my mind that so many people have so much trust in what corporate news tells them, so little knowledge of how capitalism, when entwined with politics works to skew market outcomes, and, worst of all, how little curiosity they have. "Awe, just go with the flow!"

Here is an example of some of the "reasoning" I encountered during one of those conversations. "The V*****e is safe because I think it is safe." The most common reason given for taking the V*****e is because they want their freedom back. "I want to travel!"

I want my freedom back too. But I refuse to accept that I have to buy it back by getting j****d, when I know that freedom is a basic right, not something you have to buy from the government. Instead of taking the easy human livestock route, I would rather fight for the freedom that is already mine.

I learn something new, every day, about this pan___ic. Today, I learned that you can get tested for prior infection even if you no longer have antibodies in your system.

That, and more in this excellent interview:


Ep119 STATE OF FEAR! How the Government used Science of Psychology to Delude Us

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

May 25, 2021 Items of Interest

Monday, May 24, 2021

The "Fluid Mindset" of Junk News Writers

The Toronto Star starts out lying in the very first paragraph and it only gets worse from there.

The article is so completely full of shite that I just had to waste time commenting on it.

Before I start my rant, let me clear something up. I have been calling the COVID-19 story a hoax almost from the start, but that doesn't mean I don't think the virus isn't real. I believe the virus IS real. The hoax, to my mind, is the manner in which the threat of the virus has been hyped and exagerated out of all proportion to its lethality.

Now, let's analyse some of "misinformation expert," Timothy Caulfield's "fluid thinking" on the subject.

"The fake news can have dire consequences, such as when a man in the United States died last year after drinking chloroquine, a malaria treatment that then-president Donald Trump touted as effective against COVID-19. (It’s not)."

What Trump actually said, was that chloroquine had shown some very encouraging early results. (It had. See - "There was, moreover, convincing evidence from early trials in China about the efficacy of CQ and HCQ in the anti-COVID-19 procedure." )

The real whopper from "misinformation expert" Timothy Caulfield is that a man drank chloroquine and died.

What the man actually drank was chloroquine phospate which is about as different from drinking chloroquine as drinking salt water is from drinking chlorine bleach. Ordinarilly, one could grant some leeway to someone for not knowing the difference every first-semester chemistry student would know between a glass of sodium chloride solution and a big mug of chlorine bleach. As a "misinformation expert" Timothy Caulfield should know this. Therefore, he can only be lying. He is a "misinformation expert" alright.

If there is anyone to blame for the death of the man who drank fish-tank cleaner to protect him from the Coof, it is the Junk News media for convincing "fluid mindset" thinkers that COVID-19 was comparable to the Black Plague.

I am aware that there are some elements of resistance to the WuFlu hoax who claim that the virus does not exist at all. That is not who I am. Nor is it the opinion of the growing number of "random huckster[s][1] on YouTube" that I have consulted for my own "conspiracy theories" about the Coof.

Yet this, so-called "misinformation expert," Timothy Caulfield confidently states that I am vaccine shedding conspiracist. Mr Caulfield is either misinformed, or he is a liar. As a BS detection expert myself, I can tell you that Mr. Cauldfield is chock full of it.

"For misinformation expert Timothy Caulfield, the most absurd aspect of the vaccine “shedding” conspiracy is that the very same people who once called COVID-19 a hoax are now scared of the virus — but only if it comes from people who’ve already been vaccinated." (italics - mine)

As someone who calls the COVID-19 infodemic a grand hoax, though familiar with the vaccine shedding theory, I am not one of its adherants and therefore, I am NOT one of the "very same people" Mr. Cauldfield is attempting to exploit in order to smear all Coof sceptics.

Cauldfield's intellectual dishonesty is revealed in his claim that the most absurd aspect of the vaccine “shedding” "conspiracy," (which isn't a "conspiracy" at all, it's a theory,) is the people who he thinks advance it. Whether the theory, independent of its adherants, is absurd or not, isn't addressed. This isn't an argument. It's a psychological assault.

There is absolutely nothing in this propaganda bulletin that describes the specific claims of the vaccine shedding theory, nor any substantive argument as to why it is false. Instead, the author demands that readers have faith in the chosen ones whom Junk News media consults for citations of Coof scripture.

Another "expert" quoted in this Junk News propaganda bulletin is University of Alberta political scientist, Jared Wesley.

“The fixed mindset is a key element of conspiratorial thinking,” Wesley said. “People cling to conspiracies because they provide a kind of certainty in an uncertain world, and they’re not getting it from experts who … are more likely to not obfuscate, but to provide nuance.”

It’s why someone might dismiss a public health expert with decades of experience as someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about and then buy in to the dubious claims of a YouTube entrepreneur. Or in the case of Trump, a reality TV star turned politician."

On the other hand, we have the idiot, sorry, person with a "fluid mindset" walking all alone across a golf course or a football field wearing a mask, and who wears one while driving and probably wears it at home, in bed, and while taking a shower. This sort of person is a prime example of someone who derives "a kind of certainty in an uncertain world" from government-subsidized Junk News outlets!

Where is he getting his information from? Public health experts with decades of experience? Or from Junk News venues like the Toronto Star, the Hamilton Spectator, and CHCH News, who get their information from public health bureaucrats with decades of experience advancing their public sector careers by kissing politicians asses?

On a personal level, the people I have had acrimonious encounters with, mostly staff in grocery stores, are those who are most certain that the crap they see on the six o'clock news is all the information they require to have an informed opinion. They will also be the ones to tell you to "listen to the science" even though they probably would not be able to describe the difference between H2O and HCl, hence more likely to drink a cup of HCl if the lady on TV told them to.

"Another strategy is appealing to personal identity; while people do trust academics and medical experts, they are almost equally likely to trust “someone like them,” Caulfield says. This could be a neighbour, a family member or a random huckster on YouTube who seems to substantiate what the guy down the street told you about masks."

Speaking of "personal identity," I can't really relate to that. Most of the people I have had a chance to discuss COVID-19 with personally, identify with the herd. I am not "someone like them" at all. They have intellectual herd immunity facilitated by a fluid mindset. This includes neighbours, family members, or some random huckster, or "misinformation expert" usually a politician or other tax-funded professional, the guy down the street saw on the six o'clock news or read about in the Hamilton Spectator.

I do not consult Junk News for vital information on any subject, other than the most basic coverage of things like car crashes or road clusures or bake sales. When I do take the time to read through their trash, it is mainly to analyse the dishonest tactics they use to fill the minds of "fluid" thinkers with manipulative crud.

If you are genuinely curious about any subject with political implications, Junk News is the LAST place you should be looking. If, on the other hand, you simply don't have the time, skills, inclination and judgment or a mindset fixed on truth and facts you would be better off if you consulted Junk News to find out what, in all probability, ISN'T TRUE, and thus, assume the opposite.

[1] Just a few of Timothy Caulfield's "random hucksters" on YouTube:

Note: Some of these links will take you to their Wikipedia entries, some of which read as though they were written by "misinformation experts" like Timothy Caulfield. You be the judge.

Other resources:

MIT: Covid Skeptics Champion Science

Saturday, May 22, 2021

72% of Canadians support mandatory coronavirus vaccine

72% of Canadians support mandatory coronavirus vaccine

I think that, maybe, they realize that too many people are getting wise to the PCR fraud, so they are going to segue into a different standard. A vaccine mandate enforced through the back door via vaccine passports.

What will it look like, if after ordering so many doses of the vaccine, not enough people take them up on it?

After all, what is the meaning of "government intervention," if not to alter the otherwise spontaneous equilibrium of voluntary buyers and sellers, in favour of some political preference, ideology, promise, or some other fraudulent economic sleight of hand?

More wasted $millions. Net losses to society. Less wealth to "share."

That would be egg on their faces.

When a genius like Justin Trudeau decides to order $2 billion worth of "testing, ventilators, (yeah, ventilators) and personal protective equipment," what would it look like if it turned out all of that stuff was not needed? The solution from the point of view of politicians is quite simple. Mandate its use. "We god damned guarantee that it will be needed." It also provides some insight into what Trudeau means when he says he admires China because their communist system allows them to "turn their economy around on a dime." And control the planet's temperature.

No demand for wasted resources? Mandate the demand. Either directly, or via typical liberal sleaze.

If in-your-face mandates can be avoided because it doesn't look good,

enact a sleazy new standard, where our freedoms are linked to the number of people who get jabbed.

It's a smart plan. After all, it will save some $ in their propaganda efforts. The population will be split between those who salivate for the jab, and those who are a little bit more suspicious of political motives, reserved, or are "vaccine hesitant." (A.K.A. "anti-vaxxers" in most Junk News reports.)

Instead of wasting $millions on government-funded PSAs, this new policy will inspire unpaid propaganda volunteers to exert pressure upon their friends and family members to get the jab - JUST SO THEY CAN BE GRANTED - some measure of freedom, and some peace from the nagging relatives. By the way, the lost friends, and tension, and acrimony should also be accounted for in any tally of the collateral damage caused by NPIs. (Non Pharmaceutical Interventions.)

No controversial mandates required. Just link personal liberty, or Charter rights, to vax stats. Canadians have already been almost thoroughly acclimated to collectivized decision-making. And don't worry about that worrisome "reasonable limits" limitation.

1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

Thanks to COVID-19 we have ALL been given a demonstration of what Section 1 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms really means for Canadians. It means Canadians SQUAT all rights. I have always known this. The meaning is quite clear. You have these rights, but you don't have them. They are all subservient to the opinions of whomever gets to decide what "reasonable limits" are, and whether they have been demonstrably justified by whomever has the decision-making power to demonstrably justify them, like bureaucrats who have been crowned as the "top doctors," even though some of the non-top-doctors might disagree.

It's so easy to understand, unless you are suffering from Nth stage dementia, or in an induced coma on a ventilator.

It's brilliant!

Get the population to fight it out among themselves, just like they have done with the CoofRag mandates. And it won't cost a penny in tax dollars.

"The vaccine is safe because I want it to be safe."

Will This Sleazy Psy-Op Work?

Of course, it will.

As a boomer, I can think back to a time when it would not have worked at all. Like back in 1969 when the Woodstock generation would have responded, "Masks and lockdowns? Screw you!"

But this is a different age. Fifty plus years separates us now. A lot of voters today weren't even alive back in '69. They've had half a century of collectivist brainwashing in the public schools, on TV, and in the "news." You don't need physical chains if you can get hold of kids at the tender age of four or five. By the time the public school system grants their parole, their minds have been completely bound.

Look at the pictures of the BLM and Antifa rioters. At first glance you might think, "Well, these people haven't been brainwashed! Look at how they are rebelling against the system!"

And then look at how many of these "rebels" are wearing masks.

Marx inspired public education has got them EXACTLY where they wanted them. And they don't even know it.

Are COVID-19 immunization passports coming?



Behind one mask or another.

Some people I talk to think this system will soon experience a dramatic collapse.

Others think it will be a slow and creeping demise, in the manner of the boiling frogs aphorism. By the time it has reached the point of no return, it will be too late.

I tend to the slow and creeping demise scenario. One or two millenia from now, scholars will study us to gain insight into how civilizations rise and fall, and reach a point of stasis that can last for - millenia.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Still Haven't Received the Jab?

May, 21, 2021

Ontario Covid-19 Statistics

From yesterday's (May 20) report.

Note the number of "resolved" cases.

485,512 cases have been reported as resolved, I.E. “recovered,” in Ontario’s Case and Contact Management system (CCM). [Source]

Most of these 485,512 people (assuming, for the sake of argument, the 45 cycle PCR tests are actually measuring COVID-19 infections) will have naturally acquired immunity from COVID-19, and possibly, many or most of its variants.

Why, given all of the debate about immunuty passports, is there scant discussion about granting said passports to those who have recovered?

I have spoken to two friends who have taken the jab. I asked both of them if they were tested for COVID-19 antibodies prior to getting the needle, just in case they have already caught the virus, and like most people not burdened by obesity, multiple comorbidities, or advanced age, had symptoms similar to the common cold. "Why should I?" was the response. This, despite an absolute deluge of "information" from the Junk News media, politicians, medical and other authorities. Too many mice in the attic?

Is this due to simple oversight, or sloppiness? Or something more sinister?

Still Haven't Received the Jab?

In the end, you might be one of the lucky ones.

Covid-19 Symposium 2021: Dr Byram Bridle, Viral Immunologist, University of Guelph

New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Capuzzo Issues a Plea to Fellow Journalists

Informed Consent: The Vaccine Safety Data You Need

Mice plague worsens in New South Wales

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

People are Noticing You

I have to laugh.

I have been retired now for almost three years, and, though I have occasionally posted some of my "extreme far right views," all of which entails, these days, accusations of being a racist, and a White Supremacist (As Jagmit said the other day,), and that I am an "anti-vaxer" and a tinfoil hat "conspiracy theorist." I find it really odd that LinkedIn is informing me that recruiters have been looking at my resume.

And, I have noticed an increase in the amount of traffic in my inbox that I have been getting from LinkedIn.

"Who's looking at you?"

As if I give a fuck.

And this most recent one,

"You appeared in 4 searches this week

You were found by people from these companies."

Oh, really?

Either "these companies" are getting really desperate for new candidates, or the whole process is a crock of shit.

I mean, here is what came in today,

The people who were searching for a viable candidate, and viewed my resume, came from,


Non-profit Organization Management

501-1,000 employees


Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

Durham Catholic District School Board

Education Management

1,001-5,000 employees


I am sure that anyone who has viewed my profile could see me as working for the ZIESS Group for my vast expertise in Electrical and Electronic manufacturing,

or my glowing credentials in the field of Education Management that might be of some use to the Durham Catholic District School Board.

The one that caught my eye, (can eye say that?) was the one from the CNIB.

I think I speak for most people here in that most people know nothing more about the CNIB than it is a charity for blind people.

How could I be of use to such an organization?

Well, for one thing, I fully understand that blindness is not just declining eyesight. It is almost ubiquitous. And it has nothing to do with the cornea, or the retina, or the lense, ... it is an affliction of the brain.

But, seriously, it is not because of my, perhaps overactive, immagination that the LinkedIn search algorithm sent the CNIB to my page.

It's because,

A - recruiters are getting desperate


B - it ain't worth a shit.

I'll tell you what,

I'll take that job at the Durham Catholic District School Board, so long as they give me a $20,000 signing bonus, and another $50,000 when they fire me.

None of this is really funny, but it IS fucking hilarious.

Ivor Cummins and Sebastion Rushworth

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

"Coded" with COVID

I have a question I would like to throw out there.

The answer might add some perspective to whether the application of Jackboot medicine was appropriate for Ontario.

Ages ago, while listening to one of Ivor Cummins' podcasts on the scamdemic, he mentioned a shocking statistic on the number of Irish Covid deaths occurring in people who were "coded" or under DNR (Do-Not-Resuscitate) orders. The number was shockingly high and, I think, highly significant in terms of the insane response to the WuFlu.

I tried looking it up just now because I wanted to know the exact percentage. I couldn't find it by doing a site specific search on Ivor's website, but I did find this interesting report (Published:November 28, 2020) which stated,

"640 patients died (570 (89.1 percent) WITH and 70 (10.9 percent) WITHOUT a DNR order at the time of admission." (CAPS - mine)

Question: is this report from two New Jersey hospitals an isolated case? Or would other jurisdictions be in the same ballpark?

Of the 3,319,644 reported deaths, globaly, from COVID-19, what if 89.1% of them are people with an equivalent medical status? That would mean that 2,957,803 were going to die very soon, anyway, and that a more honest global death toll from COVID would be lowered by an order of magnitude.

Now about that CDC statistic that only 6% of the reported deaths from WuFLU had no co-morbidities.

I would LOVE to know what the corresponding number is for Ontario. Anyone?


“Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR)” Status Determines Mortality in Patients with COVID-19

The Fat Emperor

Do these graphs look credible to you?


The rest of the world, for comparision.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

How I Get Around Twitler's Iron Curtain

I embed the verboten content into one of my own blog pages and post the link on Twitler.

So far, it still works.

My understanding is that the reason Ivermectin is being demonized and censored is because the experimental vaccines would not qualify for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) IF effective treatments are already available.

The Criminalization of Dissent

The “Unvaccinated” Question


Even so, I still get dire warnings from time to time.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Without Liberty, the Brain is a Dungeon

We should all be aware by now of the dirty tricks Facebook has been using for years now, to stifle certain opinions and information....