Friday, February 25, 2022

Personal email address of Hamilton health-care leader used to make $1,000 ‘Freedom Convoy’ donation

A friend sent me this screengrab this afternoon,

I recognized the name of the doctor named in that screengrab, so I decided to search for more information. I found a report on Hamilton's Junk News, The Spec website. It was written by another name I recognized, Joanna Frketich. After reading the article, I replied to the people on the list, and CC'd a copy to the author of the "report," Joanna Frketich.


(slightly edited)

Yep. I found the entry in my spreadsheet containing the information stolen from GiveSendGo.

F*cking disgusting muckrakers at the Spec.

You will recall that Martha Fulford honestly and bravely admitted on a CHCH Junk News broadcast back around September 4, 2021 that people admitted to hospitals for broken legs, etc., and who also tested positive for COVID-19 were counted as "cases."

Having been involved, myself, in acrimonious debates for the previous 18 months about the hospital and fatality case numbers and how they were being inflated, Dr. Fulford's statement on CHCH was a bombshell.

I see Joanna Frketich is up to the same dishonest propaganda in this article, trying to smear the freedom protesters, or "freedom protesters," as she would put it, as a bunch Nazis and Confederates who desecrate statues, etc.

The last two paragraphs in the Frketich "News" report state,

"It’s not the first time Fulford has been the target of people on social media. She has been outspoken about her views on COVID — including in interviews with The Spectator.

At various points in the pandemic, she has questioned lockdowns, school closures, vaccine mandates and certain types of masking, particularly for kids in class."

How dare she!

Whether Martha Fulford made a donation to the freedom convoy or not, she is a rare breed in Ontario's medical system. She is a doctor who is willing to speak her truth, regardless of what muckraking reporters like Frketich do to try to harm her reputation.

Shame on you, Joanna Frketich. Hopefully, now you understand why there was no way I was going to talk to you on the phone back in 2019 about my successful exposure of the "climate scientists list" fraud.

And perhaps you also understand why so many people are hostile to the disgracefully dishonest legacy media in this country.

Thinking About Going Cashless?

Finally, a book I read almost forty years ago that gave me some insight into how the medical industry operates.

Canadian medicine: A study in restricted entry - Paperback – Jan. 1 1984


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