Friday, January 28, 2022

Introducing Viva Frei

Warning: The video in the link below contains misinformation, missing context, false claims, conspiracy theories, and everything else that would attract attention and rebuttal from Facebook's so-called "fact-checkers."

Come to think of it, though, you could say exactly the same thing about the effluent coming from the Trudeau-bribed Junk News media in Canada. (Watch CHCH "News" if you want an example.)

I first tripped over Alex Jones and Infowars back around 2006. Ironically, I did so by following a link on Facebook!

When I first signed up on Facebook, it was just a curiosity. So I signed on and took a peek around. After a week or so, I had had enough of receiving fake Tim Horton Rims and "pokes" from "friends," to conclude that Facebook was not for me. Facebook was designed for the type of audience that scheduled the game show, "Family Fued," so as not to miss it.

But I then had a sudden inspiration. What if I started searching for "friends" that had keywords like "libertarian" and "conservative" associated with their profiles? What if I could build a network and use it as a soapbox for my own wild analyses? I found lots. I sent out so many "friend" requests that Facebook restricted my activity, telling me that I had to actually "know" these "friends." This is odd, considering that Facebook's ultimate success was fostered by millions of other users doing exactly the same thing as I was doing. The cat video and dinner photo Facebook cohort probably do know most of their "friends." On the other hand, those who employ Facebook as a networking tool have probably never actually had face-to-face encounters with 1% of their "friends."

Come to think of it, these c*cksu*kers have been sticking their noses in to their users' business right from the start. At first they employed a light touch, but when they got big, they really started flexing their muscles. We've seen the same phenomenon with Canada's current Führer. At first, he knew that he was just a charlatan. But after five or six years of seeing the media and the hair-style loving public suck his c*ck, he actually started to think he could walk on water.

Or even,


Which is not really a stretch, since the obnoxious, megalomanaiacal little charlatan has already convinced himself that he can heal the sick and has the power to control the climate,

Anyway, shortly after I discovered a practical use for Facebook, I came across a link to a guy I had never heard of. His name was Alex Jones and his organization was called Infowars.

I followed the link and sampled the guy. He seemed to be a real nut bar to me, but some of the things he said made a lot of sense.

To make a long story short, I became a regular Alex Jones watcher for about ten years.

I never bought into his whole schtick, but I knew that, in terms of putting the insanity we see around us into some kind of understandable context, paying attention to Alex Jones was a lot more profitable than pretending to be an intellectual urinal, passively guzzling the daily expectorate from the mainstream media. Instead of a stream of contextless soundbites, Jones actually got me thinking. I learned a lot.

Over the next decade, I drifted away from Jones. Not because he didn't provide knowledge and insight, but because so many other thinkers were coming out with fantastic content too.

Anyway, this evening, I revisited Jones for the first time in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It is not necessary to expect complete accuracy from viewing it. The true value I derive from Alex is that he paints a picture of the massive fraud that is being perpetrated by governments and Junk News media that gives me a perfect conceptual template for use in understanding what is being done to us.

It's a pretty good template. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Alex Jones

And by the way, and this addresses the level of respect Facebook actually has for its subscribers.

You see, Alex Jones was one of my Facebook "friends" up until Twitler, YouTube, and Facebook, in an obviously coordinated attack on Jones, opted to erase Mr. Jones. In doing so, they removed him from my "friends" list without even having the decency to inform me that they had made the decision to remove Jones, and others, from my "friends" list, as though they had never existed. Yet this deviously manpipulative corporation still has the gall to send me messages like this one,

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


I didn't scan this one for spelling errors, so pardome me <sic> if it's a little rough around the edges. It can't be much worse than what I've been reading in the Hamilton Spectator and its affiliates, lately.

Schmoo respondent, when asked about how he liked being fondled by TSA checkpoint agents,

"I let my doctor stick his finger up my ass. Why wouldn't I let my government do it? It's all about keeping people safe, right?"


That's what the email from Food Basics said.

It's trying to bullshit me into thinking that $3.88 is a real bargain for butter.

I'm not much of a sophisticated shopper, but I do keep a close eye on a few items. One of them is butter.

Every pound of butter I have in my freezer cost me $2.99. I wait for the sales, and then I stock up.

Of course, after two years of watching what that sleazy c*cks*cker, Justin Trudeau, was up to, I knew the days of $2.99 butter were coming to an end.

So just now, I got this insulting ad from Food Basics telling me that $3.88 is a "WOWZAAA!" price for butter.

Like fuck, it is.

I don't blame Food Basics, but I don't like being lied to. I know Food Basics are just as sleazy and greedy as the average Liberal. That's just capitalism in a mixed economy, where government coercion is mixed with private businesses to achieve "equity," where sleazy politicians decide what "equity," is and arrange "partnerships" with private companies to "help" the marginalized population.

Again, I don't blame Food Basics for the price increase. I know exactly who is behind it. It's their god-damned dishonesty that rankles me. Why don't they just admit that they are a bunch of whores and that, the price is the price, and if you don't want to pay it, then you can just go and jerk off. Just like if you don't want to take the shot, it's your choice. Take the shot or get fired. They can afford to lose you. Justin just bragged about importing 400,000 replacements last year.

As if, like the typical Canadian sheeple, I have the memory of a gnat.

$3,88 for a pound of butter is not "WOWZAAA!." It is, effectively, a fucking 30% INCREASE in the price of butter.

I could be jumping the gun here. Maybe butter will come back on sale at $2.99 a pound. But I doubt it.

And the sheeple just guzzle the horseshit. COVID-19 caused this, and a bunch of white supremacist truck drivers are to blame, and a snowstorm - like we've never had one of those before the climate started to change. Government policy has nothing to do with it, if you believe Taz Boga and Marvin Rider. Suddenly, one snowstorm explains the empty shelves. How far does it have to go before you idiots realize that they are fucking you up the ass? They are stealing the value of your dollars and telling you it's raining.


I'm almost 68 years old and I have seen a few doozer snowstorms, but I don't EVER remember one that was so bad that it caused supply chain disruptions serious enough to warrant coverage in the Junk News media.

Not that anyone will see my complaint. It's too obvious by now that Facebook's switchboard operators are listening in on everyone's conversations, and if the "woke" operators don't like what is being said, they just disconnect the lines.

And there is nothing you can do about it, other than squawk about it to a few friends on your email list.

Those without historical knowledge will not realize that this is Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union in hyperdrive. Firing squads and ovens are no longer needed to suppress opposition. Just cancel the guy's bank, social media, PayPal, and GoFundMe accounts.

"No man, no problem," as Stalin is reputed to have said.

And when the currency is fully digitized, there WILL BE NO ESCAPE. And you can forget about having a cash stash. It will be as worthless as a Hamilton taxi plate.

And by the way. This is how they stole the 2020 election. No ballot box stuffing was required.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Self-Assembling, Tentacled Nanobots, Psychological Intimidation, and Mob Medicine

If you click on the "See Link" hyperlink, below, you will be able to view a short panel discussion about COVID-19 vaccines.

Several claims are made by the person who first addresses the panel.

- that the vaccines contain fetal cells.

- that Dr. Andreas Noack, who reported that the vaccines contain graphene hydroxide, was murdered.

- that a German doctor committed suicide after admitting the vaccines were really about totalitarian control.

- that the vaccines contain self-assembling, tentacled nanobots.

Like most people, I regard these claims as being rather "out there," in terms of credibility.

Nevertheless, I did watch the entire video. Unlike those who are being "protected" from such claims by shadowy "fact-checkers," employed by social media corporations, I like to hear BOTH sides of the story.

I don't have to go out of my way to hear the ONE side of the story: the one that has been jackhammered into all of our brains by politicians, the Trudeau-subsidized corporate media in Canada, and the social media giants.

On the other hand, we have information and opinion that all the above-mentioned interests have been diligently trying to jackhammer OUT of our minds.

Since nature, the history I have learned, and my lived experience have have allowed me to imagine degrees of evil in this world that the majority of my compatriots cannot imagine, I tend to bite the apple. My curiosity is driven, not so much by a desire to hear what these untermensch are saying, but rather by a desire to know why the establishment DOESN'T want me to see it.

There are things you can learn by this approach. One involves credible information and opinion that is being censored on all fronts. Another one of them is an answer to this question: Are the "fact-checkers" being honest?

In this particular case, it should be obvious that the "fact-checkers" are not being honest at all, since the video encompasses much more than the claim that COVID-19 vaccines contain cells from aborted fetuses. Much more.

Secondly, the contents of the panel discussion reveal areas of concern in which questions should be asked. It suggests the real reason for the bullying and intimidation employed by Facebook is not to prevent misinformation, but to prevent the incurious from being exposed to some of the important questions that are being asked about the vaccines.

So, if you are one of the majority, and you see my post with the warning image plastered on top of it, you will probably click on "See Why," if at all. If curious at all, you will probably also click on "See Link."

I recommend doing both. Do the "See Why" first. Then tell me if you think the "debunking" of the claim about fetal cells in vaccines honestly addresses the contents of the suspect video. And if you think the panelists come across as a group of tinfoil hatters raving about self-assembling nanobots.

Just now, at about 7:40 PM, I posted the following clip on Facebook. It's an experiment to see if this one gets "fact-checked."

Does anyone want to place a bet?

Mob Rule

Back around 1995, Morgan Kranstz argued in favour of making bicycle helmets mandatory in Ontario. Mr. Kranstz said, "Personal freedom is essential in our society, but when I have to pay for someone else making a mistake while exercising that freedom, it becomes intrusive."

The demands for most other Na.... Nanny State impositions, from mandatory seatbelts, to smoking edicts, flow from the same logic. I understood this simple principle back in 1974, when I was 20 years old.

At least, within the context of a socialized medicare system, the view has some logic. If you want free stuff, kiss your freedom goodbye. It's either/or, not both.

The view that everyone should be forced to accept an experimental injection flows, in part, from the same collectivist logic, but then it is carried to a hysterical extreme. It's like arguing that bicycle helmets only work if everyone wears one.

It ought to be obvious, by now, that the vaccines have done nothing to stop the spread of the Coof. So the argument that getting vaccinated protects others is nonsense. (As is the argument that banning smoking on patios and in public parks protects innocent bystanders, even if there are no bystanders. That's where the hazards of tertiary smoke chime in. Even the sight of or, the thought of, someone smoking can be "harmful.")

All that is left is the argument that certain perceived risky behaviours ought to be prohibited if they compete for medical resources. Broadly applied, and given there is almost no human behaviour devoid of risk, the pro-mandate mob are unwittingly embracing unlimited violations of personal choice.

Thus, in a collectivized society, all freedom becomes "intrusive".


Public outrage over the unvaccinated is driving a crisis in bioethics

Who is Morgan Kranstz?

This is the megalomaniac that is issuing commands to the people of Canada. This guy. This chamelion. This pissant. I doubt this posturing, sociopathic phony could even hammer a nail in straight, yet he is deciding the fate of MILLIONS of Canadians. It has nothing to do with his abilities. The system installed this joker.

I know what you're thinking,

How could a sleazebag, whose actual skills would make it difficult for him to get a job as a janitor, possibly be the Prime Minister of Canada? I mean, you've got to be fucking kidding.

Enough is Enough!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Propaganda Techniques. Lesson I - Twitter

A short documentary on my temporary expulsion from Twitter which, it is my hope, I will reveal just how manipulative, hypocritical, and dishonest, this disgracefully abusive social media information valve really is.

Poor kids. They are innocent as new snow. Sadly, there are those who will not demur from using them to promote an agenda.

If the video above doesn'y play, try this one.

Other Stuff

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

More Monkey Business at the Ontario Government COVID-19 Data Site?


I have been reporting on the curious way the Ontario Government's "Cases by Age" numbers have been jumping around like Mexican jumping beans for at least a week now. Here is the latest development in this ongoing info-mystery.

The Cases by Age table is gone! I mean, it's gone! Vanished, Erased. Yesterday, January 18, 2022, it was still in its usual position, just under the graph and table for Effective reproduction number (Re).

Why is it gone today?

I have no idea, but I can paint a plausible scenario. Let's say, in pursuit of maintaining the panic, the politicians, teacher's unions, and Junk News media start becoming increasingly shrill over the impact of COVID-19 on children. If that were to happen, it becomes much more difficult for investigative reporters, like me, to access the numbers to compare the scare and the data.

We are living in very strange times.

Also, another milestone has been crossed in Ontario. The "fully vaccinated" patients in the ICU are now a majority.

This is what that pie chart looked like on November 29, 2021.

If the numbers of "fully vaccinated" patients in ICU continues along this trend, will the pie chart also dissapear?

Also noteworthy. The Rate per 100,000 (7-day average) infections positive PCR tests has been consistently higher for the "fully vaccinated" since about Devember 24, 2021.

Update: January 15, 2022.

Today, it's back down to 8.

Update: January 14, 2022.

Now this is just getting fucking stupid.

Yesterday, was reporting 3 deaths with positive PCR tests in the under 20 age group, and today, they are reporting 12. How the heck are they coming up with these numbers? Do they just spin a wheel?

Hiding Under The Floorboards

What is going on with The numbers keep going up and down like a rollercoaster.

Today, January 13, 2022,, Ontario is reporting 3, yes, THREE deaths of people under the age of twenty with positive PCR tests. That is down from five on Tuesday, and nine a week ago. (btw: 3 deaths in that age group equals a 0.002% Case Fatality Rate)

According to the Ontario government's own numbers.

But that could change by tomorrow🤨

I know the “vaccines” are supposed to reduce the severity of the illness, but are they also reducing the severity of death? Numbers are bouncing around like Mexican jumping beans (yes, I know! But I don't give a fuck) for the other age brackets as well.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The "Storm," or "Why was Ashlii Babbit Murdered?"


Who is Ray Epps? Do you know?

Who was Ashli Babbit?

Who killed Ashli Babbit? (Note: Wikipedia is just as dishonest as the Junk News media. Check out this paragraph in the entry which allegedly tells the reader who Ashlii Babbit really was,

"Nothing can stop us....they can try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours....dark to light...."[11]
""The Storm" is a term used by QAnon, a right-wing conspiracy theory that believes that a cabal of Satanic,[12][13] cannibalistic pedophiles operate a global child sex trafficking ring that conspired against the former U.S. President Donald Trump during his term in office.[12][13][14][15] Experts have described QAnon as a cult.[16] A central belief among QAnon members is that Trump was planning a massive sting operation on the cabal, with mass arrests of thousands of cabal members to take place on a day known as the "Storm".[17][18] Babbitt was a follower of QAnon. [19][20]'

Yeah, I saw some of that puke trickling into my Facebook messenger. I still supported Trump. Not because of crap like that, but in spite of it.

"The storm." Right. That tells us who Ashlii Babbit was.

As if, no one ever used that term before. Almost like the word "storm" never even existed until the climate started to change. Or at least, if you believe the CBC. (ditto for flood, hurricane, tornado, forest fire, drought, and virus etc. All new words. It's as if those words never even existed in the English language before Al Gore came along. And it gets even scarier. This is what the public school system is feeding to the kids. And not only kids. A shit-load of adult retards also guzzle it up. Actually, retards can't help being who they are. On the other hand, adults who have the capacity to think have no excuse.

Why did Michael Byrd point his weapon at this young woman and pull the trigger? Because she was climbing through a broken window? C'mon, man, that just doesn't make any sense.

Do you ever wonder about shit like that?

And why was she climbing through that window? Was it because she wanted to lynch Mike Pence or Nancy Pelosi? I find that a little far-fetched. So, again, why was she executed?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

And why was Michael Byrd never charged for what was, to all but the most woke, a cold-blooded execution? And why did it take so long before we even knew his name? Does he work for the Republicans? Or the other guys? (I know, I know. You can tell I was a fan of "House of Cards." It can play some amazing tricks on your imagination, but,)

Why was Michael Byrd never charged for what was, to all but the most woke, a cold-blooded execution? And why did it take so long before we even knew his name?

Did this really happen? Or is "House of Cards" pure fiction?

How about this John Sullivan dude? WTF is up with him?

The guy in my video from October 14th, 2019, looks a bit like John Sullivan, don't you think? I'd love to get a clip of Justin Trudeau in one of his more honest moments.

Panicked COVID Man

With over 5,000 views on NewTube, this is my most successful production.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Justin's Twarts

I have just invented a new portmanteau word. It is a combination of the words "Tweet," and "Fart." I call it a "Twart."

If you have a nose for this sort of thing, then I recommend you sign up on Twitter and follow Canada's Prime Minister.

They say that, because he was a vegetarian, Hitler suffered from uncontrollable flatulence. It must have been hell in that bunker. And get this, smokers had to go outside. Even when the Red Army was only meters away.

Field marshal: Do you mind if I smoke?

Hitler: Do you mind if I fart?

As of this writing, here is the contents of Mr. Turdeau's latest Twart.

Update: It is now illegal to intimidate doctors, nurses, and patients – or to obstruct them from providing care or seeking treatment – as our government’s legislation to criminalize this behaviour comes into force today. We’ll continue to have the backs of health care workers.

I replied,

Does this law include protection for Canadian doctors who have been intimidated, censored, fired, & smeared for daring to have a different medical opinion on early treatments, lockdowns, mask mandates, & vaccine safety/efficacy?

Or is it just for those who kiss your & Tam's ass?

Here is my embedded tweet.

In the unlikely event that my comment will be shoved down the memory hole, here is a screenshot.

Earlier, I commented on another one of his Twarts,

Haha! What a fucking hypocrite you are.

To do it so openly takes either a huge set of balls, or a dangerous case of megalomania. It is a sight to behold.

Let's Go Justin!

In response to,

Antisemitism is not acceptable. Not in Texas, here at home, or anywhere. While I’m relieved the hostages are now safe, the situation at Congregation Beth Israel is a reminder that each and every one of us must remain vigilant and work together to combat hatred in all its forms.

The embedded Tweet,

And the screenshot,

Did he really Twart that?

While I’m relieved the hostages are now safe, the situation at Congregation Beth Israel is a reminder that each and every one of us must remain vigilant and work together to combat hatred in all its forms. [italics: mine]

Remember, this is the guy who was recently exposed equating the unvaccinated to racists and misogynists and saying that they are "taking up space." Yes, the same guy. (See my video, "Do We Tolerate These People?", below.)

And yet, this man continues to be very popular amongst Canadian voters. They think his Twarts smell like roses.



Okay. That's enough. Besides, surprisingly, the Trudeau twart-sniffers are outnumbered more than ten to one by those who understand exactly what kind of a pompous charlatan the Honourable Prime Minister is. Check it out.

I just heard a rumour that Justin has ordered 60 million empty jars. I wonder what that is all about?

Sabotage: With Vaccine Mandates For Truckers

Today's Cartoon.

Got VAIDS Yet?

Have you at least heard about it?

Is it real? Is is plausible?

Facebook does not want you to know about it.

Go Figger!

Here is what Facebook doesn't want you to see.

Friday, January 14, 2022


Not that Prime Minister Let's Go Justin did not recently accuse people who were hesitant about having an experimental chemical injected into their bodies of being, racist misogynists, but,

Speaking of which, why, exactly, DID the CBC just censor my comments about the increasingly desperate circumstances of financially marginalized Canadians?

There's no point in asking the CBC why they censored my comments. If they answer at all, they will just say it somehow violated their (double) standards. The truth is, whoever is sitting behind the Trudeau-funded curtain and deciding what should, or should not be seen, just didn't like what I said. Power corrupts and all that.

[click on the image to see a larger image]

If the image is too small to read, try using control-+ to enlarge it.

Did I say something wrong? Or did I just say something the man behind the curtain at the CBC Ministry of Information - wait for it - it's coming. "The Ministry of Information." It has a certain Trudeau/Guilbeault stench to it, no?

Yeah. I am just waiting for the day that those two creeps have power to control what I am allowed to say.

One thing I have noticed, recently, is that, even if the headline suggests to me that the author is just another wing-nut, racist/misogynist science denier, I am more likely to click on that link and hear what the guy has to say. And even if it sounds absolutely tinfoil hat insane, at least I have some familiarity with what the guy said, and that, as I learn more, I can think back and, maybe say, that guy wasn't so wrong after all.

At the very least, I will be familiar enough with what the guy actually said, to know if some bozo on Twitter, or some news-reader on the Junk News distribution network is telling the truth when they pretend to know what [fill in the blank] actually - said.

Notice that CHCH Evening "News" usually deletes their broadcasts within about 24 hours of posting them. Why is that? I don't know. But I DO KNOW the problem it puts in front of me. I can't go back and reference any of the Bullshit they were spewing last week, or last month, or whenever. It's just gone. Sometimes I dowload their stream of BS for later use, but the volume of bovine feculence deters me from downloading them all.

That's why I bought a copy of "Mein Kampf," by you-know-who, so that I could know, first hand, assuming the translator was competent, what you-know-who, actually said. I find it a very boring book. That's why, after several years, I am only about 1/3 through it. I'll get back to you when I finish the book.

For almost fifty years now, I have heard people commenting on what people like Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman said. The ones that had actually made an attempt to read them could not think or read. The rest of the commenters were going by what other people had said. In other words, they were full of shit.

There is what people tell you,

and there is what is.

To be honest, I have never read anything other than a few snippets from Kark Marx.


Because every avowed Marxist I have ever met, spewed such a stream of horsesit that I concluded reading Karl Marx would be a waste of time, given other reading options.

So, when I sneeringly refer to Marxists, I am not necessarily referring to the real Karl Marx, I am just responding to what I percieve as the popular interpretation of Marx. You know, like people who claim that no one should have to expend effort to secure their own survival, that someone else should be forced to pay for their housing, food, medical care, and even their internet access, and that those who do work hard to get ahead owe something to those who did not. (the idiots who, ignorantly, flaunt their Che Guevera flags and T-sirts have, for the most part, never thought about these issues.)

That particular interpretation of Marxism, also, if you haven't already noticed, underpins almost 100% of political discussion these days.

Rand was right. Welfare state "democracy" invevitably devolves into pressure-group warfare.

Got your booster yet?

And then, there are the Mexican Jumping Beans.

There are now 4 myocarditis cases at Monte Vista

So it's likely that nearly 1 in 70 teenage boys are affected. That's not rare. Why isn't anyone speaking out about this? Is it fear? Of what?


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Mexican Jumping Beans

Update: January 15, 2022.

Today, it's back down to 8.

Update: January 14, 2022.

Now this is just getting fucking stupid.

Yesterday, was reporting 3 deaths with positive PCR tests in the under 20 age group, and today, they are reporting 12. How the heck are they coming up with these numbers? Do they just spin a wheel?

Hiding Under The Floorboards

What is going on with The numbers keep going up and down like a rollercoaster.

Today, January 13, 2022,, Ontario is reporting 3, yes, THREE deaths of people under the age of twenty with positive PCR tests. That is down from five on Tuesday, and nine a week ago. (btw: 3 deaths in that age group equals a 0.002% Case Fatality Rate)

According to the Ontario government's own numbers.

But that could change by tomorrow🤨

I know the “vaccines” are supposed to reduce the severity of the illness, but are they also reducing the severity of death? Numbers are bouncing around like Mexican jumping beans (yes, I know! But I don't give a fuck) for the other age brackets as well.

Covid infections and deaths SOAR after the first vaccine dose

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Professor Ehud Qimron: “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure”

It's what I have been saying all along in my slow, plodding manner, if you've been reading my blog.

I have never heard of Professor Ehud Qimron. Is he even real?

I have learned to be reticent about posting stuff I read on the internet if it appears to be an info bombshell, so I did some checking around before I posted this. This bit of news is all over the wire. My DuckDuckGo search on "Ehud Qimron's Powerful Letter to the Israeli Ministry of Health," yields loads of results, but predictably, dead silence in the Junk News media. There was not even a "fact check," nor a smear job on Ehud Qimron on Wikipedia.

Here are the results I got on Google.

Here are the results of a search on his name on Twitler.

And here is a sample,

In case you didn't already click on one of the links above, here is the report on Professor Qimron's letter on the Brownstone Institute website.

I don't know anything about Professor Qimron, but here is the archived copy of his resume in case the one at should mysteriously disappear in the next few hours, as has his homepage at

Here is an archived copy of that missing homepage. I have a suspicious mind. I suspect the homepage may have been removed in response to the Professor's letter. This is, after all, what has been happening to anyone who dares criticize the official story on COVID-19 and the government responses.


Is the Junk News industry finally catching up?

Omicron wave prompts media to rethink which data to report

What I wrote on October 18, 2020.

Everything you need to know about masks

Monday, January 10, 2022

Censored mRNA Platform Inventor Tells All on Rogan Show


December 30, 2021, Joe Rogan interviewed Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA gene transfer technology. YouTube and Twitter promptly deleted the interview

Google has also been caught red-handed manipulating search results such that Malone’s Rogan interview won’t show up when searching for “mass formation psychosis”

Malone was permanently banned from Twitter December 29, 2021, likely triggered by a post that included a video by the Canadian COVID Care Alliance, which reviewed Pfizer data showing the COVID jab causes more illness than it prevents, and that the Pfizer trial was flawed both in design and construction

Alternatively, Malone may have been banned due to a post showing how the World Economic Forum controls the global media narrative A Physicians Declaration by the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists, signed by more than 16,000 doctors and scientists, states that “healthy children shall not be subjected to forced vaccination” as their clinical risk from SARS-CoV-2 infection is negligible and long term safety of the shots cannot be determined prior to such policies being enacted

Click here to watch the interview.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Cab Story

"I'm Just Too Busy"

These days, I find myself being lectured to by sophisticated pro-mask, pro-lockdown, pro-vaccination, and now a growing number of haters of the Unvaccinated, when they patronizing feed me Junk News soundbites.

If I provide them with information that thoroughly demolishes that complex mixture of Junk News propaganda and prior beliefs - like the belief that if you get a vaccination you won't get infected and you won't spread the disease - they just clam up.

I know why this is. It's because they are just too busy to notice that our rights and freedoms have been almost completely abolished.

Too busy.

Doing what? I don't know. Maybe posting pictures of themselves on vacation? Or of their pets? Or their dinners?

You know, I wish I were busy enough to be doing stuff like that.

Instead, I have been fucking around, for almost two years now, trying to understand what is going on with COVID-19 and the attendant demolition of those few liberties we in the West have always taken for granted. Like how many people we will invite for Christmas dinner.

You know.


Too fucking busy, huh?

Back in December, I received a phone call from a life-long friend. And a very smart guy.

Of course, the discussion devolved into the vaccination debate.

Double-vaxxed at the time, and by now, probably boosted, he scoldingly told me that I should get vaccinated, not only to protect myself, but to protect him.

When I told him that the vaccinated can carry as high a viral load as the Unvaccinated, he replied, in a very polite and wisdomly fashion, "Well, that's just not true."

This is where the complex comes in. He, as I, before the scamdemic, believed that vaccinations prevent infection and transmission.

So if the "scientists," as chosen by the Junk News media, say that this product is a vaccination, then it must adhere to what we all used to believe was true until 2020, that vaccinations prevent people from getting and spreading certain diseases. Right?

Which would explain why the claim that vaccinated people could be spreading the disease would be met with the statement, "Well, that's just not true."

And I would have accepted that prior to 2020.

But c'mon. This is 2022, as Justin Trudeau would say.

With over 80% of the Canadian population having been vaxxed, the Omicron variant is burning through the country like a forest fire.


Right. It's that recalcitrant minorty of white supremacists and misogynists, according to that social policy genius, Justin Trudeau, who are super-duper spreading it, despite them having been excluded from a myriad of activities which only the anointed were given the privilege of participating in.

And not only that, don't ya know. The unvaxxed are making the vaxxed sick too.

And the way it's playing out, it doesn't matter if you are unvaxxed and not even carrying the virus. Just tell some random stranger in a supermarket that you have not been vaccinated and watch them recoil in terror.

But don't blame them for their naiveté and ignorance.

They have probably been "too busy," to inquire as to why their freedom has been cancelled.

Personally, I just can't imagine how someone would be "too busy" to notice that.

Then again, I actually can imagine how someone could be that busy.

This is where the cab story comes in.

About thirty years ago, I picked up this young broad. It was a good trip. We had some time to talk, but she did most of the talking.

She started telling me all about the problems she was having with her boyfriend. She was frustrated that he kept bugging her that she didn't pay enough attention to him. Then she exclaimed, "He just doesn't understand. I am just too busy."

Gawd. I wish I could have got this on tape.

Once she started to explain the problem, I was mesmerized. It was one of those rare occasions when I just sit back and let them do all the talking.

If she got up early, like around ten a.m., she had to watch Designing Women, followed by Family Feud.

At eleven, there was "The Price is Right."

I don't remember the exact list other than Judge Wapner was included.

Her afternoon schedule ran something like this,

  • The Young and the Restless
  • The Bold and the Beautiful
  • As the World Turns
  • Guiding Light

Plus there was, unsurprisingly, an evening schedule.

I started to experience deep sympathy for her plight as she repeated her initial complaint, "He just doesn't understand. I am just too busy."

In my view, when people are too busy focusing on the concretes, they totally miss the abstract.

Friday, January 7, 2022

On Being in Debt

I received a call this afternoon from a sales person.

We chatted, briefly, but when it came down to buying the product, I told her I couldn't afford it.

But of course, they have a payment plan.

I told her I have a pathological aversion to debt. She tried to get around that objection by telling me that paying it off over time was not a form of debt.

I replied that, to me, making a commitment to paying something off in installments was no different to me than being in debt.

She didn't really have an answer to that and the call ended politely.

I know I got some of this attitude from my old man. He didn't like being in debt, either, and when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, his contempt for people who borrowed money was obvious. For a brief time, when he was new to Canada, he even worked for a collection agency. The picture he painted was one of some very undesirable people, and much less even, if I might add, very undesirable friends.

It didn't really mean anything, to me, as a squirt. I had to live a while, meet more people, have some lived experience.

But not completely, I guess, because right from the start, I didn't like owing people money.

I'm talking about legitimate debts here, not taxes or towing storage fees.

Over time, I started to notice that, among my friends, some of them paid you back when you loaned them money, and others didn't.

The ones that paid you back were always grateful to you for giving them credit. Their gratitude gave them more credit, not in cash, but in character.

And then there were the ones who never paid you back and got very angry with you for reminding them that they owed. Or they insisted they had paid you back even though they had not.

I don't think I am alone in having had that experience.

And then, of course, I made the mistake of reading Ayn Rand, but I'm not going to get into that right now. No way.

Other than to say that Rand enhanced my ability to spot moral frauds.

Once you see it, you can't unsee it. Like the loudmouthed Liberal sitting at the table, with a group of guys, in a bar, who is always in the washroom when it's his turn to buy a round. (Or Archie's son-in-law in "all in the Family." Cruising through life on someone else's dime. And full of advice on how the rest of his benefactor's money should be spent.)

And then! I got into the taxi business. Wow! What an experience that was. If you want to understand why Canada keeps on electing left-wing politicians look no further than the taxi business. You will meet every conniving, virtue-signalling, mooching, moralizing, demanding, loving, compassionate, caring exponent of why the money you earn should benefit someone else - usually them.

One of their favourite lines, when they tell you that payment will be made at the other end, is "you can trust me," even though you have never met them before. Right away, you know they are either stupid, or they're lying. Trust is something you earn, not something some cab driver is supposed to give you. Right off the bat, you know something about this person. They want something for nothing, just like all Liberal and left-wing voters.

I hate these fuckers.

And to top it all off, no matter how careful you are about paying off what you owe in order to avoid going into debt, you have these cocksuckers whom your greedy taxi passengers voted for. And they have the power to go deep into debt for you and deep into your pocket. Deeper than a hundred of your low-life acquaintances. And not just for the duration of one taxi ride, but for your whole fucking life.

And even decent people vote for this shit!

And while they claim to be sincerely acting in your best interests, and that they have nothing but respect for you, and that they are all about "choice," and "diversity," they reserve the decision about how much debt you shall be encumbered with to themselves. When it comes down to them telling you how your money will be spent, there is no diversity. Sorry. You breathe, you pay.

Some choice.

As to the rising cost of borrowing, well considering who is spending all of our money, that should come as no surprise.

As far as I can remember, I have never had a flu shot. I considered my decades of driving a taxi and being exposed to every sneezing, snotting, coughing, sniffling, groping, bleeding, urinating, and defecating specimen of Liberal voters sufficient to beef up my immunities. Plus a gram of C per day.

About five years ago, my doctor asked me if I was interested in getting a flu shot. I told her, "not really, I don't think I really need one."

Her reply was not judgmental, not intimidating, not scary, not moralistic. She just said, "Well you seem to have pretty good immunities anyway."

And that was that.

I am having difficulty imagining a similar discussion with her today about a Coof shot. And I find it difficult to imagine that that would be her honest medical opinion, given what might happen to her if she dared have a different opinion. (And word got out.)

In other words, I don't really know if I can still trust my doctor.

That's sad.


The Highwire with Del Bigtree

No rant from me today. It's not required. I've been saying it all since March of 2020.

I'm going to let Del Bigtree say it all again.


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Who is Robert Malone?


If Facebook blocked every post that I have seen on Facebook that I thought of as "abusive," ever, there would be almost zero content on this dishonest, manipulative platform.

So, who is Dr. Robert Malone?

The link Facebook is blocking its user community from viewing is posted here. I embedded the video in my own blog to circumvent Facebook's abusive behaviour.

"We Welcome And Encourage All Points Of View"

In his opinion piece in the Toronto Sun (Jan 4, 2021,) Lorrie Goldstein reports,

Chuck Thompson, head of public affairs for CBC services, said: “We respectfully disagree with Ms. Henley’s perspective on what happens in our newsrooms. Right across the service, we welcome and encourage all points of view to ensure the public broadcaster is relevant to an ever-changing Canada. And that’s not just a priority, it’s our responsibility.”

Oh, Really?

Without Liberty, the Brain is a Dungeon

We should all be aware by now of the dirty tricks Facebook has been using for years now, to stifle certain opinions and information....