Saturday, September 26, 2020

September 26, 2020

Hundreds of Mask Bylaw Complaints

"The more you push toward negative outcomes, the more I think you antagonize groups that are already a bit on the unreasonable spectrum," she says.

Who are these people on the "unreasonable" spectrum?

I know who some of them are. They are people who think for themselves and have done their own research. This group certainly includes those who know how manipulative and dishonest the media and politicians are. They are those annoying recalcitrants who, when given commands, have the audacity to question authority. They are NOT those who mindlessly comply with any edict, no matter how irrational or malicious it may be, just to "get along."

They are not the kind of people who told England to go and fuck themselves back in 1776.

In other words, they are not good little communists.

"It's just a mask," counter those scolds who are only too happy to bend over and spread their cheeks whenever edicts are issued from the moral midgets who go to politics as a vocation. Sadly, these people are in the majority.

As to the "more than 200 complaints" that have filed into the city,

that's actually good news.

It's less than 300 complaints and, for a city of half a million, it's an indication that most Hamiltonians are inherently decent.

See, Hamilton residents file hundreds of mask bylaw complaints. No one has been charged

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Sunday, September 20, 2020

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