Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Pride season is back, and it’s time to make your demands heard. Oh, really?

As government metastasizes, parasites scurry out of the cracks and crevices with increasing demands upon the pocketbooks of hapless taxpayers.

Case in point: radical left-wing LGBTQ^n rent-seekers.

"We need more flag-raisings and rainbow crosswalks providing the backdrop to our demands."

At whose expense? (Brazen pinko leftists - always with their hands in other people's pockets.)

"Yes, there should be more intention to hire and appoint people from minority or vulnerable communities."

How did we arrive at the point in our history where equal rights are no longer considered a cornerstone of our society?

How did we arrive at the point in our history where blatant power-seeking megalomaniacs have the audacity to demand privileged access to taxpayer-funded jobs and appointments on the basis of their abnormal sexual orientations?

I say, "equal rights for all," regardless of race, religion, political and sexual orientation, or mental health. Equal rights and demands for "inclusion" are mutually exclusive. There is no such thing as a "right" to barge into other people's faces and demand that they express fake servility to your particular departures from behavioral norms. The "demand" that normal community members be forced to do so, and to pay for it is pure narcissism. I am offended!

You want rainbow flags? Go ahead and install them on your own front lawns, or paint rainbows on your driveways, AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. In a free society where everyone has equal rights, no one can stop you.

LGBTQ^n activists need to learn a thing or two about boundaries. And some basic manners.

Deirdre Pike: Pride season is back, and it’s time to make your demands heard

More on LGBTQ Narcissism.

And from Calgary, just a few examples of the "jobs" and salaries these newly minted aristocrats have been encouraged to believe they have a right to "demand."

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mississauga woman alleges she was blocked from buying a Fergus home because she is Black

Whether the complaint is true or not, given the deluge of anti-white hatred spewed by subsidized Canadian media, subsidized academia and their ilk, the desire of far-thinking white people to seek refuge from their increasing marginalization ought to surprise no one.


In a just and free society, obviously, the right of people to exercise in-group preference by building and living in their own segregated communities would not be questioned. On the other hand, in a society dominated by leftist thinking, which any objective observer will note is saturated with moral hypocrisy, only members of certain "protected" groups or POS (People of Status) are allowed to exercise these rights.

The first item on the agenda for anyone who truly believes in human rights, therefore, is to abolish all communist inspired "Human Rights Commissions" in Canada.

"Any alleged “right” of one man, which necessitates the violation of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right." -- Ayn Rand

Mississauga woman alleges she was blocked from buying a Fergus home because she is Black

White Peoples and Their Achievements Are Headed for the Trash Bin of History

Friday, May 24, 2019

The Global Warming Religion Scam

When this global warming scam first started to get publicity, about thirty or so years ago now, I can still remember my exact thoughts, "Well, if this is true, it will be the end of the debate about communism vs. freedom."

I don't think it's a coincidence that it all started at around the time the Soviet Union cracked up. That represented a kind of turning point.

Prior to the Soviet crack-up, the debate was that communism was incapable of delivering the high standards of living "the masses" in capitalist countries had come to take for granted. After the crack-up, that debate seemed to have been finally settled for most people. But the die-hard communists, not willing to let go of their sick ideology, "recycled" themselves into global warming alarmists. The whole premise of the debate was switched into - not that capitalism delivered a high standard of living - but that a high standard of living would destroy the planet - so we couldn't have it anyway. And since we couldn't have a high standard of living, we would have to settle for communism. It was really quite a brilliant bait and switch.

Even though the Soviet Union had collapsed, the communist ideology had already totally infiltrated most of the educational institutions in the West. The use of propaganda and public school brainwashing techniques thus took on the aura of a new religion due to religion's brilliant track record of trapping human minds into believing the babbling fools of the Marxist priesthood.

As Ayn Rand famously stated, more or less, "Faith - that alleged shortcut to knowledge - is nothing more than a short-circuit destroying the mind."

The rest is history.

Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists ‘Hooked on Government Grants’

Monday, May 20, 2019

More Uber BS

Again with the mega BULLSHIT in reporting on the crisis in the taxi industry. Consider this disgusting paragraph from the NYT report:

"The medallion bubble burst in late 2014. Uber and Lyft may have hastened the crisis, but virtually all of the hundreds of industry veterans interviewed for this article, including many lenders, said inflated prices and risky lending practices would have caused a collapse even if ride-hailing had never been invented."

If the article were truthful, it would have instead said,

"The medallion bubble burst in late 2014. Uber and Lyft CAUSED the crisis, but virtually all of the hundreds of industry veterans interviewed for this article, including many lenders, said inflated prices and risky lending practices MAY HAVE caused a collapse even if ride-hailing had never been invented."

Why do they publish such misleading BS? Are the writers ignorant? Or are they dishonest?

For those who still don't understand, here is the skinny. The crisis was precipitated when governments allowed corporate power to buy and muscle their way around existing taxi regulations.

It's that simple.

NYC Taxis Medallions and Suicides

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Taxi Safety

To Styx's point about the internet, "People are too fucking saturated with material all the time to actually go out and snap and be violent."

Right on man!

It totally jibes with my observations over the last few years as a cab driver.

Pre-internet, a lot of passengers with a chip on their shoulder, or bored with existence, or terrified about the cost, or just looking for trouble would focus their attention on the driver. He should have run that yellow light, or cut through that alley or parking lot, or the meter is somehow rigged, or he is "going the long way around," or driving too slow, or driving too fast, or going exactly the speed limit, or "what nationality are you, I mean, originally."

They don't even ask whether anyone has ever puked in your cab anymore.

They are on another planet.

Since so many of them are now glued to their zombiephones, most of those "issues" have evaporated into the ether.

While I am absolutely no fan of the digital zombiefication of the population, this phenomenon did not escape my attention.

Forget about cameras and shields. Just install tablets and free wi-fi in all taxis.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

You Can't Eat Your Cellphone but...

Holy molie!

I was listening to Peter's podcast when he started talking about Bitcoin. He speculated that the average cellphone contains $30 or $40 worth of gold. So I decided to Google the question and quickly learned that the average cellphone actually contains $1.82 worth of gold!

I just threw out one of my old cellphones a while ago. I wish I had used Google first. "There's more gold in a pound of electronics than a pound of gold ore, so it's certainly worth it."

I start to wonder if I should have thrown out my old TVs and computers as well. Should I buy a smelter from Amazon for about CDN$ 659.59 plus FREE Shipping?

Should I have held on to that cellphone? Currently, $1.82 US is worth about $2.43 Canadian. Yeah, it's a pretty big package for storage of a measly $2.43 so when it comes down to it, I ask which would I rather own? A one-ounce Canadian Maple currently worth about $1285 US, or 706 used cellphones weighing about 2,824 ounces? 2,824 Ounces = about 176 pounds. Does anybody buy used cellphones?

Also, there are over 7 billion cellphones in the world today, representing some US $12.74 billion worth of gold. There are more cellphones than there are peoplekinds.

I'm just kicking the can around here but I think I can draw at least one conclusion. Maybe you can't eat your gold, but without it, there can't be any Bitcoin either.

And then there are computers and TVs, and so on.

Oh, and one more thing. When Peter asked the audience how many of them own gold he's right. They should have all raised their hands.

Meta is Just as Evil and Dishonest as TIME.

TIME PULLS Trump Assassination Photo Meta PULLS coverage of the coverage And man, they were right on top ...