Thursday, July 18, 2024

Meta is Just as Evil and Dishonest as TIME.

TIME PULLS Trump Assassination Photo

Meta PULLS coverage of the coverage

And man, they were right on top of it. The time between my click on "post" and their notice of removal, along with the accompanying threats, was only a matter of seconds.


What I wrote on Meta.

Why do they pull shit like this even if they know they are going to be caught red-handed and exposed?

I will tell you why. It's because their infovomit is not aimed at that segment of the population that is paying attention. Their "product" is aimed at the unengaged bovine masses, each unit of which has the right to vote.

It DOESN'T MATTER if 75 million voters can plainly see what they are up to, as long as 85 million illiterate voters, who might have seen that photo, in passing, at a newsstand or a checkout line, WON'T see it now, and with their heads up their asses - will go right ahead and vote for Oatmeal Brain.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

More Meta Sleaze

Update: June 27, 2024 - My post on Facebook featuring Tucker Carlson in Australia.

Another one for the censors.

I will plead guilty in advance for posting this link. I am, indeed, posting this to attract likes, follows, shares or video views. It is exactly the SAME THING I have been doing on Facebook for the last seventeen years.


And it's the exact same thing anyone else who posts on Facebook is doing. Now, if they are posting pictures of a delicious steak dinner, along with a link that takes you to a video about a hippopotamus taking a great big shit, or a video of Justin Trudeau doing the same thing, then, yes, that would be MISLEADING.

Facebook's excuses for censoring my posts are not just misleading, they are flat out lies.

I do not plead guilty to doing it in a "misleading way." It can easily be seen from the URL that the link will take the clicker to an X post containing content provided by Tucker Carlson - just like the last one they censored. If you click on my link, you will not be directed to some porn site, or some site selling remedies for anal leakage. THE IS NOTHING MISLEADING ABOUT THIS POST.

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Canada is a Legacy Brand County.

Back around 1991, I made friends with a new immigrant from India.

Business was slow and we had lots of time to chew the fat down in "Four Office," just outside the CNR station. After he had been here for a couple of years, he said to me, "You know, Hans, what I really miss about India?"

I didn't know. The weather? The food?

Nope. It was "the freedom."

That surprised me... for about five seconds before I thought, "Of course!" Keep in mind, this was back in the early 1990s. We had not yet reached the point in Canada where you needed a license to take a piss. We still don't need a license to take a piss, but just give it a few more years.

He also told me about the corruption in India. Five year waiting lists for a telephone, unless you could bribe someone. Then you could have one in a few days.

Then after a few years as a taxi fleet operator, he said, "Do you know what I just realized, Hans? It's just as corrupt here as it is in India. That did not surprise me. In Canada, corruption does not manifest itself so much in bags of cash changing hands under tables. It's totally out in the open. Canadian politics is nothing but a massive kleptocracy. It might be legal, but it's still theft.

He told me that before he came to Canada he had a certain pre-conceived notion. "Canada!" he said, eyes wide, with an expansive hand gesture. A shining city on a hill. The reality proved sobering.

The next clue came from an Israeli expat I briefly worked with in a lab back around 2001. We were both doing the same menial work.

As I grew to know him better, it became obvious that he was very unhappy in his new country. A marine biologist back in Israel, here he was working beside me for the same $9 an hour or so. He had to have a second job to make ends meet.

Then he told me something I didn't find surprising. He told me that before he came to Canada he had a certain pre-conceived notion. "Canada!" he said, eyes wide, with an expansive hand gesture. A shining city on a hill.

If that paragraph sounds reduntant, it is.

Over the succeeding years, I started to develop a nascent theory about the mass influx of settlers now arriving in Canada. They are not coming here because of the way Canada is. They are coming here because they too, like my cabbie friend, and my Israeli co-worker, were inspired by the legacy brand. They are attracted by an image of what Canada was.

People are Fleeing Canada. Is Civil Unrest Next?

Completely off topic.

While working at that lab, my co-worker told me about the worst job he had done yet for this company. It involved being assigned to do some work in/at the nuclear reactor at MacMaster University. He said it was the kind of work that might last beyond eight hours and that it required your constant attention, and that you had to stay put until it was completed. He stressed that you could not even leave your post to eat lunch or take a piss. (With or without a license.) And if you couldn't even leave to take a piss, the implications about smoke breaks were truly terrifying.

Shortly thereafter, my supervisor handed me some forms to fill in. It turned out they were to go to the RCMP or CSIS, or something for some kind of security clearance. It didn't take me long to figure out what that meant. HINT: NUCLEAR REACTOR.

I quit a few days later.

I felt bad about that, but I had accepted that job based on a prior notion of what a job in Canada was like.

People are Fleeing Canada. Is Civil Unrest Next?

#ClimateScam Update

Another entry in the endless jackhammer of climate propaganda referenced a new "Study" finding that politicians use "simpler language" and "less complicated thought" on warmer days. It appeared on CHCH "News" this evening, (Sunday, June 23/24.)

The "report" ended by saying "More study is needed." You know what that means, right? More government funding is needed.

I have my own theory. I should apply for a government grant to study it. My theory is that, on warmer days, almost everyone starts to get anxious about climate change. After decades of incessant brainwashing, the association between warm weather and climate change has been thoroughly automatized in the minds of everyone, subject and ruler alike. Warm weather = climate change. Anxiety ensues.

My study, with sufficient government funding, would explore the nexus between "simpler language," "less complicated thought," and climatephobia. I would use study participants succeptibility to some of Jagmeet Singh's Twitter posts for measurement of stupity while closely controlling room temperatures.

Finally, do we really need "More study" to tell us that warmer weather makes us all a bit sluggish?

What a load of fucking bullshit. No wonder we are living in such a clown show.

Do you guys just identify as cops?

Monday, June 17, 2024

Hamilton Heat Warning: Don't Bend Over

Oh, oh!

Heat warning issued for Hamilton, Burlington for looming ‘heat dome.’

If the term, "Climate Change" rolled through your mind as you read that, you have been fully trained. Like Pavlov's Dog. It has reached a point where Junk News doesn't even have to mention "Climate Change" for the words to switch on in your mind.

Be vigilant about other psychological cues stressing the need to raise taxes, prepare for bug-eating, more congestive road restrictions including vacant bike lanes, billion dollar bribes to big automakers, and possible lockdowns.

While celebrating Pride Month, keep in mind, it's not what you might expect that's being rammed up your behind.

I didn't have to look far to see some "dangerously high" temperatures for Hamilton in the past. In fact, they were in the first year I looked at - 1929. Curiously, there is a gap for the years 1930 to 1937 on the Extreme Weather Watch site. That's odd since the 1930s were the hottest decade in the United States, and probably here too.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

META Censors News about Russian War Ships Near Florida

Look at their lame reason for censoring this item.

Let's be clear about something, my post is not misleading. Characterizing it as misleading is dishonest, and downright sleazy. True, it does suggest the possibility that we may be dangerously close to full out nuclear war, so why would anyone be fishing for likes, follows, shares, or views on such a spammy topic? On second thoughts, why does anyone bother to post on Meta if they are not trying to get likes, follows, shares, or views?

What would Meta be if it did not attract people trying to get likes, follows, shares, or views? Maybe they should re-program the entire site and remove all "like," "follow" and "share" buttons?

And, after all, WW III is clearly spam when compared to the plethora of dog videos available on Meta.

The offending video appears below. Decide for your yourself if this is misleading or spam.

Russian Nuclear Sub & Navy Group Skim FLORIDA, US On HIGH ALERT, New Cuban Missile Crisis Feared

I don't usually contest Meta's abuses because it is about as effective as arguing with a KGB agent about the value of free speech. I went through the charade just to collect screenshots of the fraud.

I don't expect any change in their attitude, if they repond at all.

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Meta censors Milloy hurricane season video

Expect Meta's censorship noose to get tighter as we get closer to the U.S. presidential election in November.

click here.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Immigration and Environmental Degradation

Aside from John Meyer having succumbed to the #ClimateScam, hook, line, and sinker, he has some very important insights into the utter hypocrisy, indeed corruption of Canada's ruling elites on the #ClimateScam issue.

I and others have been hammering away at this hypocrisy for years already.

1 - while Trudeau, his rent-seeking cronies, and a wide assortment of pink-haired, nose-ringed "activists" continue to scream bloody murder over Canada's CO2 emissions, they remain utterly mute over the emissions of countries like China and India, even though Canada's emissions are a drop in the bucket compared to these other countries. Instead of screwing up traffic, why aren't they engaging in "insurrections" at the Chinese and Indian embassies?

Conclusion: They do not seriously buy into the #ClimateScam. They have ulterior motives.

2 - also, while Trudeau, his rent-seeking cronies, and a wide assortment of pink-haired, nose-ringed "activists" continue to pull their hair out over Canada's CO2 emissions, they remain utterly mute over the mass importation of people from alien cultures, each of whom quadruple their contribution to the amount of CO2 they generate.

According to Mr. Meyer, the pressure being imposed on Canada's environment by irrational expansion of the Canadian population is the Number One issue when it comes to environmental degradation.

Conclusion: Trudeau, his rent-seeking cronies, a wide assortment of pink-haired, nose-ringed, road-blocking, art-defacing "activists" and naked old men rubbing their asses on rented bicycle seats don't give a rat's ass about the environment and the #ClimateScam. They have ulterior motives.

For more detail, watch the video.

The environmental case against mass immigration

Friday, May 10, 2024

Without Liberty, the Brain is a Dungeon

We should all be aware by now of the dirty tricks Facebook has been using for years now, to stifle certain opinions and information.

If you're not aware of this, then your head is stuck firmly up your ass, and you probably vote Liberal or NDP.

Not that I am shilling for the Conservatives, either. Doug Ford has been a bitter disappointment for libertarian-minded people - still better than the vomitous wokery of the McGuinty/Wynne years.

And though I would probably rather see Poilievre oust the current flaming charlatan, con-artist, grifter, drama teacher, make-up artist, and ski instructor, my expectations remain muted.

On the other hand, if you know what I am talking about, consider what life will be like when the entire internet, and your entire life, is just like Facebook, where your latitude for expressing your humanity is severely circumscribed. Via algorithms and anonymous "fact-checkers."

Cat videos are okay. But don't you dare question the safety and efficacy of the mRNA shots.

They will train you. You will learn to self-censor. We've had forty years of practice. They used to call it, "political correctness." It worked.

Don't you miss the days of political correctness, though? At least, back then, the worst you would experience was dirty looks and ostracism. Now you risk fucking jail.

The thought, to me, is an absolute nightmare. But what scares me more is that 99% of the hoi polloi won't even know it's happening,

and worse, won't even care.

Friday, May 3, 2024

"During Engaged Time per Hour"

That's funny.

Uber is just as adept with language sleaze as the Trudeau Liberals.

Let me demonstrate what "Engaged time per hour" really means.

Back around 2008, before City of Hamilton's politicians pulled the rug out from under the local taxi industry by pretending to believe that a taxi dispatched by an app was not a taxi, I spent a lot of time fishing for walk-ins at Hamilton's GO terminal.

Sometimes, the wait between fares could be as long as an hour, or more. It was, therefore, not unusual for the call of nature to arise in between engagements. Sometimes, while the driver was in the washroom, the first car in the government-engineered lineup of idle capital (10 to 15 taxis) would become engaged. Once that car left the line, the other cabs would all move up one spot.

I didn't like disrupting the smooth operation of the queue by being away from my cab at those times. A part time-driver named "Mikey" frequently visited the queue to socialize with the drivers who were "working." While he was there, I devised a solution to the problem of line disruption. I would pay Mikey a nickel for moving my cab up to the newly vacant spot in front of it whenever I had to use the can.

After a period of gainful employment, Mikey started to agitate for higher wages. He claimed the nickel I was paying him amounted to a slave's wage. That was when I beat Uber to the punch with the concept of "Engaged Time per Hour."

I argued thus: It only takes you ten seconds to get in the cab, turn the key, and move up one spot. You get a nickel for that. That nickel is equivalent to 6 times $0.05 = $0.30 per minute. And $0.30 per minute is equivalent to 60 times $0.30 = $18.00 "Per engaged hour." Once I had Uberized the pay calculation, I could not believe my own generosity. The other drivers were satisfied with the smoother operation of the line. The customers were satisfied too. Mikey remained skeptical.

At the time, that was approximately DOUBLE the minimum wage in Ontario. No one could slander me with the epithet, "Sweatshop operator."

Thereafter, Mikey became my most loyal employee.

We never got around to negotiating the fee involved had two cabs left the line, but I would have probably made a generous offer of $0.08 per move,($28.80 per engaged hour, - $40.87 in 2024 dollars!) given that the maneuver would still only require the same number of engine starts required to move up one spot.

Can a Canadian ride-hailing startup compete with Uber and Lyft?

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Health Crisis in Canada?

Before posting the link, below, on Facebook, I got another Nazi-ish warning from their nebulous "Fact Checkers" urging me to think twice about posting it.

The warning says that, "Evidence shows that COVID-19 vaccines don't increase the risk of death blah blah blah." Okay, so maybe that's true. But why does Facebook behave in such a despicable manner, clearly intended to stifle any debate on the issue?

Who the fuck are these people who think they can righteously decide what can or cannot be discussed?

The chart I have embedded for Canada's weekly death count's clearly show a conspicuous rise in the mortality numbers for Canadians between the ages of 0 and 45 since 2020.

(See for yourelf here.)

Granted, the death rate for that age group started to spike in May 2020 (pink? magenta?) - before the vaccines were available. It peaked in July. I think that was caused by the combination of Jackboot NPI lockdowns and/or the free money for substance abusers, courtesy of Trudeau's clownish Liberal government. That July 2020 peak was exceeded in both July of 2022 and 2023. Vaccines? Or "Long Jackboot" deaths of despair? I don't know.

I spoke to a panhandler last week who told me the government has demanded he repay $38,000 in CERB. The maximum payout for someone taking advantage of the 28 week Liberal substance abuse promotion was $14,000 so the $38k number is dubious, but he may have also collected the CRB which followed CERB. However, when I asked him what he did with all that cash, he answered with one word, "Meth." I can believe that.

I do know someone else who poured his CERB into alcohol and meth, and a cab driver I know who worked the streets of Hamilton during the CERB Festival told me it was like New Year's Eve after the CERB started rolling. The addicts he drove were smiling from ear to ear while exclaiming, "This pandemic is the best thing that ever happened!"

CERB and the lockdowns ended, but the death rate in that age group has remained high ever since May 2020. The aqua line for 2023 leading up to November shows the death rate was the highest yet.

What has been killing so many of Canada's young people since the panic? Why is no one talking about it? And WHY is Facebook trying to censor any discussion of the issue?

Massive Health Crisis Not Going On

FYI: The elevated death count isn't restricted to just the 0-44 cohort as can be seen in the chart for all ages below.


Thursday, April 18, 2024, two days after I posted this blog entry, Dr. Campbell posted the following YouTube video.

And this from April 20, 2024.

April 21, 2024

Excess deaths and hidden data

Meta is Just as Evil and Dishonest as TIME.

TIME PULLS Trump Assassination Photo Meta PULLS coverage of the coverage And man, they were right on top ...