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Divide and Conquer

From July 9, 2009

Here is an example of how insane things are getting as state carcinoma continues to metastasize.

This Spec article tells us a lot.

1—once again we have an example of the OPP choosing not to enforce the law.

As the number of laws continue to increase, the enforcement of laws becomes ever more difficult. More people who, a few years ago, were law-abiding, are now becoming outlaws despite the fact they are doing nothing different today.

At first glance, it may seem ironic. As the number of laws grows, the more anarchic society becomes, but this ought to surprise no one. Even governments have limited resources. They cannot possibly enforce all of these new laws. In the end, the law will be enforced only when it is politically advantageous or when used as a tool to "get someone," you don't like… as our ridiculous "Human Rights," Commissions have so aptly demonstrated.

In the end, law becomes a mere tool of the powerful in pursuit of their own interests (See "Cap and Trade.") The guy with the biggest stick gets his way. This was one problem government was supposed to solve.

But don't expect the government to "solve," any problem it chooses to address. Any solution would put it, and it's obscenely paid workforce, out of business.

Therefore, expect any problem the government decides to solve to get worse. (And even if it doesn't get worse, don't expect those who derive their bread and butter from state activities to admit it. For example, now that government has got itself into the business of controlling the earth's climate, don't expect them to back off no matter which way the temperature goes. "Climate control," has become a new branch of government, and it will not let go of this new opportunity to create vast new bureaucracies…. too many salaries, research grants and, now, business profits, depend on it.)

Climate control is now poised to take up it's position alongside other laughable government run enterprises, from education and health care to public roads, oh, and I almost forgot…. the enforcement of law and order.)

We should expect to see more of this phenomenon as the tentacles of the state wind themselves further and deeper into our lives.

2—Too many laws mean one hand of the state doesn't know what the other hand is doing.

The owners of the properties on which these smoke shops have been erected are being persecuted by the county for violating by-laws and zoning, even though they were not the instigators of the problem.

What ever happended (yes, happended, don't make fun of me or I will launch an HRC complaint over my hurt feelings,) to the idea of justice?

I remember hearing that, in accordance with our western legal tradition, justice should be blind. Well, when the county inspectors start putting the hurt on these property owners for actions beyond their control, obviously, those charged with the responsibility of administering justice are the blind ones. Or they are just damned stupid. Or apathetic. Take your pick. They work for the government. What have we learned to expect?

Or they could argue they are merely enforcing the law… which is what they are supposed to be doing… but, who but the naive would buy that crap these days?

3—Finally, the whole thing hinges on tobacco politics.

Why are these smoke shops even there in the first place?

Well, here is my short answer…. government decided to involve itself in the health care business.

Great (and deeply caring) Canadian politicians decided it would be a great idea to use the power of the state to make sure *someone* pays for everyone's health care.

And we adopted socialized medicine.

And when the government started paying our medical bills, of course, they could not help but take a keen interest in our health.

That is when personal freedom really started to take a hit. Seat belt laws and helmet laws are two examples of extremely intrusive violations of liberty. Even Joe Six-pack is willing to relinquish his freedom to choose the level of risk with his own original argument… "I pay taxes for healthcare… if my neighbour behaves in a risky manner, it costs me money. Therefore, it is the risky behaviour, (not socialized medicine) that should be banned."

And so it goes.

And now the government is deeply engaged in another social engineering project… tobacco control.

The punitive taxes imposed on tobacco products have led to a booming trade on the reservations… and on disputed land.

So they set up their little shacks, and those who own the property upon which those shacks have been erected wind up in trouble with the local authorities… and the OPP, once again, fail to enforce the law.

And where, in the absence of this state monstrosity, we would have had harmony…

"Rob Smolka, co-owner of the market, said the smoke shop was set up by a former employee who lives on Six Nations reserve. She also believes her new business is on unsurrendered Six Nations land. Smolka said he and his partner are not upset by the move, though he said he has been visited by a county by-law inspector who told them the shop must go by Friday, or they will face charges."

Smolka isn't upset that the former employee has set up the smoke shack… but "the LAW," has now made them adversaries.

I think I would prefer pure anarchy with distributed power over the kind of anarchy that gives Leviathan, (Government Inc.) the biggest stick.

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