Friday, December 28, 2018

Smartphone Zombies

Something odd started happening this week.

I started to get an unusually high number of "friend" requests on Facebook.

Normally, I get two or three requests a week, usually from people who portray themselves as supermodel beauties with an extremely short timeline, and a birthplace and current location separated by about a third of a globe. I delete them and report them as spam, after I look at the pictures.

But most of the requests I have received recently have been from people with yellow vest stuff in their profiles, or hilarious photos of Justin Trudeau clowning around while serious shit is happening.

Anyway, along with all of the "friend" requests, my smartphone started beeping to the point of annoyance. (I had to correct that from "slamrphone." Maybe I'm getting too old for this shit.) So I decided to fish around in the settings to turn off notifications from Facebook. I found the right page and turned Facebook notifications off.

You probably already know what happened next. The phone kept on beeping at me with Facebook "friend" request notifications.

Given that I don't use Facebook at all on my spa... smartphone, I decided I would just delete the app altogether and find peace. Well, guess what? There was no "uninstall" option for Facebook. I selected "force stop" instead.

"Got you now!" I thought, quite satisfied with myself. Peace at last.

Like fuck it was. The phone kept on beeping.

"I'll show you" I said to the phone. "I'll do a factory reset!"

By this point, I was a bit angry. You should never act on impulse when you're angry. I was like mayor Eisenberg trying to kill a fly in his office, wait... no that was Heisenberg trying to kill a fly in his lab.

You end up doing stupid shit. Like clicking on "accept" when you get to the warning about all of your stored data being erased. I gave it a quick thought. "Naw, there's nothing really important on here." My main use of the phone is as a phone, and a little bit of texting. So I accepted.

Two seconds later I realized that all of my phone numbers were stored on the phone. It's a good thing I wrote most of them down in my password book. "Password book." That, in itself, is significant. I used to have a phone book. Now I have a password book.

That got me to thinking about back in the day, and how I used to have a bunch of phone numbers memorized. These days, I don't even know my own home phone number. It too was stored on the phone. Think about how weird it feels when you go for a blood test or something and the nurse asks you if your phone number is still 905-388-3010 and your answer is, "I don't know." It's not because of Altzheimer's. Or it's a form of early-onset Altzheimer's wrought by the very things I am writing about here.

Here's another angle. I can still remember some phone numbers from when I was back in high school. (68-74.)

  • The Krawecs - 385-1332
  • The Evans's - 383-8638
  • Home - 388-3010
  • Yellow Cab - 522-3535

Today, I only have four numbers memorized. I know my own cell number, and the home number I had fifteen years ago. I also know 911 and the number for Yellow Cab - now Hamilton Cab.

Isn't that pathetic? Talk about learned helplessness. Or conditioned helplessness.

So anyway, when the smartphone booted up I opted not to import my Google settings and just keep it to the basics. It did not escape my notice, that if I wanted to download any apps, I would not be able to access the Google Store without a Google account. That's when I realized that if I want to keep recording my phone calls, and using my smartphone as an egg timer that I would have to sign in to Google. So maybe I am not the buckskin-wearing, mountain-dwelling, libertarian purist I had imagined myself to be.

All of this reminds me of something I read on a washroom stall wall back when I worked at Westinghouse in the 70's. It said something like,

"If, in the end it is said,
that man shall lose his most valuable possession,
he will grab his cock and lose his mind."

Sounds dated in this age of smartphone addiction, don't it? He's losing his mind alright, but it ain't his cock he's holding on to.

I'll end my diatribe here. I know I have barely scratched the surface of the dangers of unthinking, maniacal acceptance of virtual living.

Final Note

Once you have acquired a certain perspective, your emotional response to the following photo might be similar to the one you would have if it were a photo of people eating broken glass.

Digital Drug Epidemic: 3 Concerning Long-Term Affects

TOP 5 WORST Things Trudeau Has Done As Prime Minister

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

97% of Scientists Agree that the Earth is Flat

Or so one would have to conclude based upon the reasoning demonstrated in the video embedded below.

But first, let's look at what the presenter has to say,

"First, you identify the 'experts.'

In this case, the 'experts' are thousands of scientists who study climate and publish their work in peer-reviewed journals.

Peer review means that every finding that's published is analyzed by people working in the same field, people who really know what they are talking about. [I.E. 'experts.' Or scientists who don't question the official theory and end up being de-funded or driving cabs.]

It's not flawless.

Mistakes occasionally happen, but this system is built to correct those mistakes, [by de-funding and cab driving] and it's by far the best process humans have ever come up with for doing good [political] science.

Once we find this [surviving] group of experts, we analyze their opinion: for or against a particular idea.

Sometimes this is done by studying whatever scientists have written in their papers.

Other times scientists are surveyed directly.

This can even be done by listening to what scientists say in public."

It is almost never done by analyzing how much their careers and incomes and government grants depend upon having certain views.

Here's the good part,

"Now some scientists don't express an opinion either way.

They're not included in the analysis.

Consensus is the fraction (italics - mine) of those who support an idea divided by the sum of those who support plus those who reject the idea.

All these different methods have ended up with the same conclusion. [No shit!] The people who know the most almost universally agree about what's causing global warming."

It goes on to argue that those 'experts' who don't state their agreement with the politically desired conclusion can be included in the 97% consensus, without explicitly agreeing with it just because the "science is already settled." How convenient.

And so, I believe it could be similarly argued:

100% of all scientists agree that the earth is flat. And it's a very strange claim to make, that any scientist who doesn't write "I believe that the earth is flat" is actually uncertain, or doesn't believe that the earth is flat.

Not a controversial idea today but before the 1960s and 1970s, most scientists had not accepted the idea of a flat earth for about 2,000 years. Prove me wrong.

Researchers looked at recent geology papers using the same criteria the critics of flat earth theory should be using on the capitalism-induced spherical earth dogma: That any paper that doesn't explicitly state that "the earth is flat" should be counted as uncertain or, or as rejecting flat earth theory.

Some say not giving a position on the flat earth theory is exactly what you would expect from scientists who agree that something's basically settled, like how physicists don't write, "God created the heavens and the earth in seven days" in every single paper, that Justin Trudeau is a genius, that gravity is a crisis of capitalism due to air travel and tall buildings, or that Donald Trump is following orders from Vladimir Putin. They're accepted as true.

And since, the acceptance of flat earth theory isn't explicitly stated in 97% of the scientific papers, the scientific "consensus" on the earth being flat is pretty near 97%.

This is the main reason why western countries need to import many millions of people from the third world. If the weight of people becomes too high in some corners of the world, the earth could capsize and we would all fall off. (See - gravity.)

On the claim that "there are people out there who spend a lot of money and effort manufacturing doubt." Well, that's nothing compared to the amount of money that is spent on promoting the climate change scam.

According to Marc Morano, global warming promoters receive "3,500 times as much money as anything offered to skeptics." (Page 241 - The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.)

At first I was going to use man-made tectonic plate shifting, with its attendant demands for the cessation of all mining and drilling, as my comparison, instead of flat earth theory, but decided to research whether the hoaxers had already discovered this angle as a Plan B, should the climate hoax finally be exposed.

Unsurprisingly, I discovered that earthquakes, tsunamis, and tectonic plate shifting were already being blamed on human activity. (Mining, drilling, and fracking etc. I.E. - mostly capitalism and prosperity.)


National Geographic.

And this one, which I found most enjoyable of all of them all, not least for the comments that readers left. (eg. tax the water!)

Other Resources

What is a ‘climate scientist’?

97% "Consensus" (Marc Morano)

Sunday, December 16, 2018

These guys are obviously a couple of jack-asses. But some of their techniques are interesting. I like the "gravity bong." I use a similar technology, though mine doesn't require a jug full of water, and it gives the user some measure of latitude as to the desired rate of consumption.

Friday, December 14, 2018

China’s "Social Credit System" Has Caused More Than Just Public Shaming ...

Isn't this just fucking great? Cashless society, anyone? Uber? Self-driving cars? Are you shitting me? Global Migration pact? Global warming?

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What I would do if I were boss of the world?

If I actually had a choice, being that I live in Canada, and so far as I know, if I wish to subscribe to just one cable TV channel, that choice remains unavailable to me, even though I don't doubt that the satisfaction of my desire is entirely, technically possible, I know it is politically impossible.

I leave it to more detail-oriented people to correct me if I am wrong, but my impression is that all cable TV subscription packages in Canada are subject to CRTC regulations. Therefore, FOX NEWS NETWORK is off the table, unless I wish to also pay for a package... well a basic package full of crap, after which I can choose one or more other crap packages, in the hope that one of these crap packages will contain the aforementioned network.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a complainer. But the idea that I should pay for twenty or thirty absolutely boring, or useless, or offensive government-backed propaganda channels (like the CBC) before I am allowed to watch FOX NEWS strikes me as being absolute BULLSHIT.

And the irony is, I am not even a big fan of FOX NEWS. When it comes right down to it, there is only one nightly program on FOX NEWS that I regularly watch. And I watch it on YouTube.

There is nothing I like better than asking questions. Well, actually there is one thing I like better than asking questions.

Getting answers.

And if I can't get answers, I'm more than happy to settle for the kinds of people that are, at least, asking the same questions.

So, of course, I develop respect for those who come up with the same questions as I ask. And by paying attention the people who are asking the same questions as me, I have come to discover that the odds of finding, at least, some of the answers to my questions, greatly increases if I follow those people who are asking the same types of questions. (Duh!)

I have to admit that it rather freaks me out, when the Table of the Contents, for the thoughts that flow through my mind during each day, ends up being the same series of matters that are addressed at the end of each of those days, by my favourite pundits!

It's almost as if we are all a bunch of mind-controlled robots, being switched on and off at the whims of a bunch of KKK members and "far-right" extremists.

Or it could be that we are thinking human beings following the circuitry of logic.

Anyone who is familiar with the type of stuff I blog about, or "share," or Tweet, already knows exactly how my mind works. (As do Google and Facebook, etc. And they are making great strides, or so I hear, in knowing exactly what I think before I actually think it! Just look at the ads they serve up. The circuitry of logic. A double-edged sword.)

Fuck me.

So back to my original question. What would I do if I were the boss of the world?

I would allow the public to subscribe to as little as ONE CABLE channel if that is all they really desire. And I would charge them ONLY the relevant costs for that channel. Say, $10.00 a month for "basic cable" (I.E. - infrastucture) service, and an additional $2.00 per month for each channel they choose to subscribe to.

And if such a regime were, in fact, in place at this time, my monthly cable TV bill would be only $12.00. That would include the basic $10.00 infrastructure charge, and the $2.00 for the FOX NEWS channel.

I would even pay the $2.00 fee just for the Tucker Carlson show, for reasons stated above.

It would sure beat my nightly searches for the latest Tucker episode. In its entirety.

And I don't know about you, but if I had any choice into how $600 million dollars of my money were going to be spent upon media outlets that espouse my point of view I would certainly allocate some of those funds to the Tucker Carlson Show.

The fact that the version of Tucker I have included below appears to be incomplete only adds to my confidence that, if given a choice by my Gov. Inc. overmasters, I would be gladly willing to pay the $12.00 monthly fee to get the whole product without having to fish around for it every night.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Lincoln Didn't Give a Shit about Slavery

I've never been a big fan of Lincoln. From what I know of him he was an opportunistic monster. (Like most politicians.) One thing is hardly controversial. Lincoln didn't care, one way or the other, about slavery.

He said so.

"My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery."

And to save the Union, he was willing to engage in a struggle that would cause the deaths of 600,000 Americans.

And ever since I came across the notion that U.S. intervention in WWI set the stage for Hitler and WWII, I have often wondered if the outcome might have been different had the South won their independence and the corresponding diminution of U.S. power had prevented Versailles.

Think about it. What would the world look like today if there were both the United States of America and the Confederate States of America?

And no. I don't believe the Confederacy would still have race-based slavery. But it would probably have income tax slavery, a peculiar institution that has yet to be purged.

Read this,

How Europeans Viewed the War

In Other News

I don't buy into Greg's biblical references, but then again, I have to confess that I have read very little of the Bible. I don't know much about Islam either, but from what I can see, I'm kind of leaning toward the Bible. I felt a lot more comfortable living in Canada when the Bible, notwithstanding my skepticism, was the dominant religious and cultural influence. My casual observations of life in the Islamic world, driven by a religious philosophy that we in the West are no longer permitted to criticize, is far less sanguine.

One final comment as it pertains to Greg's observation regarding the propaganda nudging us all into the abandonment of cash. It reminds me of the aggravation I felt last night at the grocery checkout line, as some trendy asshole delayed the progresss of the line because his fucking smartphone now had a role to play in the transaction, as he and the cashier looked at each other confusedly, so that he could pay for his cucumbers. What fucking horse-shit.

This is how it was done in the old days. "That will be $18.77. You give me a $20 bill, and I will give you $1.23 in change. Do we really need a fucking computer to make this any easier? What's next? Will you need to consult your smartphone before you wipe your ass?"

Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News [12AM] 11/29/18 Breaking News Today November 29 2018

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

That Ain't Bullshit, It's Dogshit!



SJWs 'Skinny Shame' Victoria's Secret Models

The Ethical State

Report: Actress Mareli Miniutti Claims Michael Avenatti Dragged Her on Floor, Yelled ‘Ungrateful F*cking B*tch’


Assange Under Siege... Where is Justice? With Lew Rockwell

Monday, November 19, 2018

Professor Calls Cops on Black Student

Back when I was a rookie cab driver in the late 70s, I picked up this drunk from some shithole bar. I was driving a Chevy Impala ex-cop car with a bench seat in the front. The guy sat directly behind me, then put his feet on the backrest in front of him, right beside my head.

I asked him a couple of times to put his feet down and he refused. Not wishing a physical confrontation with the guy, I took him to the central police station and asked them to remove the guy. A paddy wagon showed up. He was arrested for being drunk and shipped off in the wagon.

Big Fucking Deal!

Are you saying that if the guy were black I should have put up with it for fear of being called a "racist?"

By the way, you learn a hell of a lot about racism when you drive a cab. There are reasons for disparate outcomes that correlate with race.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mass Shootings

When I hitch-hiked across the American south back in 1976, from Florida to California, mostly along Highway 10, it seemed that every vehicle that drove by was either a transport truck or a pickup truck. And every pickup truck had a gun rack in the cab and many of those contained rifles. It was definitely a gun culture.

Was I worried? Not in the least.

I was thumbing with Ed. We got a ride from these two guys from Arkansas. Talk about your country boy stereotypes. They had a car, a beat up old Caddy or something, and when we got into the back seat, our feet were resting on the two rifles that were just sitting on the floor. But I wasn't nervous. They were just a couple of good ol' boys, with a pronounced southern drawl, probably farmers or ranchers. The trip was uneventful.

And of course, I grew up across the street from a guy whose father was a hunter and who had a small, deadly arsenal in his basement. It never bothered me. Nor, as far as I know, did it bother anyone else who lived in the neighborhood at the time. Mass shootings were extremely rare.

When I stayed at the farmhouse near Bel Aire MD around 1966, where my father had been a guest as a German POW from about 1945 to 48, there was a double-barrel shotgun leaning in the corner by the kitchen door. (And a neato Civil War saber in the living room sitting with the point in a spitoon by the fireplace. I picked it up. Man, it was heavy.)

Gun culture was obviously integral to American history. But you hardly ever had mass shootings in those days. The one exception that stands out in my mind was the Texas bell tower sniper, who had a brain tumor.

"Gun culture," has been a part of U.S. history since the beginning. The elevated frequency of mass shootings seems to be a relatively new phenomenon. A lot of it is fueled by mass media. Most recent mass shootings seem to involve the use of SSRI's (anti-depressants.) I think the epidemic of depression and social isolation wrought by excessive digital distraction via smartphones and social media can only make the problem worse.

Oh, Ed and I did meet one potentially homicidal maniac in Galveston TX during that trip. We spent three days drinking with him at his stilted house. He was a Viet Nam veteran, Navy Recon he told us. If he wasn't full of shit, he had been through some serious stuff over there. He had a small arsenal, including a Tommy Gun, an M1, and a 9mm automatic pistol. And a BB gun. While Ed and I were out on the balcony shooting "love bugs" with the BB gun, he burst out of the house with his M1 and fired a live round into the ground. That, and some of the political conversations we had with him made me leary of the guy.

Now we have another vet, highly decorated it seems, whose vocation involved the skill of killing people. Frustrated with life and suffering from PTSD he acted out in the way he had been trained to do.

It's not gun ownership, per se, that is at the root of these mass shootings, IMHO. It's the result of a confluence of negative influences stemming from the welfare/warfare state, mass media broadcasts of these acts, along with an apparent epidemic of mental illness exacerbated by pharmaceuticals and digital media dependence.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

You are right. Socialism will ultimately prevail.

Actually, it already has prevailed. In the west, it started to gain steam in the 1960's. In Germany and Russia, it started about 50 years earlier than that. If you take academia into account, it probably started a further hundred years back. In the early 1800's, Frederic Bastiat was already debating the communists. In one form or another, it goes all the way back to the caveman, as Kubrick suggested in the opening scene of "A Space Odyssey."

Popular music and popular entertainment were the first signals that culture had fully adopted all the premises of socialism, along with a burning hatred of capitalism and everything that symbolized capitalism. (The United States, Western Civilization, cheeseburgers, central heating and the automobile.)

The protest songs of the 60's and 70's smeared capitalism for creating too much wealth. Wealth was hated because it resulted in disparities. Producers tended to get rich while everyone else tended to get richer too, but at a slower pace.

"You paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

"We got the aeroplane, we got the automobile
We got skyscraper buildings made of glass and steel
We've got synthetic food that nearly tastes real
And a little white pill that makes you feel
Hey, A whole lot better when you get out of bed
You take one in the morning for the lovelier head
We got everything everybody needs to survive
Surely the good life has arrived

I think your atmosphere is hurting my eyes
And your concrete mountains are blacking the skies
Now I don't say that you've been telling me lies
But why do I hear those children's cries "

"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign." remember that song? It was a protest against private property and negotiated exchange. I.E. - Capitalism.

"He said 'you look like a fine young man, I think you'll do.' So I took off my hat and said, 'imagine that! Me working for you!'" -- or working for anyone for that matter. It was obvious that, since this guy hated private property, didn't want to cut his hair for a job, and didn't have a penny to contribute to the collection plate when he went into the church, that he was a born liberal. (A.K.A. - socialist.) He knew that eventually, there would be a guaranteed basic income.

How much you wanna bet he was also the guy that was always in the washroom when it was his turn to pay for a round?

Archie Bunker the Republican, made out to be a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, insensitive, CO2 spewing buffoon, was contrasted with Michael Stivik - the visionary SJW Democrat who "cared" about everything and everyone, though never enough, it seemed, to actually find himself a job and contribute a drop of his own blood or sweat into solving any problems.

Stivik became a role model for aspiring presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Yep. The fix was in.

The Moody Blues,

"Men's mighty mine-machines digging in the ground,
Stealing rare minerals where they can be found.
Concrete caves with iron doors, bury it again,
While a starving frightened world fills the sea with grain.


As if the earth could give a rat's ass about capitalists penetrating its crust to find the stuff that improves the human standard of living.

Then they pull a typical socialistic bait and switch by conflating Roosevelt's socialistic farm policies with laissez-faire capitalism.

"It was a bitter pill for farmers to swallow. They had worked hard to raise those crops and livestock, and they absolutely hated to see them killed and the meat go to waste. Critics charged that the AAA was pushing a "policy of scarcity," killing little pigs simply to increase prices when many people were going hungry." -- source

Musicians should stick to music. I think there is some truth to the right hemisphere-left hemisphere thinker theory. Musicians, though creative, tend to be complete idiots when they try to pretend they are analytical thinkers.

And non-analytical thinkers tend to be attracted to socialism. The age-old idea about getting something for nothing is extremely seductive, especially for those with lower IQ's, or government jobs.

I visited the McMaster University bookstore sometime back in the 1980s. I was interested in finding materials written by free-market economists whose names I had become familiar with. I was wondering if I could save a few bucks by buying books there instead of going through the rigamarole of ordering from those few places in the U.S., like Laissez-Faire Books and The Fee Foundation, and paying the exchange rate plus postage.

I was disappointed. Most, and I mean most, of the books for sale in the political science and economics sections, were written by leftists. I don't think I bought a single book. Oh wait, I might have bought Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" there, though I'll admit, that was one book I never read all the way through. I found it rather tedious. I think he lost me with the part about the pin makers.

It's not important.

But whenever I hear some leftist MSM pundit smarmily mention that Democrats and Liberals tend to get more electoral support from people with "higher educations," I laugh, because what they really mean is that they've had more leftist brainwashing than the so-called, "deplorables" who voted for Trump. They tend to vote left because they have "degrees in worthlessness" as Gerald Celente might say.

Fuck me.

So when it comes down to the question, will the last bastion of hope for those who believe in capitalism, equal rights, private property, voluntary exchange, and now, even, freedom of speech, go down the historical sink-hole of socialism? The answer is inescapable.

"But Trump? If he wins the house!"

"Trump buys you time, but minutes only."

"But this ship can't sink!"

"She's made of capitalism, sir. I assure you, she can. And she will. It is a mathematical certainty."

Friday, November 2, 2018

Political Rock Concert

I know I am getting old when I get as much of a thrill from watching a political debate, as I used to get going to a rock concert.

Keep in mind, this is the debate those of the leftist persuasion, including NDP leader, what's her name? And that Toronto Star purveyor of anti-western hatred and demonization, Shree, wanted to shut down because, they claim, Steve Bannon is a "racist."

And then watch the debate. And then ask yourself, are you willing to let people like Andrea Horwath and Shree Paradkar decide what you should see?

Or would you rather be given the dignity, and the RIGHT to make that decision for yourself?

Censorship isn't just about shutting down the speakers. It's about deafening the listeners.

Just ask any current Gab subscriber. Or any potential subscriber .... like YOU.

Encore! Encore!

The Murder of Gab & the End of Internet Freedom

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Endorsement of Jagmeet Singh for the Federal NDP Leadership

I commented on Matthew Green's latest video. He'll probably delete it as soon as he sees it.

I said,

"Instead of trying to turn Canada into another Venezuela, why don't you form a Canadian socialist migrant caravan and march down there? I'm sure you and Jagmit will be able to fix things in no time. All they need is "real socialism." Right?"

Let me know if my comment is still there.

The Terrible Truth About Birthright Citizenship

Monday, October 29, 2018

John Taylor Gatto (1935-2018)

I read his book, "The Underground History of American Education," about ten years ago. It was a real page-turner. It was then that I REALLY realized that calling public schools, "child prisons" was not an exaggeration.

To this day I cringe when I see adult voters demand MORE government involvement in raising their kids, including "free" universal daycare. It's like watching someone eat glass.

I don't think it would be a stretch to imagine that if the government "education" system were to get hold of children the instant they emerged from the womb they would never learn to walk and talk. (With the insanity coming out of left field these days, it wouldn't even be that much of a stretch to imagine that the faster learners were making the other students "feel bad," and that therefore, they should be held back. To hell with the "white supremacist" meritocracy. Let's all just crawl and grunt. A true socialist utopia.)

My suspicion of public ed grew before I had much familiarity with Gatto, as my own kids served out their mandatory sentences in that system.

One thing I noticed was how tired they always looked when they got home with those zombie eyes. These were the same kids I had watched learn to walk, run, jump, and talk, and rip their fingers across a computer keyboard faster than I. All without a single hour of government instruction. (To them, keyboarding was just the "next level" in the game of learning.) Up until JK, they had already learned series of highly complex skills. And they had done so joyfully, which lead me to believe that the desire to learn is as natural as the desire to breathe.

After exposing them to the public school prisons for a few years and that joy in learning had been almost completely extinguished. Only the strongest survive. (Maybe that's the actual reason I got the strap almost every year and never won a "Citizenship Ward.")

I also remember the time when my son was in grade 8. I asked him what he was taking in science. I expected him to tell me about basic stuff, like precipitation, evaporation, and sublimation.

When he answered, "global warming" I almost blew a gasket. Those slimy Liberals were using their power over their young captive's minds to push political propaganda. They were cultivating little Liberals. Around the same time, I had a similar experience with my daughter. We were in the car and Al Gore's name was mentioned on the radio. I asked her if she'd ever heard of him. "Yes, we saw his movie in school."

OMFG! Public money was being used to enrich that climate shyster Al Gore.

It's time to turf this destructive notion that Government Inc. ought to play a key role in the business of education. Phase it out.

John Taylor Gatto (1935-2018): Remembering America's Most Courageous Teacher

The Underground History Of American Education

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Phony "education."

Now that I am no longer "working," (Like driving a cab could ever be considered a serious form of work,) I spend most of my time learning.

Learning is something you choose to do. No one can just give it to you.

I first realized this when I was a student at Mohawk College. (1981-83) I noticed many of my classmates complaining about some of the teachers. Those teachers could not teach.

And they were right.

Some of the teachers could barely speak English. Of course, they couldn't teach. I knew even then that their presence, and their salaries, depended more upon politics than economics.

But I decided I would not let that stop me. So I stopped attending the classes of the politically selected teachers, and instead, started reading the textbooks and doing the exercises.

It worked!

Instead of being confused by faltering attempts, in broken Engish, to explain subjects like physics and organic chemistry, I decided I would learn the shit on my own. (Diversity ISN'T our strength.)

It wasn't easy. Some of the texts were almost as fucked up as the teachers. But by using my own brain, I managed to figure things out and did quite well on the exams.

There is an old western saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

And that is one reason why I am not impressed with the anti-Ford commie zealots who are currently freaking out over his cutbacks to the public indoctrination system.

Especially today, with cheap computers and internet connections, people don't need commie politicians funneling their money through phony government programs to get an education.

That old, anti-libertarian argument, that without "government-run schools," poor people could not get an education, has been revealed to be complete bullshit, on a par with the notion that Justin Trudeau can control the climate.

Ford should initiate MORE CUTS to the phony "Higher Education" cartel.

This Just In

Assault on the West

News from the Southern Front

"The strategy is to collapse the financial system. The tactic is chaos. If a crisis does not exist, create one. The more chaos the better. The solution is always couched in empathetic words like “fair,” “equal,” “humane” and “just.”" <Source>

"Joseph Stalin reacted extremely slowly to the invasion of his country by German forces in 1940. Indeed, not only did he react slowly, but he also ignored warnings that the Germans planned to attack his country. Stalin's response to the German invasion has perplexed historians for many years." <Source>

Tucker asks Jorge Ramos: "How many of these people are you taking in to your own home, and are supporting once they get to the United States?"

Watch how Horgey Boy answers. He refuses to provide a direct answer, he does the usual pivot and squirm moral flatulation dance so typical of liberals, but in the end his answer is inescapable, none.

How to spot a liberal? A liberal is someone who would give a refugee the shirt off of someone else's back.

What do you think? Is Horgey Boy a liberal?

No Welfare for Immigrants.

Good News!

On the "Good News" front, I finally found a "Proud Liberal" who claims he would "gladly" pay more money to save the Basic Income welfare program to demonstrate his "compassion."

I replied,

"At last! I found one. A "Proud Liberal" who would "gladly" pay a little extra in the name of "compassion!" You'll be happy to know that YOU can save BI without spending a dime of other people's money. And it will only cost YOU $1.40 per month."

How much you wanna bet that if you asked "Proud Liberal" how many poor people he is personally supporting his answer would sound exactly the same as Horgey Boy's answer?

Friday, October 12, 2018

Questions about Spanish Supremacy

I have some questions, just off the top of my head. As we all know, Canada and the U.S. have a lot of Indian reservations.

The question germinated in my mind as I observed, in particular, all of the controversy surrounding Hispanic (as in, a Spanish-speaking person living in the US, especially one of Latin American descent) immigration to the U.S.

It seems to me that Spain and Portugal, just like Britain and France, "stole" the land they now live on, from indigenous peoples. Stuff I learned about Pizzaro and Cortez in public school, grade five or six, and what they did to the indigenous people's of South America and Mexico used to make me sick to my stomach.

Yet, I hear absolutely nothing about *Hispanic Supremacy*. Even more bizarrely, the progeny of the villainous conquerers of Peru and Mexico who stole their countries from the Incas and the Aztecs, are often touted as heroes by the left as they come to increasingly occupy the lands "stolen" by the British and French(!)

I am confident enough to say that the reason why so many treaties with natives were broken by northern whites was due, in part, to the fact that treaties had been made in the first place. And like all agreements made with any government in the history of the planet, those treaties (promises) were eventually broken to some degree.

Which finally brings me to my questions.

1 - Did the Spanish invaders make treaties with the indigenous people of the lands they occupied and....

2 - Are there any Indian reservations in Mexico or places further south?

If you know the answers to these questions, please respond in the comment section below.

In the meantime, you might want to acquaint yourself with another one of many stories of lands stolen by militarily superior ethnic groups.


In case no one took on my challenge, I used a non-google search engine to find my own answers. Yes, there are Indian reservations in South America.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Twitter, Taxis, and Uber

After using Twitter for about three years now, I have mixed feelings about the platform. I don't like the way they flex their economic muscles to interfere with the flow of information and opinion through shadow banning, the dishonest "mute" feature, and outright banning of certain, mostly conservative and libertarian, points of view.

But I still use it.

First of all, they can go ahead and censor all of the people I like. That won't stop me from finding out what I want to know. They can ban Alex Jones, but so far, I can still visit his website or his BitChute channel.

So, no matter how intellectually insulting it may be to me that the Twitter gods have to taken it upon themselves to decide for me the type of information and opinion I shall be permitted to consume, it has had zero impact. Zero.

But even worse, from my point of view, would be if they banned the people I have nothing but contempt for. That would be those on the left, like the communists and those who hate the entire Western model of civilization. (Freedom, equal rights, property rights, the presumption of innocence, freedom of speech.) In other words, just about everyone in the mainstream media, politics, and academia.

If the Twitter gods decided to cut me off from seeing what they are saying, it would be a greater insult than the banning of Alex Jones. Mathew Green, John Tory, Desmond Cole, Andray Domise, Chris Schaeffer (Uber,) Uber and a few others already understand this. They have already gone ahead and blocked me from seeing their stuff, obviously because they don't want anyone else to see my replies. It gives new meaning to the term, "self-censorship."

But I am distracting myself.

What I wanted to talk about is my newly found use for Twitter.

As you may know, Twitter only gives you 280 characters with which to express yourself. I am almost never able to express myself under that limit. One thing it has motivated me to do is to re-read and edit my Tweets, with the aim of distilling my main point. So I scan for unnecessary phrases, replace words like "and" with "&" and so on.

Hence my newly hatched theory that, for me at least, Twitter can be seen as a valuable writing aid. My desire is to deliver my message in as short and concise a manner possible, and I know some people are laughing at this, but I don't believe in wasting time or resources under any circumstances.

So, this morning I came across a Tweet that was blaming the tragic death of an Uber passenger on the lack of taxi driver training.

The Tweeter, and the author of the Globe and Mail article have it totally wrong.

Predicting outcomes is easier than math if you know where to look. I warned people about this ten years ago. This had nothing to do with some bogus "taxi driver training program."

From the report,

"After a few minutes, the driver’s phone fell off his dashboard. He was using the phone’s GPS to navigate, so he pulled over."

Enough said.

This tweet was from Julia.

"So important to know what you are getting yourself into with #Uber. Toronto raised my friend. Then it failed him /via @globeandmail"

Toronto raised my friend. Then it failed him


These were my 280 character replies.

New conversation


23m23 minutes ago
Replying to @julia29taylor @OttawaTaxiFleet @globeandmail

Let's identify the real problem. The use of MDT's (Mobile Data Terminals) and other distractive technologies caused this tragedy. I predicted it ten years ago. - Compounded by myopic supply management policies leading to seriously reduced incomes, therefore high driver turnover.

Compounded further by an increasingly schlerotic labour market caused by increasingly intrusive govt. intrusions, including mandatory min. wages (cab drivers, Uber and non-exempt, are not covered,) as well as federal importation of an endless supply of new, inexperienced cabbies.

My final comment, reduced to less than 280 characters,

Almost no one who feels competent to comment on the issue of safety in taxi cabs has a clue about the real contributory factors.

By the way, as a last thought. The Twitterverse is tailor-made for the left. It rarely takes more than 280 characters to dispose of your opponent by calling them a "racist," or a "Nazi," or a "white supremacist."

Just sayin'

"Many of the dissenters were women who couldn't be intimidated by the threat of military service."

I love history for the little buggets of information it provides. It broadens your perspective.

Friday, September 28, 2018

This is not News

It's my opinion.

One of Tucker's best shows yet.

As usual, Tucker invites a couple of crypto-commies onto the show. Sometimes, these segments can be a bit cacophonous as they talk all over each other, but I love that he has them on the show because, ultimately he is able to expose them for the utter fools, or dishonest slimeballs they are.

Even though I can't stand them, I value being given the opportunity to watch and study them in action.

By the way, this is why I am 100% opposed to censorship. If, for example, two of tonight's guests, Chris Hahn and Jason Nichols had been silenced or de-platformed, (like Alex Jones or Faith Goldy and many others have been,) as someone who almost never finds their opinions have any merit, I still value the opportunity to hear what they have to say. And to study and familiarize myself with their sophistic techniques.

Censorship does a disservice, not only to the fans and supporters of the affected pundits but to their opponents as well.

You cannot intelligently criticize anyone unless you have knowledge of what they actually say.

From my "Who the Fuck are You Jivin' with that Cosmic Debris?" File

Since we're all playing this game....

Here's a thought, just off the top of my head. Four witnesses were cited by Christine Ford - Kavanaugh, Leland Keiser, Patrick Smith, and Mark Judge.

Now, if Chris Garrett, her reputed boyfriend at the time (Squi,) was also there, why did she not include him in her list of witnesses? Was her recollection of the events so bad that she couldn't remember her own boyfriend being there?

Some asshole journalist has to dig up the "fact", from Kavanagh's calendar, that Ford's boyfriend *might* have been at the party?

Give me a break.

Of course, it will be interesting to see if they dig up Mr. Squi to see what he has to say on the matter. I hope he's not a Democrat.

Kavanaugh is pressed on the key July 1 entry in his calendar. But only to a point.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Everything is Not A-Okay

On Racism, Immigration, and Censorship

This week's favourite quote,

"Death solves all problems. No man, no problem." -- Joseph Stalin

Widespread social media censorship is the digital equivalent of Stalin's quote. Just ask Alex Jones. (Alex who?)


[Oxford] - Communism: A theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.

Collins - Fascism: is a set of right-wing political beliefs that includes strong control of society and the economy by the state, a powerful role for the armed forces, and the stopping of political opposition.

Mine - Communism: Left-wing fascism. In Canada, it is the core principle of the Liberal, New Democrat, and Green Parties. In the U.S., a core principal of the Democratic party.

Everything is Not A-Okay

The stink this week over the way Zina Bash was sitting at the Kavanaugh hearings demonstrates just how stupid, insane, or just plain dishonest the leftist race-baiters have become in their attempts to stir up trouble between the races. I follow a few of these professional race-baiters on Twitter.

I would follow even more, but Desmond Cole, Andray Domise, and Hamilton's own Matthew Green have all blocked me. Still, there are a few others I follow who have either not blocked me, or have used the cowardly, dishonest "muting" feature. These include the insane and hysterical Shree Paradkar, familiar to Toronto Star readers, who sees white supremacists under every coffee table, the idiotic, self-hating, Nora Loreto, who caught my attention when she barfed her indignation about the degree of mourning accorded to the victims of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash because they were too, "male, young, and white," and the stream of anti-white garbage that is offered on a daily basis by that flaming, charlatan who calls himself "StanceGrounded." (I call him StenchGrounded, or Stench for short.)

Anyway, Stench squeezed out a real stinker this week with his broadcast of a segment of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing making the preposterous, racially divisive claim that Mexican born with a Jewish father, Zina Bash, was signaling to all of her friends in the KKK. The SPLC, if you can believe anything from them, estimates that the KKK currently has about 5,000 to 8,000 members. They had about 5 million members in the 1920's. Given the actual credibility of the SPLC, I would estimate that the actual number of KKK members in the USA today is between 5 and 8. You might wonder how such a small group of people could have elected Donald Trump, right? Well, they were backed by Vladimir Putin.

Then he targets a kid at Trump's Montana rally. Maybe this kid is savvy enough to be aware of the stinks coming out of the left over the A-Okay signal, and he is deliberately flashing this sign to drive the Stinkos of the world crazy. If so, it's working.


He could be excited about being on TV with the president, which would be A-Okay for a lot of smart kids.


He is the newest member of the KKK. Number 9?

"Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage—the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors." -- Ayn Rand.

Even the indefatigable Shree couldn't resist a demonstration of just how deeply delusional she has become in her determination to "prove" that the country she immigrated to is full of evil white racists.

Leftist Madness! Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Chaos!

No man, no problem.


The War on Honesty: Twitter Bans Alex Jones and Infowars for Conducting Actual Journalism

Why Does Laurie Penny Hate Steve Bannon?

White House Traitor Rats, Fake News Gutless NYT, Has-Been Woodward, Journo Trolls, Libel Law Tweaked

The Immigration Debate

On Septermber 1st, I wrote a short essay detailing a sure-fire way to put an end to 90% of the Canadian immigration debate by simply withdrawing all free government money for immigrants.

Real Canadians would no longer be able to complain about being forced to subsidize foreigners. The argument that we need immigration from the third world to pay for senior's pensions and healthcare would gain credibility with the knowledge that none of the people flooding into the country are just here for the freebies.

Every Canadian wins.

The Chemnitz Protests & the Lying Media

Paper Canadian

The Naivety Of The West | American Girl Murdered By Illegal, Father Praises Mexican Food

Note: If you visit the link to Martin's self-ingratiating tweet, you may find that my comment is strangely absent. Go figger! No man, no problem.

END of the Post-WAR ERA: & I FEEL FINE

Miscellaneous Tweets and Replies

Other Stuff


Apocalypse - Stalin Documentary

Look for the patterns and paralells.

The Sixties - The Years That Shaped a Generation (TV) [2005]

I was only a kid in the 1960's and most of the stuff that flashed across the TV screen in those days didn't really engage me, at least consciously. Sometimes, when I see the examples of leftist hysteria on the screen today, as peaceful liberals and leftists promote tolerance, inclusiveness, and diversity by smashing the heads of non-conformists with bicycle locks and pepper spray, I get the feeling that things are starting to really fall apart and civil war is, perhaps, imminent. As this documentary shows, things were much crazier back in the 1960's.

After looking back, it seems as though Donald Trump's America is actually a very peaceful place compared to the Johnson-Nixon years.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Maxime Bernier - True Hope for Canada

In "Why my new political movement?" Maxime Bernier mentions "Public Choice Theory." I remember when this was all the rage in the libertarian literature that I was reading back in the 1980's. (Like Reason Magazine)

It's easy to understand.

Concentrated interests, like egg producers, have a very strong incentive to maintain marketing boards because they make a huge financial difference - to them.

A Fraser Institute book I read (The Egg Marketing Board: A Case Study of Monopoly and it's Social Costs - 1981) explained, if my memory serves, that the cost to the consumer of maintaining egg marketing boards worked out to be the equivalent of breaking one egg out of every dozen.

Even today, at $2.27 for a dozen large eggs from Fresco, it's not a big enough expense to mobilize the public against the marketing board system. But that one egg per dozen represents a significant benefit to the producers. Therefore, they will organize and lobby strenuously for marketing board preservation.

Multiply the equivalent of that one broken egg from every dozen, across the entire Canadian economy, in all industries that recieve free money and other favours from an interventionist government, and it starts to add up to real money. In short, this system is ripping Canadians blind.

This is how when our boy king bloviates about preserving marketing boards as being equivalent to working in the interests of Canadians, I know him to be full of shit. (As with everything else he says.)

Maxime Bernier is a rare politician. He has the guts to stand on principle and to represent all Canadians, not just special interest voting blocks. It is no surprise, therefore, that his hero in real life is Ron Paul.

He's definitely worth serious consideration as someone who can make Canada great again.

Uncle Block's Previous Rant

No Welfare for Immigrants

Saturday, September 1, 2018

No Welfare for Immigrants:

How to achieve unanimity in the Canadian Immigration debate

Here's just a few, off the cuff, ideas for addressing most of the objections Canadian tax captives have about immigration.

In Canada as it is set up now, only a fool can be in favour of open borders.

As as libertarian, I remain 100% in favour of open borders, but only under certain conditions. The most important condition is that Canada be a free country. Since that is obviously not the case, I cannot support open borders at this time.

Here are a few other conditions that, if met, would make me more agreeable to open borders, even without abolishing state education, government medical insurance, welfare, public pensions, the CBC, and so on,

1 - no welfare payments, especially child tax benefit payments, for immigrants for at least a period of time, say ten, or X, years.

2 - no free medicare for X years. (The word is that there are a lot of Pakistani MD's driving cabs. Restrictions on the practice of medicine for them should be eliminated so that they could serve the immigrant communities, or the greater community for that matter, at market prices. If they are competent, they will prosper. If not, they can go back to cab driving.)

3 - no free education for X years.

4 - no free or subsidized housing for X years.

5 - no free language courses, or any other immigrant assistance programs, period.

6 - restoration of free speech, including the right to express dislike of alien newcomers due to their habits, customs, religious superstitions, body odors, food smells, or for any other reasons, including the hassles of attempting to communicate with people who can't speak our language, and even if one dislikes newcomers for no reason at all.

7 - the right to translate one's free speech into freedom of action so long as it conforms to the non-aggression principle. This would include the right to refuse accommodation, employment, taxi rides, washroom access, and so on, to anyone you don't like regardless of the reasons you may have for disliking them, or for no reason at all.

I would guess that these simple changes to the welfare state benefit system, along with the restoration of free speech, and freedom of association, would defuse the objections of the majority of the host Canadian population, as well as reduce the popularity of Canada as a destination for alien welfare tourists.

Think about it. Do you feel like a refugee in your own country? Do you feel that your right to disagree has been diminished?

Will you stand up? Or bend over?

Update: September 21, 2018


Friday, August 10, 2018

How to Save the Ontario Basic Income Program!


Leftist Ontario virtue signallers have been freaking out over the Ford government's cancellation of the Basic Income free money project that was cooked up by the Wynne government to build up their voter base.

I follow a few of these caring individuals on Twitter to study their self delusions. They've all been afflicted lately with Ford Derangement Syndrome, peacocking their indignation at the cancellation of Wynne's free money giveaway "program."

But does the program really have to be cancelled?

Of course not. All it would require to be saved is for the virtue signallers, and there are loads of them, from Deb Matthews and Andrea Horwath, to a parade of obscure, Twitter addicts, and their offended fans.

The good news is that the program can easily continue on a voluntary basis. The only difference is that the leftists would have to reach into their own pockets to show how committed and compassionate they are, rather than trying to pilfer the earnings of all Ontarians.

I threw a few numbers together in pursuit of the perfect solution.

- Number of basic income recipients in Ontario - 4,000

- Average annual welfare payment to each recipient $17,000

- Estimated cost of program per year - $50,000,000

- Total number of leftist voters in June 6 Ontario election - 3,000,000


If all of the people of Ontario who voted for one of the leftist parties on June 7th were to reach into their own pockets, and make some very modest donations, the program could easily continue.

The $50 million cost divided by 3 million "caring" left wing voters = $16.67 per year, or about $1.40 per month. Less than the price of a Tim Horton coffee. Per month.

Who needs a government for this?

Next Steps:

Get on Twitter, get on Facebook, phone your leftist MP, talk to your virtue-signalling friends and send them the link to this page. Then they can set up a account or something. If the program is really as important as they seem to believe it is, they should all jump at the opportunity to preserve it.

Everybody ends up happy. Those who think this giveaway is a waste of their money won't have to donate. Those who think the program is vital, can put their money where their mouths are.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hamilton Taxi Industry Running Out of Gas

Last night I was having a bad day because of a persistent mechanical problem with the cab that, despite several diagnoses and repairs continues to persist.

Then I started a conversation with a fellow driver who drives a Ford Taurus. I asked him how his car was running and he responded with a litany of complaints and tales of woe.

A couple of weeks ago, while running a fare in Hamilton's industrial sector, his vehicle was damaged by falling debris. At least one window was broken, and some body damage occurred.

While in the taxi repair shop, rats got into the trunk and began chewing on the wires. As a result, the instrument panel went haywire and the fuel gauge stopped working. To date, the mechanics have been unable to diagnose the problem.

As a result, he's been driving the cab without a fuel gauge for a while.

Given the difficulties Hamilton's politicians have imposed on rank and file drivers, especially with respect to it's granting Uber and other foreign corporations exemptions from the local bylaws, at the same allowing them to strip away the earnings of non-exempt cab drivers, this driver was pleased to get a passenger who was going to make a series of stops. He would get a break from the $6.50 fares after waiting an hour and enjoy this estimated $35 run.

The passenger was a senior citizen with a walker who probably didn't have a smartphone. The last stop he wanted to make was at the Tim Horton drive-thru on Kennilworth Ave. N. After they retrieved the order, the cab ran out of gas in the queue, blocking the vehicles that were behind them.

This describes a very stressful situation, as you can imagine. The driver then told me he called the dispatch office to request help. Apparently, the dispatch staff ignored him, so, in desperation, he got out and tried to push the cab on his own. In so doing, he lost control of the cab and it rolled into the street.

Talk about driverless taxis! You couldn't ask for a better scene for a sitcom. I could see Kramer as the driver.

Someone finally arrived with a can of gas and managed to spill half of it into the roadway.

At this point in the conversation, I was almost pissing myself laughing and my own complaint melted away.

Oh, and speaking of pissing myself. The passenger ended up doing exactly that in the back seat of the cab.

That's what you call a bad day.

Seriously though, this is the type of thing you ought to expect to happen when politicians make critical decisions that will have a severe negative impact on those affected. In the case of Uber, the city council voted "unanimously" in favour of blanket exemptions for so-called "ride-sharing" taxi companies, while simultaneously partnering up with them for a share of the loot.

The financial squeeze guarantees that important and critical repairs will be increasingly difficult to accomplish in an industry that has been stripped bare of its income.

It sickens me to hear these politicians piously state that their main priority in taxicab regulation is public safety when even the most cursory analysis exposes them as blatant liars.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Coming Soon: Shock Collars for Population Control

“You know, there’s a level of admiration I actually have for China ….”

China? Why China?

“Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime."

-- Justin Trudeau

It seems that technology now being deployed in China will allow them to turn more than their economy around on a dime. They'll be able to turn their entire population around on a dime.

Intelligent Classroom Behavior Management System

Our politicians will finally be able to get everyone to quit smoking and drinking Big Gulp sugary drinks. It will be followed by the prohibition of a never-ending and growing, list of behaviors that "liberals" disapprove of. (driving, eating meat, free speech, and so on...)

This "intelligent classroom behavior management system," will become ubiquitous in a few years. Along with a cashless economy, the behavior of every citizen will be monitored.

Government schools are just prisons for children. It's a form of proactive rehabilitation. It turns out the question I asked my Grade 2 teacher, "Well if we live in a free country, how come we are forced to come to school?" was not so naive after all.

And since public schooling is nothing more than training for a life beyond "education," it's no coincidence that this technology is being employed against the defenseless young before it is more widely applied.

The final step will be mandatory shock collars for all citizens.

Some years ago, I informed a fellow cab driver about the City of Hamilton's plans to force all of its licensed cabbies into taking an expensive, and quite useless, as I predicted, and as it did indeed turn out to be, "Taxi Driver Training" program.

His angry response was, "What are we? Their pets?"

Yes. That is exactly how they see us.

Actually, it would be more accurate to say that they see us as their livestock.

"Current events predict future trends."

-- Gerald Celente

Saturday, May 19, 2018

I am probably going to vote Conservative on June 7th. (if I vote at all.)

It's not that I like the Conservatives. It's just that they give me the least taste of political sewage in my mouth.

For example, just look at Kathleen Wynne. Never have I witnessed such unabashed moral corruption. She is so consumed by her own hubris, that she truly believes she is capable of "building" Ontario, and giving out oodles of free stuff.

What kind of idiot actually believes that shit?

Well, apparently lots of idiots. Enough to make her a political force to be reckoned with.

I recommend everyone join Twitter and subscribe to Kathleen Wynne's Tweets. Here is Kathleen's smiling face as she "gives" free prescription drugs to a certain demographic group. There she is, smiling again, as she "gives" millions of dollars to some private company to "create jobs" and other such bullshit. Oh, and here she is pretending she gives a fuck about some minority group or religious sect.

When I read that puke in the Toronto Star (where else?) about Ontarians "not deserving" Kathleen Wynne, because she is such a genius when it comes to re-allocating other people's spending priorities, I asked myself, "Why do I dislike this woman so much? And what exactly do I know about her legislative and spending record, other than that she is hubristic enough to imagine she can also control the climate?"

It was then that I realized, I don't need to know any of that. All I need to do, to get a perfect understanding of her, is to read her Tweets. She sees herself, or portrays herself, as "The Great Giver." And knowing she has diddly-fucking-squat of her own resources to hand around.... she's not the one producing the prescription drugs, nor is she the one who will be babysitting the kids in daycare, etc. etc. .... she isn't the one paying for any of it ... I find her moral posturing obnoxious.

I can't remember the movie I watched which contained this line, "All politicians do, is make some people's lives more pleasant, by making other people's lives more miserable." And that is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

I couldn't vote for this woman even if I agreed with her.

And not that she is any worse than the rest of the politicians. Most of them are cut from the same cloth. They enter the profession in order to either get revenge, or counterfeit adulation (a statue or a sport venue named after them, etc.,) or to avoid legitimate employment. (The politicians call the shots, while the people do the hauling, planting, nailing, and healing.)

It's pretty hilarious when you think about it.

Hamilton Heat Warning: Don't Bend Over

Oh, oh! Heat warning issued for Hamilton, Burlington for looming ‘heat dome.’ If the term, "Climate Change" rolled thro...