Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rant blank ends for now...

Wow.... just when I thought I was running out of rant fuel... I came across this link by Mr. Rockwell,
He says, "I really think it comes down to this: leftists, in their heart of hearts, hate capitalism more than they fear the total state."
And it got me thinnin' (Iaawwwl do the thinnin' 'roun' here bubba louie! - remember Kvicks Draw McGraw?) ;-)
I would make a comment or two....
or three...
I am currently reading,  "The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don't Want You to Know About--Because They Helped Cause Them," by  Iain Murray.
It reinforces my belief that radical environmentalists are actually motivated, in their heart of hearts, not by any genuine concern with the environment but rather by a white hot hatred of freedom, capitalism and humanity. (Actually, every time I hear, for example, David Suzuki open his mouth about some issue his hatred of freedom tends to remove any lingering doubt about his true motives. - sorry if some of you think he's some kind of a hero. I can't stand the guy.)
The book reveals "how ethanol, the liberals' favorite fuel, is destroying the world's rainforests--and could cause global food shortages and how Al Gore's hero Rachel Carson cost the lives of millions of Africans through her efforts to ban DDT." 
For example, the orang utan is being wiped out in Indonesia. (I have always had a soft spot for these peaceful creatures.)
Who is behind this extermination? Well, it's being partly driven by the EU's mandatory biofuels program ( a coercive response (with government, is there any other kind?) ... to the global warming scam.
Yes, I know... it's BIG BUSINESS again... but it's BIG BUSINESS cashing in on GOVERNMENT mandates! That ain't "consumer driven" economics. And it ain't free market capitalism. Nor is it democracy.
The US government is subsidizing the biofuel industry to the tune of about $5 billion per year. Government mandates are turning our food into fuel. Have you noticed the price of bread lately? Archer Daniels Midland laughs all the way to the bank.
Sheesh! our governments are giving money to the auto companies to build.... more cars!!! And... the growth of the auto industry was itself spurred on by road socialism. And the poor Orang Utan has no clue as to why he is being murdered.
Nor did a (million or so?) Iraqi's... 
People ask me, "in your perfect little world, who would build the roads?" My answer, after spending many years searching for one, is finally .... "maybe no one? -- maybe we would have evolved in a totally different way... with, say, private, for profit, mass transit... but hey, profit is a dirty word."
I read once that the US had a lot of private, for profit, street car companies operating around 1900 (someone, correct me if I'm wrong.) But GOVERNMENT regulations drove them to the brink of bankruptcy... so now taxpayers everywhere are forced to subsidize inefficient, union, greed dominated, tax sucking "public" (yecchhh!) transit systems.
Maybe in the absense of road socialism and, ahem, rent control (another liberal pet project) - which seemed to stop the building of high-rise apartments in Ontario dead in it's tracks.... we would not now be confronted with another thing the environmentalists all pretend to hate so much.... car and fuel dependant urban sprawl.
Here is an article on what is happening to the "Man of the Forest."
Government is growing like a cancer. It has metastacised into every nook and cranny of human life. In the twentieth century it murdered some 180 million people.
It is still very busy.
Ludwig von Mises said,
"The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments. The state can be and has often been in the course of history the main source of mischief and disaster."
Big government is not the solution. It is the cause. Power always corrupts.
Be careful who you trust.

Green Hell

Steve Milloy ( has a new book out... Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Ruin Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them (Hardcover). I'm going to buy a copy.

for now though, I think I'll just rant.

I hear incandescent light bulbs are going to be banned.
I've not had a great experience with these energy efficient light bulbs. I have found that they don't last as long as the old fashioned incandescent ones. They come with a seven year guarantee but I can never find the receipt or packaging when I need it... it's been recycled.
I have also heard that if you accidentally break one you have to call in a Hazmat team to clean up the mercury. (he he, when the greens say they will "create jobs," Hazmat companies must rejoice. It's like saying we can create thousands of jobs for newly hired fire fighters by lighting huge piles of tires on fire. Kind of like Obamanomics no?)
I notice they have installed some funny kind of system in the toilets in my apartment. To save water I think.
The only problem now is I have to flush about five times to get the job done. I have found a solution though... I fill up a bucket of water and keep it in the tub to assist the flushing process.... I got the idea when I saw the technique employed in a low carbon footprint country... communist Cuba. (It was in a hut on the beach.... one of the few with an indoor toilet... but no running water. The rest of the neighbours had a much better method of saving water... outhouses built just a few yards into the ocean... just around the bend from the tourist beach.)
They used to have showers at the gym I go to. I don't know where they have gone. They have been replaced by sprinklers. I could take my plants to the gym and water them there I suppose. (but I don't have any plants - honest!)
Will, "I am going to take a sprinkle," make into our lexicon? Or would it be too ambiguous?
As for cleaning the sweat off after a workout well, I guess we can always try spitting up in the air.
Hmmm...  a lot of municipalities impose restrictions on when you can water your lawn... I can't wait until they mandate smart water meters... so you can only take one shower a week.
Did you see that video of that British, "climate change," activist throwing green custard on a U.K. government official?
You know... I am getting the impression that these global warming alarmists are starting to realize that their scam is finally starting to fizzle. Maybe it's just me but I detect a subtle change in their choice of words... from "Global Warming," to "Climate Change." I think they are hedging their bets.
In a few years, no one will hear of global warming any more. It will all be climate change... whether the planet is getting hotter or cooler won't matter, it will still be "man made," of course.  Climate change has been just such a wonderful opportunity for politicians and anti-capitalist activists to expand their power and budgets.
Don't worry,  the words "regulate," "ban,"  "tax," "control," "restrict," "mandate," will still be around. And you can take that to the bank.... you know, where your dollarettes are stored.
...and perhaps even "arrest," "jail," "hang," and "throw custard at," or better, "throw Barack Obama at," (ouch!) might be added.  
MacDonald's will offer a new prize in their Monopoly contest.... a free Burger and enough carbon credits to obtain one!
Once the clueless schmoos who make up the majority of voters have fully absorbed this dogma we'll move on to the next step.... man made weather change. Your little league game got rained out? Blame it on the richest guy in your town...
Of course when we reach that point the richest guy in town will be like the hated Kulak (a well-to-do peasant farmer in Russia who profited from the labor of poor peasants and opposed the Soviet collectivization of the land --
Our standard of living will have truly tanked.

The Kulak was the rich guy who had two cows. In our future, the rich guy with two cows will be the one who can afford to buy enough carbon credits from Al Gore to pay for the evil cow farts.
The politicians will come up with a new idea then.... tradeable rain credits....
Of course, Al Gore and friends will "offset" their rain guilt by storing water in their indoor swimming pools.

Warning: This story contains graphic details

Honestly, I have been trying so hard to be good lately.
Every time I click on the "send," button I feel guilty. "There I go again, filling up my contacts mailboxes with unwanted opinions."
Every now and then, an exasperated recipient of my night-owl rants will send me an email asking me to please delete them from my distribution list. And I promptly honour their request(s.) Others send me subtle hints... like the one I got the other day pointing to several online resources which provide help to alcoholics. (Thanks for that one ;-)
I am sure many others are just too polite to do that, mutter in their minds - "oh, another emotive spasm from that a**hole Wienhold," before they click on the "X" button.
Really folks, if this stuff is of no interest to you just tell me to delete you from my list. I have no desire to bother anyone who is really not interested in what I have to say.
Well, one guy did piss me off a bit. He is supposed to be a "financial advisor." I have made some education investments for my kids through him which have gone down about 44% last time I checked. Almost ten years down the drain. (some say the best time to get into the stock market is when pessimism is at it's highest level. C'mon folks... buy some mutual funds.... push those prices up.)
He told me he was "too busy," to read my rants. I replied that I wished he had been a bit busier looking after my kid's investments before they went down in flames... and that research I have been doing since last November has convinced me that anyone who might have actually been paying attention should have seen it coming. (Like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff.)
But he was too busy I guess.
I am just a dumb cab driver but even I, me...  (li'l ol' me) developed a dim awareness last year that something was in the works... which is why I sold my house.... didn't want to get caught in another recession which hits the cab business real hard - making it harder than ever to pay off a mortgage while real estate prices plumet (plumet? sounds French.) Plummet... I think I mean plummet.
Man I am glad I did that.
Then I almost did something terminally stupid. I was going to call my "financial advisor," and, yes.... (he he) ... take some of the money I got from my house and put it into mutual funds!!!! (he he he) That would have been around August of 2008.
"Buy, hold and prosper," is the motto. More like... get a financial advisor who will invest your money until it is all gone.
Instead I did something that might end up being even stupider. I put the money in the bank.
I have a little thing in my task bar that tracks the price of silver and gold. Last week I noticed gold was down to about $895 US an ounce at around 1:30 pm.
Then something funny happened. Within the next two hours I noticed the price rocketed back up to around $945 or $955.
When you see that happen you can't help but say to yourself... "Some kind of a bomb just went off somewhere."
Maybe terrorists blew up another pipeline.
Well, later that day I was at the gym and I was watching one of those news channels when I learned Ben Bernanke had waved his magic wand and announced the creation of $300 billion dollars out of thin air. (I later learned that the number is over a trillion with the purchase of a bunch of other worthless crap - mortgage backed securities or some such tripe - which will be guaranteed by America's children and those, yet, unborn.)
I can't help but believe that sooner or later... all of this newly created money is going to come back at us like a tsunami wave in the form of rising prices.
and that anyone stupid enough to be holding cash better buy a wheelbarrow now, before the price of wheelbarrows skyrockets along with the price of bread.
(and wheelbarrows will be strongly favoured as a means of creating "Green Jobs," as promised by our keepers.)
... but
that isn't what I wanted to rant about.
I pulled into Filthy McNasty's last night to fish for a fare. The cops were there. They had parked their cars in such a way as to really impede access to the parking lot.
I figured, "Wow," must be something serious... maybe an assault or something. Maybe someone got hurt.
So I pulled into a spot around the side behind another cab. He had to leave with a fare a few minutes later.
Because the cops were blocking his exit I had to back up to allow the other cabbie to back up and go out the other way.
Yep. I figured something serious must be happening here.
When the other cabbie left I moved up to the front of the line. Curiously, the cops didn't seem to be too serious. I saw them having what seemed to be a cordial discussion amongst themselves and one or two of the bouncers.
It started to bug me.
Who, other than Hamilton's finest, would consider their work so critical that they would so rudely block the parking lot, unless a serious matter was being addressed?
Anyway, after a while...after the chatting and smiling etc. the cops finally started up their cars and left.
A short while later I got a fare from the place. I asked the guy what all the hassle was about. He told me someone at the bar was asked to leave and  refused to cooperate. So the cops were called.
And then!!!!!!!! It turned out there was some question about the validity of the guy's ID.
The cops were rudely blocking the parking area (a female cop was there too.. I wished I was the other cop having such a good tme chatting with her.....) because some guy had posssibly fake ID.
Think about that the next time someone breaks into your house and the cops tell you there isn't much they can do. They are, ahem.... too busy. (like financial advisors?)
Or when you see them on those (all too few in my city) stretches of actually driveable roads... which instinctively beg you to press down a bit on the accelerator and really *drive* ... only to be snagged by a cop hiding behind the Canadian Tire building. With radar. To put a real hurt on your middle class existence through a fine and whopping big increase in your insurance rates. (if they would cut us some slack on those speed traps we could use the money to pay for the losses from the B&E's they are "too busy," to investigate.)
Or, when you are wondering why traffic is such a mess while you are trying to get home from work only to discover that the cops are (busy) blocking traffic so someone can film the movie "Hulk."
Well, I guess the police have their priorities.
And then, someone sends me this link... from

"Undercover officer alleges XXX activity at porno theatre"
Who would have thunk? (!)
According to the report, "During a series of visits by police in uniform in 2008, Jarvie says officers witnessed sex acts, an overwhelming unpleasant pungent odour, puddles of body fluids and excrement, and even patrons smoking."
Egad!!! Even patrons smoking!
You know, based upon that description... I don't think this is an establishment I would want to patronize... unless I was out of smokes at the time.
It kind of begs the question... who would want to patronize an establishment with an unpleasant pungeant odour? Only to discover puddles of body fluids and excrement... (sex  acts? Live? Hmmm.... )
unless he(she) was some kind of a weirdo... in need of a release....
Or an evil smoker looking for a venue, other than at home with the kids, to do the bad thing... since it's been banned everywhere else... (cough!)
or a (very busy) cop?


Without Liberty, the Brain is a Dungeon

We should all be aware by now of the dirty tricks Facebook has been using for years now, to stifle certain opinions and information....