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International Energy Agency report urges ENERGY LOCKDOWNS:

What do commies, Nazis, socialists, greens, and "liberals" all have in common?

They are all authoritarians. Every last one. And unfortunately, the vast majority of people fit into one of these categories. Statism is the largest religion in the world, by far. All the sub-isms are nothing more than competing sects.

It's no wonder the climate scam gained so much traction when it was first invented.

As the author points out, it doesn't matter if it's climate, covid, or Russia, the "solution" is always the same.

International Energy Agency report urges ENERGY LOCKDOWNS:

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Walmart Colonoscopies

If there were any sanity in this world, seeking medical services would be no more complicated than shopping for groceries, choosing a place to take the family for burgers, or getting an oil change. And before you say that medicare is more sophisticated and complex, so are smartphones and computers.

Such a radical philosophical change in the ideology of medical care would not yield overnight miracles. It would take time. But how long has the current ideology been trying to find a solution? I still remember sitting in a dark, foreboding, Detol-smelling, mausoleaum-like waiting room at St. Joseph's Hospital, back in 1957, for what seemed like hours because my mother stepped on a rusty nail and needed a tetanus shot. And that was when my parents used to buy private medical insurance. I can't, in my lifetime, remember a time when a visit to a hospital emergency ward wasn't a form of pure hell.

Hospitals should be more like hotels, or nightclubs. The waiting rooms should be inviting, not something like a bus terminal. Have a wet bar and a snack menu. Have some live entertainment, not some muted TV set broadcasting junk news. Toys for the kids. Or even a pool and a sauna.

If that requires the profit motive, so be it.

It's time to eliminate ALL government interference with medical care, including licensing.

Let the market sort it out. In ten years, you'll be able to go to Walmart or Toys'R'Us for broken bones and stitches.

The dying (gone?) muffler shops can re-tool to provide colonoscopies, and if there are any photo studios left, they can re-tool to provide diagnostic imaging, etc.

No appointments will be necessary unless some kind of prep is required.

Open up the market for dentistry, eye care, hearing aids, etc.

Crucially, the practice of occupational licensing must be abolished. Competition and innovation should not be shackled.

Once the protectionist licensing regime is eliminated, all the doctors we hear about, who are driving cabs, can rent space and open up a shop.

The good ones will succeed and set an example for competitors.

The bad ones will kill all their patients and go back to taxi driving.

We can continue to dream that some version of medical socialism is the answer, and continue to pretend we are surprised when it doesn't fucking work.

Imagine if the computer/communications industry had been governed by the same ideology that dominates the field of medicine.

We would still be using acoustic couplers IF we could afford personal computing devices.

Look. Socialism has been tried in so many places and for such a long time, you would think people had grown sick to death of its obnoxious tenacity. The only difference between Bible-thumpers and socialists these days is that the socialists are in almost complete control of the coercive apparatus of the state. And still, we are bombarded with the obtuse crud that the state idolotrists, like those who write the kind of crud we read in the Toronto Star, devoutly believe is the solution.

"The obvious solution to this massive backlog would be a significant increase in government funding and better use of existing public facilities."

Yes, The solution is ALWAYS obvious to these mystics of socialism. Like Sockboy, they think money grows on trees.

Long banned in Ontario, private hospitals could soon reappear


I use the word "socialism" a lot, but it's not really accurate. The correct word to use is "statism," defined as,

The principle or policy of concentrating extensive economic, political, and related controls in the state at the cost of individual liberty.

The reason I use "socialism" is because, I think, it means more to most people than "statism." It's a more familar word, however, if you give it a moment's thought, that the definition of "statism" applies with equal validity to the ideology upon which most political parties are rooted.

Take your pick, Canadian Liberals or American Democrats. Are they not all statists? Most of your city councillors are statists. "liberal," in the current use of the word, means "statist." So does "green," "communist," "fascist," and "Nazi."

EVERY ONE OF THEM have the same sine qua non.


There is one ideology that differs.


Lighten up.


was created by capitalism.

Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.

The Facebook Nazis are in full swing.

Immune to Irony: Nazi Collaborators and Authoritarian Personalities Denounce Russia

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Two Ways to go Insane

March 1, 2013

I read another ridiculous article in the Hamilton Spectator (Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013) about the ongoing Two-Way street conversion debate, currently wasting precious ink, which was replete with the usual mental squeeze chute drivel I have come to regard as typical of that particular purveyor of information and ideas.

I was going to write a rant about it and then I remembered that my esteemed colleague, Professor Schnickenkeimskivishenzochung, had already done so.... about 16 years ago.

So, I think I will take a break from ranting for this morning and let Professor Schnickenkeimskivishenzochung have the floor.

January 1997

Recent Hamilton Spectator Headline:

Push for two-way streets gains momentum

How Stupid Can People Be? (!)

The downtown core in the city of Hamilton has been declining for some years now.

Take a walk along King Street and you can't miss the depressing sights of the stores and small businesses.... once bustling with commercial sitting vacant... with no customers... and only ghosts collecting taxes.

Sure, there are a few places still hobbling along, here on King Street.... as the photo shows. But anyone who has lived in Hamilton for a while knows it used to be better.... much better !

Well, have no fear Hamilton, things are going to get better. You see, we have a whole crew of brain surgeon types working on new plans to revitalize the core!

What are some of the ideas these brain surgeon types are coming up with?

In an article in the Hamilton Spectator Ken Peters gives us a great example:

"Hamilton politicians believe a call to make King, James and John two-way streets again is headed in the right direction.

The return of two-way traffic to the three main thoroughfares after nearly 40 years would occur by this summer if a citizens' lobby group has its way. The streets have featured one-way traffic since 1958.

(Italics mine.)

A recently formed Hamilton Downtown Two Way Streets Group won support yesterday from the city's planning and development committee for its proposal.

The group says it may make a case for turning Main Street into a two-way thoroughfare in future.

The move to two-way traffic is expected to create greater traffic congestion in the core, thus creating a more pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians while improving storefront visibility and tourism opportunities."

(Italics mine.)

Well whaddaya think of THAT gem! Two-way traffic is expected to create greater traffic congestion in the core, thus creating a more pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians! Yummy.... all those engines idling away... yup should create a mighty pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Fast forward to 2013 for a brief look at the pleasant atmosphere created by city politicians.

You can just hear Fran calling up her girlfriend Megan to go shopping downtown, "Megan, I just heard the on the radio.... traffic's backed up for miles downtown... it's creating a really pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians. Why don't we go and do some shopping!"

Well, if greater traffic congestion is called for why stop at two-way streets? Why not quit repairing the roads? Let those potholes proliferate. Imagine what a combination of two-way streets and potholes will do to revitalize the core! Why, no doubt pedestrians will find the experience so damn pleasant they will begin to have orgasms. Hell, if the potholes don't cause orgasms then a few strategically placed road construction sites with cranes and huge craters should do the trick. Hamilton could become a tourist Mecca what with flowers on the traffic islands and massive, hair ripping, traffic jams in the core.

"I don't know of a successful downtown in the world that isn't congested"

Alderman Marvin Caplan said in voicing his support for the concept.

"I don't know of a successful downtown in the world that isn't congested" --Marvin Caplan

Create congestion and everyone will rush downtown to visit places like the ones shown here. These are just a couple of examples of the community which extends
over most of Hamilton's Barton Street. Barton Street never had to worry about losing it's "vitality" due to efficient traffic flow... it has been a two way street all along.

Can anyone guess where Bob "Flower Power" Morrow perches on this issue?

The Spectator says

Mayor Bob Morrow supports the proposal to revert the three streets to two-way traffic.

"I am convinced on the philosophical side and from the nuts-and-bolts side that it makes a whole lot of sense. I think it is one good ingredient to the recovery of the downtown, and this could be a tremendous shot in the arm."

Maybe we can get Hamilton's core to look something like this, (left) section of Barton Street, ey Bob? Just another example of the "Nuts and Bolts" of two way traffic. Perhaps Sheila Baby will turn the "Closed" sign around.

And really.....the philosophical side? Excuse me but is this guy for real? What is the "philosophical" side of this issue? If anyone knows please clue me in! I suspect it relates somehow to the fashionable leftist notion that the private automobile is evil and any government action to make driving unpleasant is therefore laudable regardless of whether screwing up traffic revitalizes so much as a single abandoned warehouse.

The Spectator article continues:

"Group member Helen Kirkpatrick, a founding member of the Greater Downtown Development Corp., a defunct advisory group, says the two-way plan has the backing of the Hamilton-Halton Homebuilders Association, Durand Neighbourhood Association, Hamilton Society of Architects and International Village Business Improvement Area. The proposal was a key element of the Hamilton Downtown Ideas Charrette report presented to city council in October by the Hamilton Society of Architects."

Another shot of the vibrant two-way Barton Street (right) leads one to wonder whether any of the members of the groups mentioned above have ever visited a two way street.

Jonathan Diamonds, evidently, is located on a section of Barton Street that was not sufficiently congested even though traffic does indeed travel in both directions in front of it. Perhaps the owner should have requested a stop sign in front of his property. Or maybe he should have hired a fake road construction crew to hang around out front having coffee breaks after digging a gaping hole in the road. Surely then a whole army of frustrated drivers would jump out of their cars to take advantage of the pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians thus created... and they'd also be overcome by a sudden urge to do some shopping, no doubt!

Ms Kirkpatrick said civic politicians must choose whether they want the core to be a street-friendly place or a thoroughfare for quick-moving vehicular traffic. "It comes down to a choice. Are our people a priority or are cars a priority?"

What the heck is "street friendly" supposed to mean? It's probably just another Spec typo. She probably said "people friendly." Who cares... it's a load of hogwash anyway.

It really does seem as though everyone who advocates a return to two-way traffic clog suffers from mental caplitis (irritation of the caplan wrought by inflamation of the colon). Ms. Kirkpatrick clearly sees quick-moving traffic and "street-friendliness" or "people friendliness" as mutually exclusive values. Slow traffic down, she seems to believe, and hoards of happy pedestrians will suddenly descend upon the core and start buying stuff.

The boards will come off the storefronts and the bums will find other hangouts as everyone rushes from Limeridge Mall, Eastgate Mall, the hundreds (thousands and counting?) of new establishments on the mountain and in surrounding communities.... as everyone rushes from these places into the core of Hamilton to take advantage of the pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians created by traffic hell!

"It comes down to a choice. Are ourpeople a priority or are cars a priority?" -- Helen Kirkpatrick

"We see this proposal as not an end point but part of the beginning to the revitalization of the downtown."

Yeh right.... as the pictures here clearly show... the "revitalization" of Barton street started eons ago. I guess they forgot to go to the next step. Or maybe they would be satisfied with that vibrant community in the photo... the one in the black hat... taking advantage of the pleasant atmosphere and "street friendliness" here on one of Hamilton's longest two-way streets.

What's the next bright idea? A "Johnny on the Spot" on every corner?

You should be be able to find more reports on the two way street issue by visiting the Hamilton Spectator Home Page.

And remember, if you get stuck in some horrendous traffic snarl in Hamilton next summer, just get out of your car as fast as you can. The sooner you become a pedestrian the sooner you will benefit from the pleasant atmosphere. That is, if you can find a place to park that doesn't cause an unpleasant atmosphere in your wallet....


Further foolishness from City Hall....

Taxpayers ought to cringe as of this date (September 2005) since construction has now started on the conversion of James and John Streets, south of main to two way traffic.

It is well known these days that many Hamiltonian's incomes have remained static for over a decade. Hamilton's cab drivers are making less than ever even in dollar terms without inflation adjustment.

Woe to the poor soul whose life may depend upon seconds as the ambulance attempts to access St. Joeseph's Hospital emergency once the desired two-way gridlock has been accomplished.

Yet Hamilton's politicians remain committed to a monumentally stupid campaign of two way street conversion, a politically motivated but utterly hairbrained scheme which involves the squandering of MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars. All of this is happening while property taxes continue a never ending skyward trajectory.

It is time for Hamiltonian's to demand that the scope for municipal political action be seriously curtailed. Unfortunately, politicians presently have far too much local decision making leverage. Since they are spending money which is not their own, and therefore of little or no cost to them if the money is simply wasted, there is little incentive for truly prudent action.

If the local government were somehow constitutionally limited to picking up the trash and fixing potholes, instead of indulging their flights of fancy at taxpayer expense, they might even be able, though not without difficulty, given the evidence on our streets at present, to actually achieve some measure of competence in these very mundane, yet important, tasks.

Do You Believe Me Now?

Do You Believe Me Now?

My brief commentary on the leftist mentality might not have been so easy to see at the time. Enter COVID-19 in early 2020, and the authoritarian masks came off in droves. The same mentality that drives Hamilton's local government to destroy the street system in this city sprang into action as the opportunities for hard-edged authoritarianism manifest themselves, driven by wall to wall panic porn in the Junk News media.

From idiotic two-way streets, to COVID-19, to lockdowns and restrictions on Christmas get-togethers, to the ecstatic calls, from the same misanthropic constituency, for climate lockdowns, the trajectory of the leftist brain is as easy to predict as is falling down while trying to walk up walls.

From December 7, 2013

You would think by now that the people and politicians of Hamilton would have finally sobered up after their drunken orgy of traffic obstruction.

You would think so.

You would be wrong.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Having successfully forced most traffic onto the main arteries the push is now on to scleroticize those arteries as well.

Do you ever wonder why this is going on? What is the basic agenda?

It's simple. It's just another step in the continuing process of civilizational suicide. In this particular instance the target is the private automobile and the instigator is the authoritarian left.

You can call them communists if you like. You can call them McWynnety liberals if you like. There are also NDPers, Greenies, control freaks, neopuritans, collectivists, watermellons.... they all come from the same mold. The only thing you can't call them is NAZIS. That would be impolite. NAZIS are the black sheep of the family. NAZIS are like the schizophrenic family member nobody wants to acknowledge.

But they are all cut from the same cloth. They all have the same DNA.

The central strand is statism. (a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.)

Contrast all of those shades of authoritarianism with the political philosophy known as libertarianism…. the only ism that seeks to leave people the fuck alone.

The only ism that seeks to minimize or even abolish centralized control over social and economic affairs.

Arguably the only system that seeks to fully and finally abolish every last vestige of human bondage.

You will begin to understand why every shade of authoritarian leftist has a white-hot hate on for the private automobile.

It symbolizes everything they oppose.

First, it's privately owned. The left hates private property. It represents something they can't have for themselves. They demonize it because they know deep down that if it's yours, they can't have it.

This explains why the authoritarian left are always so keen on "public transit." I.E. something someone else subsidizes (I.E. pays for) in order to make an economically unviable mode of transit "viable."

Secondly, the owner of private transit retains scheduling rights. The owner decides when to travel.

This drives the authoritarian leftist to distraction, given their fundamental commitment to the idea that the state should have substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs, including the question of when people decide to travel.

Thirdly, the owner of private transit retains the right and authority to decide which way he will proceed to his destination.

The authoritarian leftist, on the other hand, displays a marked preference for the establishment of routes.

How are these routes determined? Would it have anything to do with a desire for substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs?

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who just want to mind their own business and make the best of things.

And those who want to mind everyone else's business.

Members of the first group tend to belong to the libertarian persuasion.

Members of the second group, quite obviously, tend to gravitate toward the idea that there ought to be substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.

And that is basically why members of the second group absolutely hate cars.

Once you understand this, you will understand why there is such a concerted effort to sabotage Hamilton's marvellously efficient system of One-Way streets in favour of Two Ways to Go Insane.

It's December 7th, 2013.

Let's not allow our local statists to turn our One-Way streets into a statist driven Pearl Harbour.

Resist statist devolution.

Call City Hall and say "HELL NO!" to Two-Way Streets.


Consideration for a two way street in Hamilton
By Phil McLaughlin -December 6, 2013, 10:15 pm

Tightening the Noose

Political climate change alarm. It's getting cold.


"My bank account is frozen!"


"My car is frozen!"

Think about that while watching with this,

Told ya.

February 25, 2022

It's what I've been saying for years.

(click on images to enlarge)

October 12, 2020

More propaganda from the Spec.

A cashless society. Wet dream of every authoritarian tyrant.

Get ready for it.

First - no cash

Next - absolute control of behavior and consumption.

You just won't be able to buy what they don't want you to buy.

Note: the video ends with an option to "bring cash, okay!" Not if cash has been banned.

November 29, 2012

April 12, 2016

Uber gave data on 12 million people to U.S. law enforcement

October 21, 2011


June 24, 2014

April 2, 2016

"Homeless street vendors carry mobile credit-card readers."

Cashless: Fascism With a Friendly Face

April 22, 2016

dec 14 2018

"After doing all the good deeds, like donations and such, to gain points, I can now buy high speed train tickets."

"I am finally a normal person."

Can you hear it?

I can.

Let me put it this way,

"After doing all the good deeds, like wearing a face diaper and getting an experimental injection, to gain points, I can now buy high speed train tickets."

"I am finally a normal person."

He reminds me of the respondent who didn't mind the TSA grabbing his testicles because he let his doctor do it too. To "keep him safe."

And who will be making decisions about whether you get your points?

Someone like this guy,

I could go on, but I doubt that I was able to hold anyone's attention, other than yours to this point. I will leave you with the brilliant James Corbett.

Personal email address of Hamilton health-care leader used to make $1,000 ‘Freedom Convoy’ donation

Update: 10:52 PM

Update: March 8, 2022.

Update: March 12, 2022

Do you believe me now?

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How to Find a Job and Get Off of Welfare

by Joe Schlockenblock

Finding a full-time job is a full-time job. Obviously if you have marketable skill, a stable work history, a good resume and covering letter you will increase your chances of finding that situation. On the other hand if you lack skills, resume and a good work history your job hunt will be more difficult. Don't despair. Opportunities abound here in the land of milk and honey.

Keep your powder dry and your pecker hard and you will find that job. Below you will find just a few suggestions that I have come to regard as very helpful in finding that job you desire:

  • Research: It is very helpful if you know something about the company you are applying to. This shows them you are interested in their business. To that end make sure you:

    1. Know what city, state/province and country the business is located in.

    2. Try to find out the name of the business.

    3. If possible, obtain a street address and postal/zip code.

    4. Find out if any good looking women work there.

    5. Whatever else you can think of.

  • Stay up late at night. Stay in bed all day. Maybe a job will come floating by your bedroom window. Even if you don't get a job this way you can always dream you are working (you won't get paid though - and overtime is completely out of the question).

  • Get some jewelry, poke some holes through your nose, tongue and other parts of your body and attach the jewelry to the wounds.

  • Watch a lot of late night TV. While it might not help you with your job search it may help get your mind off being unemployed.

  • Wear clothes that are too big for you. The crotch of your pants should hang somewhere near your knees for guys. The pants should also be much too long so that you have to fold up the bottoms 7 or 8 times.

    Don't fold them too many times though. The bottoms of your pants should still drag along the ground and when you walk the heels of your running shoes should be protected from the ground by the bottom of your pants. This way when you walk through a pile of muck the heels of your shoes will stay clean.

    Of course, you should be aware that if the heels of your shoes do remain clean then you are not walking the correct way. Correct walking involves dragging the heels along the mucky ground. If you are properly dressed dragging your heels will result in much of the muck being scooped up by your pant legs.

    Girls should wear those pants that hang real low and show the top part of the ass. Girls should also make sure they have lots of cleavage showing. Guys, don't forget to wear a baseball cap - sideways.

  • Bring your cell phone and arrange to have a friend call you up every two or three minutes to show how popular you are.

  • Always be aware of the value in networking. Hang around parking lots, malls, street corners and anywhere else you see other people with nose rings and baggy clothes hanging around.

    Get to know these people and maybe they can provide you with a connection to a choice job. Remember, it's not what you know but who you know that really counts.

  • If you get invited in for an interview be prepared. Try writing a list of questions you would like to ask and familiarize yourself with it. Some good questions might include but need not be limited to:

    • How much vacation do I get?

    • How long are the coffee breaks?

    • How much is the pay?

    • Are alcoholic beverages allowed on the job?

    • Do I have to bring my own pillow or are they supplied?

    • Are the chicks here good looking?

  • If you have long hair get a haircut for Pete's sake. Make sure the barber shaves most of your head down to the skin leaving only a few areas untouched to preserve that "splotchy" look.

    If you really can't stand the thought of getting a haircut at least dye your hair green or purple or something.

  • If you are an American pretend you have some kind of disability. An easy one to fake would be Tourette's Syndrome. Every few minutes blurt out some insulting remark like, "eat shit" or something. Then apologize and tell them you have Tourette's Syndrome. This may scare them into hiring you in case you were to sue them later for not hiring you (ADA).

  • One indicator of extreme kewlness I observed just last summer involved guys going to a dance or nightclub carrying a workout towel. Most of the time they just left the towel wrapped around their necks with the open part at the front.

    It always seems odd the way more than one person starts doing something no one ever thought of doing before..... like wearing a workout towel to a bar or a dance. Perhaps it is a way of stating for the benefit of the world at large that individuals so attired are in some important way part of some "IN" crowd.

    It might be a good idea to carry a workout towel as well when looking for employment. In addition to demonstrating how kewl the wearer is it almost might suggest to potential employers that you have come prepared. After all, a workout towel could have numerous on-the-job applications such as:

    • Waiters, waitresses and bartenders can use them to wipe tables etc.

    • People employed in the automotive industry can use them to wipe off grease and oil.

    • People employed in the health care delivery areas could use them to wipe noses and asses and clean up puke. After work they can go straight to a dance or nightclub fully prepared.

If these techniques don't seem to bear fruit at first keep on trying! Perseverance pays off.

Don't be afraid to lower your expectations somewhat. If you find you can't get that $60 thousand dollar a year job you had your sights on maybe you should aim for something somewhat more modest.

Consider opportunities in advertising or vacuum cleaner sales. There is always a demand for people who can wash dishes or cars, shovel slop on a pig farm or drive a taxi or deliver advertising materials. Some of these jobs can be very rewarding.

Give some thought to starting your own business if you think you have what it takes. Keep in mind that most small businesses don't last. Here are just a few ideas for excellent small businesses that can be started with next to zero start-up capital:

  • Sell flowers, chocolate bars, apples or pencils at the mall or on a street corner.

  • Find a grocery store that forces people to pay a quarter to obtain a shopping cart. After people have loaded their groceries into their vehicles offer to take their shopping carts back to the shopping cart coral. You keep the quarter.

  • Find a beer store and stand by the door. Open the door for customers coming and going. Have a paper cup handy.

  • Sell dope.

I had a job once where I would interview a random sampling of people to get information about their labour market participation. A number of respondents were welfare recipients.

One of the questions the respondents were asked was, "Have you done anything to find work in the last x weeks or so." Many of the respondents answered "No." If they answered "No," they would then be asked why not. Here are some of the reasons respondents gave for not seeking work. I have included some advice for circumventing these obstacles should any of these responses match your own thinking on the issue.

Answer: I don't have enough education.

Don't have enough education for what? To look for a job or to obtain a position in the upper reaches of the corporate hierarchy? God grant me the wisdom to know the difference it says in a well known prayer. Face it. If you can't program your digital watch it's unlikely you'll find work in the Management Information Systems division of some corporation. However, you ought to be able to wash dishes in a Chinese restaurant.

Don't know how to write a proper will or power of attorney? Then law is probably out of the question. Lower your sights a wee bit. Maybe you could learn to operate a spray gun and get a job in a car wash.

Answer: I have a bad back

So do millions of people who have jobs. Avoid seeking the kinds of jobs that require a strong back. If you have a bad back then working for a furniture moving company is probably a bad idea. Consider instead going into security work.

Answer: I don't have a car to get to the interviews.

Many people who don't have a job find they don't have a lot of other things. Like cars. Unless you have rich parents or benefactors you need to put the cart back in front of the horse. First you get the job. Then you buy a car.

Answer: I don't have cab fare to get to the interviews.

Try taking a bus.

Answer: I don't have bus fare.


Answer: I don't have any shoes.

Try wrapping banana peels around your feet.

Answer: The last job I had was physically very hard. In order to ensure my body had enough fuel to keep up with the physical demands of the job I had to spend my entire paycheque on food. There was no money left over for anything else. (No, this did not come from one of the survey respondents, it came from an acquaintance of mine explaining why he had recently quit his job.)

That's just a pile of fucking bullshit and you know it.

Answer: I don't know where the jobs are.

There are thousands of job vacancies out there. You can find them listed in the classified section of your local newspaper, on the internet and posted in government employment centers. Here are just a few examples of the wonderful employment opportunities advertised:

  • Truck driver helper. Move furniture. $8 per hour.

  • Multi Level Marketing - Someone trying to sell you something pretends he is looking to hire you. If you buy whatever crap he's selling, like phone cards, or herbal supplements, or knives, or life insurance or internet advertising you turn around and try to sell the same shit to someone else by pretending you want to hire them.

  • Security guard (courier, pizza delivery driver etc) - car required - gas provided. You work for close to minimum wage but you have to drive your own car all over Hell's half acre to get to the job sites. You think you are getting paid but you aren't supposed to realize that the wear and tear you are putting on your vehicle will eventually consume most of your earnings.

I met a guy who told me he drove his own car for a courier company for $7.00 per hour. They would pay for his gas. He would put about 400 kilometers on his car in a shift. Estimating that it cost's roughly 40 cents a kilometer to operate a vehicle these days this job was costing him about $160 per shift so he could earn $56 back. After about three months the guy quit the courier job.

Then the bills starting rolling in for car repairs. He had to sink about $3000 into his car practically rebuilding it. If he worked at this job for three months (about twelve weeks) for $7 per hour for a 40 hour week he would have been earning about $280 per week (before taxes and other deductions) or about $3360 over the whole twelve weeks. Subtract the three grand he had to sink into auto repairs and he is left with a grand total of $360. Wow! All of that however would likely have been scooped up by the tax-man so this guy was quite literally working for nothing.

Even if he got to keep the $360 his actual hourly pay for twelve weeks works out to $360 divided by (twelve weeks times forty hours per week) equals $360 divided by 480 hours for a princely wage of $.75 (seventy five cents) per hour.Well, try to look at it this way.... think of all the bananas you can buy for your weekly thirty bucks!

Ontario: The Unmasking

"Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." - Warren Buffett.

I hope those who believe the face diapers protect them from coof continue to wear them after the jackboot is lifted. It will help to sort out the sane from the whack-jobs. Attire-freedom was very useful to me as a cab driver. I would avoid picking up people wearing their baseball caps sideways or backwards, and anyone who wore their jeans around their thighs. It was a good ballpark indicator of who would cause you trouble or rip you off.

Oh! And back then, I would definitely NOT pick anyone who was wearing a mask, unless it was Halloween, or they were Chinese.

I'll bet that some people will never take them off for the rest of their lives. I was in Grade 1 at Mohawk Trail School. One of the teachers, I think her name was Mrs. Coates, still wore dark-coloured Victorian era clothing. It was 1961! She reminded me of the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. I never had her as a teacher, and I tended to avoid her. Even at the age of 7, I thought there was something off about that woman.

Friday, March 4, 2022


I don't really like sending emails to people I barely know, or haven't seen for many years, but I have been doing it lately because of the importance of the COVID-19 issue and what it means for all of us. If you would rather not receive correspondence from me on this, or any other issue please either reply with a simple "unsubscribe" or a "FOAD," depending on your disposition. Alternatively, you can simply flag my emails and have them sent to your junk folder. I would like to ask you though, if it's not too much, to resist the temptation to flag my email as spam. It's not spam. I am not trying to sell you razor blades or genital waxing.

The interview with Dr. Waters embedded below is one of many I have watched over the last two years with medical doctors who have had their careers ruined for daring to have a different medical opinion on the COVID-19 phenomenon. In many of them, as in this one, when asked how they ended up on the path they took, their answers bear a remarkable similarity to my own thought processes as this disaster played out.

In the beginning, around February 2020, I took the early reports of the pandemic seriously, even to the point of taking some preparatory measures like stocking up on canned food and water. I had plenty of toilet paper already. While I did not expect anything as severe as the Black Plague of the fourteenth century, I did think it might approach the severity of the Spanish Flu. Stocking up seemed a reasonable precaution in the event of widespread illness. Businesses might be distrupted as a result of the absense of sick and dying employees and I might decide to hunker down at home rather than risk being exposed to a deadly infection.

I have been a critical observer of the Mainstream Media, or what I call Junk News industry for almost half a century now. I have become quite adept at spotting BS stories when I see them, and Junk News never fails to provide them. Then when CHCH started posting their mortality scoreboard on every one of their "news" broadcasts, I smelled a flea infested rat. The numbers didn't add up. It was mostly the elderly who were dying, followed by people with serious co-morbidities like diabetes and obesity. Few of the victims were in the labour force. Economic disruptions were likely to be mild. That is, until politicians decided to "flatten the curve" by flattening the economy.

So I started doing my own research.

I started with an exploration of the mortality numbers. Not satisfied with the overall mortality estimates, I did my own calculations to derive population-adjusted mortality rates. The Spanish Flu, for example (see image below) is estimated to have killed 40 to 50 million people, world wide. Some estimates put the toll as high as 100 million, or more. Taking the lower estimate of 40 million and adjusting for population,

world population 1918 - 1.8 billion.
world population 2020 - 7.8 billion.

The global population had increased by a factor of 4.33 since 1918. A proportionate death toll from a Spanish Flu-like pandemic in 2020 would have thus been about 173,000,000 using the low 40 million estimate and 433 million using the high estimate. The current death toll from COVID-19 is reported to be about 6 million, or about 3.5% as severe as the Spanish Flu.

For comparison, the Hong Kong Flu of 1968, with a death toll of 1 million in a total population of 3.6 billion, would be about 2 million in 2020. Considering that the 6 million figure attributed to COVID-19 is highly suspect due to the corrupting influence of politics, and Junk News media, on the counting, it is very likely that COVID-19 mortality is in the Hong Kong Flu ballpark. Yet most of those of us who were alive during the Woostock era, were barely impacted. Half a million maskless, even stark naked hippies partied it up on Max Yasgur's farm and not one of them died of the flu.

Yet here we are in a situation that is comparable in scale to the Hong Kong Flu, yet acting, en masse, as if this were the Black Plague.

Self quarantine and mandatory masks didn't have to be mandated in 1918. And there were only newspapers, many of which were trying to downplay the impact of the influenza in the United States, for fear of impeding enthusiasm for the war effort. (Come to think of it, I am catching a whiff that the same phenomenon is kicking in now - along with a recent notice I got from LinkedIn which was a recruiting ad for the Canadian Armed Forces.)

One of the things the people relied upon at that time, were the lists of the NAMES of the people who had succumbed to the flu. Not that they even needed those in some of the hardest hit areas. Every neighbourhood knew of at least one home where someone had died.

Just like today, the Spanish Flu drove families apart, but not because of some crud they saw on the TV, or some choreographed press conference by a politician, or something they read on heavily censored social media. It was because of what they saw happening right around them. It was death. People had a good reason to be scared. It was reality TV without the cameras. It was the pre-capitalism-fossil-fuel-driven reality for most of human history.

If not for the Junk News media exploitation of this Coronavirus event, most people would have lived through it without noticing a thing. And the only people wearing masks would be the Chinese students who wore them anyway, regardless of mainstream panic porn.


... of my unsolicited opinion.

Listen to DR GERRY WATERS. He has inappropriate views. He is obviously an extreme misogynistic racist. Tell me how his professional opinion differs from my own, in any essential way.

By the way, I knew very early on that the ventlator obsession was a complete scam which would end up costing taxpayers a bundle, probably did more harm than good, but made a LOT of MONEY for some people.

Was I off base?

Well, how many times have you seen the Junk News media mention ventilators lately? Not a f*cking peep.

Without Liberty, the Brain is a Dungeon

We should all be aware by now of the dirty tricks Facebook has been using for years now, to stifle certain opinions and information....