Sunday, May 3, 2020

Keep the schools open. Keep the businesses open. Isolate the immune-compromised.

Keep the schools open. Keep the businesses open. And isolate the immune-compromised.

That is all we had to do.

It's basically the flu.

Okay. If this were something like the Bubonic plague or that movie with Matt Damon, with people foaming at the mouth and breaking out with swollen and painful lymph nodes, yeah, I would really buy into the idea of wearing masks and hiding under my kitchen table. I would even consider painting a white "X" on my front door to keep the postman away.

But this whole scene is a complete joke.

"The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots." -- H. L. Mencken

But Justin is not a demagogue. At best he is a draftee. At worst he is a megalomaniac. A true bubble-boy who has lived a life completely separate from the lives of those he, preposterously, assumes he has the wisdom to manage.

That he can be trotted out by Canada's Liberal-subsidized media as someone who has something important or relevant to say, ought to be dispositive in answering the question about whether the popular vote (median IQ - 100) can be relied upon to pick a competent leader - especially at a time when there is a national crisis, or even worse! When there is a non-crisis, like COVID-19.

Jesus Fucking Christ! Sorry to all you Christians out there. I would say the same thing about Mohammed if it didn't mean I were risking the wrath of pc hell raining down on my head and a registered letter from one of the Canadian "Human Rights" commissions.

It sickens me to have to witness all of the vile and cowardly attacks against Donald Trump when, flawed as he is, he is head and shoulders above Canada's sickest and possibly the most destructive accident in Canada's electoral history.

If Canadians have not figured out by now, what a complete IDIOT they have elected to be their Prime Minister, they never will.

The other day, a rather non-engaged acquaintance of mine surprised me. A light bulb went off in their head. They suddenly asked me, "Where is Trudeau getting all of this money from?" Now, I am not that sophisticated when it comes down to the subject of monetary economics, but I do know one thing for sure... it sure ain't coming out of his pocket. So far, other than the April 1st carbon rip-off, he's not getting it from taxes. He could be borrowing the money but then, who is lending it to him? I wouldn't trust the bastard with $5. Or the bank of Canada could be backing up his courageous actions by creating all of that money out of thin air.

In other words, all of those cheques he's writing are being fraudulently withdrawn from the real value of everyone else's bank accounts.

What a savior. He walks on water! Not.

But none of that matters to him so long as enough people are fooled.

But I repeat myself for the one-thousandth time. I've been calling out the Canadian voter for my whole life. Half of the voters have an IQ less than 100, and a significant number of voters are on the government payroll, one way or another.

Liberals are good at math when it benefits them. They know how to win elections. Sub-100 IQ voters plus those on the government payroll = electoral victory. It's as simple as that. ("This ship will sink. It's a mathematical certainty.")

And I don't totally blame the Canadian voter for their aversion to thinking. I was on a perfect trajectory to become a perfect Canadian when I was in High School. I've been there and done that.

Then I was struck by a weird combination of experiences that led to a 90-degree pivot in my mind.

One of them was Ayn Rand. The other was LSD. (Which, I am most sincerely NOT recommending.)

Not necessarily in that order.


  1. Maybe it's time to lock down the government. Tell all politicians to stay at home until their insanity subsides.

    1. Trudeau, Ford, Hamilton's mayor Eisenberger, and many, many others, deserve not to be simply removed from office, they should spend the rest of their lives in jail for the damage they have done.

      With this one caveat. In a free society, such sociopaths could not possibly have been in such an over-leveraged position of power to have the means to inflict such enormous damage.

      Anyone can make a mistake, but when politicians make mistakes the number of people who suffer is increased by at least one order of magnitude.


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