Sunday, April 23, 2023

White people should be paid reparations

Even though I am a Canadian subject, I should be entitled to reparations for my German half since many of my ancestors fought for the Union during the Civil War.

I figure about half a mil should settle the matter equitably.

Part of my work at Dupont Research involved the use of a "colorimeter" to measure the color in polyethylene samples. In order to implement the programs, I think either Service Ontario or Service Canada should all be outfitted with colorimeters to be used whenever anyone shows up to apply for pogey or health cards, etc. The adjustments can be made every year when income taxes are filed. The darker the skin, the higher the premium. (Sorry Kro and KK.)

White people should be paid reparations – US Senate candidate

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Re: Libertarian or Lunatics?

I haven't watched the video yet, but...

Each one of those points are logical implications of libertarianism.

The problem occurs when they try to inject libertarianism into a socialized system.

Without turning this into a rant...

For example, consider this paragraph:

"The report further suggests decriminalizing all drug use and drug possession as well as leaving homeless people where they are to engage in "life-sustaining activities in public spaces, such as sleeping, eating, preparing food, washing clothes...urinating and defecating, or for other analogous activities in public places."

The key phrase is, "life-sustaining activities in public spaces."

In a purely libertarian society, the logic dictates that there would be no such thing as "public spaces." There would be no public sidewalks, roads, parks, pensions, healthcare, media, or "education."

Whether or not "life-sustaining activities in public spaces, such as sleeping, eating, preparing food, washing clothes...urinating and defecating" were to be permitted would depend on the owners of the property.

Some property owners might be fine with "life-sustaining activities" occurring on their properties. These might be the same people who are often labeled as "slumlords." They might be owned by the Hell's Angels, Mexican cartels, the Russian Mob, or Liberal/NDP politicians who decided to build their own Utopian communities with their own money.

Other property owners might be more conservative.

It reminds me of a timeshare complex I visited about 25 years ago near Dubois, Pennsylvania. It might have been Wolf Run Manor. I instantly recognized it as a private neighborhood. The roads and sidewalks were privately owned. It had parks and other recreation, and one or more stores. One thing I didn't see there, was anyone shitting on the sidewalk, laying in a pool of vomit, or shoving a needle into their arm. Nor were there any homeless encampments. It was a very nice place to visit or live.

What I found most interesting were the armed private cops. They were nothing like socialized cops. They were polite, friendly, and helpful because the residents were their customers.

The problem with the mentality of the UN personnel who came up with these proposals is that they are all hard-core authoritarian collectivists. They would not tolerate privately owned communities for one millisecond.

Since we don't live in a perfect world, the best we can hope for, for now, roughly speaking, is the choice between, say, red states and blue states, or their Canadian, etc. equivalents.

And abolish the UN.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Ottawa’s response to Uber was “chaotic and unplanned”

Ottawa’s response to Uber was “chaotic and unplanned”

Shortly after Hamilton imposed mandatory in-car cameras, one driver put a sock over his camera for privacy, while alone in the cab. Another driver ratted him out and the city nailed his ass to the wall.

Memory fades, but I recall they put a real hurt on this guy for "thwarting the bylaw," including a suspension and something like a $1,000 fine.

The message was crystal clear. You DO NOT thumb your nose at the law.

... unless you are Uber.

Friday, April 7, 2023

The Time I Avoided the Strap

I have a non-strap Cooper story I would like to share.

One day, in Mrs. MacMillan's Grade 6 class, I stood up to rudely mimic a student who had answered a question incorrectly. I know it was wrong to do that, but I have a congenital defect.

As luck would have it, Cooper was silently standing at the back of the room. I was caught red-handed. I knew this was a 100% strapable offense.

Cooper asked why I had done what I did. In the usual state of terror, I started spinning a thousand, possible justifications around in my mind, but quickly concluded none were going to work. I was getting it for sure. But that was only half of the pain. There would still be the hour of psychological torture that preceded the appearance of the strap from his jacket pocket.

(You didn't think! Did ya? Look at my eyes. Stop fidgeting with your belt loops. Hands at your sides. Don't look at the floor, look at my eyes. Didn't think. You're impulsive! Look at my eyes.)

I decided to bypass the Lubyanka treatment and just get it over with.

So, in answer to his question, I defiantly stated, "Because I felt like it!"

His next question was, "Do we always do things we feel like doing at Westwood School?"

"No, Sir," I replied.

The conclusion of this exchange really threw me for a loop.

He told me to sit back down.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Didn't some European country ban them because of all the accidents?

"a safety feature that helps prevent riding while under the influence of drugs or alcohol by forcing the rider to provide a keyword provided through the app."

I have had a lot of experience being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, AND drugs AND alcohol to know you have to be really, and I mean REALLY fucked up to be incapable of entering some fucking app keyword. Like the time the cops pulled me over on Woodward in my old man's station wagon when I was 18.

One cop asked me to look at his watch and tell him the time. All I saw was a vague circle spinning around. I told him I only had phree beerzh. My buddy, never a penny in his pocket, needed a dime to call his parents to drive the wagon home. I couldn't find a dime in my change, so I just dumped the whole pile into his hand. Anyone who is that fucked up shouldn't even be sitting in a chair without seatbelts, let alone riding a fucking scooter down Main St. at rush hour.

Without Liberty, the Brain is a Dungeon

We should all be aware by now of the dirty tricks Facebook has been using for years now, to stifle certain opinions and information....