Thursday, December 31, 2020

You Have Stolen Their Childhood.

I finally finished watching the whole Catherine Austin Fitts interview. I think she's a bit out there, but a lot of what she says makes a whole lot of sense.

For example, the drive toward the elimination of cash as a control mechanism. The power to control what people buy is screamingly clear if anonymous cash is eliminated as an option. Forget about trading furs on the Six Nations Reserve, or making a few bucks shoveling snow or babysitting. But it won't stop there.

I went through a rehearsal a few years ago in switching my car insurance to that ex-cab I bought (See "Going Yo.") Even though I had the f'ng pink slip, the MTO REFUSED to renew my sticker until proof of insurance showed up on the IBC (Insurance Bureau of Canada) database. I didn't miss the significance of that. Computer-controlled access to the things you need. Absolutely NO POINT in arguing or pleading with the clerk. It's like a steel trap you just can't get out of.

I remember when I used to order my smokes from Switzerland. (Yesmoke.CH.) That ended when the US government - and probably Canada's - strong-armed the credit card companies into blocking tobacco purchases made with credit cards.

It's all downhill from there, to the point where the computers - and their programmers, will decide how many burgers you can eat in a week, just like they are already controlling what you can say (See: Social media censorship.)

Fitts: restricting your mobility to a five Km radius. They've got the photo radar going in my town, how many cars now have built-in GPS? Pleading with or arguing with the clerk will be a lot like fighting a photo radar ticket.

And eventually, that system will be rigged so that they won't have to send you a bill - the fine will be automatically taken out of your bank account. As will your grocery bill when you have been chipped and cashiers are no longer required in the supermarkets. It's already started with those self-checkouts. If you want to complain, they will give you a useless website to visit or a phone number to call.

You don't have to be fucking Alvin Toffler to see where this is all going.

I've been saying this for years. Nobody listens to a cab driver. Even one who is a climate scientist.

A lot of what they are aiming for in terms of control was listed in Stephen Milloy's book, "Green Hell" which I bought and read about ten years ago. Things like rationing meat and - restricting travel (Sound familiar?) are part of GangGreen's agenda and the WuFlu panic plays DIRECTLY into their hands.

"Everywhere you look, all you see is green. People are "living green," businesses are "going green," and consumers are "buying green." But soon, this trendy "green" lifestyle won't be voluntary-it will be mandatory."

(Man, I can't stand listening to these music radio hosts trying to pretend that this miserable New Year's Eve is anything to celebrate! If someone was cutting your leg off with a chainsaw they would probably find a way to tell you to be cheerful about it.)

I don't allow myself to get bogged down over whether the WuFlu pandemic was deliberately engineered, or whether it just turned out to be a good virus that could not be allowed to go to waste.

Poor Greta. She was a few years too late on the scene. Imagine if she had just waited a scant two-years before loitering outside the Swedish parliament instead of going to school.

Instead of saying, "How dare you" for daring to aspire to a middle class standard of living, she could have been protesting Sweden's refusal to impose lockdowns and mask mandates and gotten herself invited to the UN to scold everyone for not wearing a mask. How dare you!

I got shit from Twitter, as I recall, for daring to suggest that poor Greta was a child being exploited by sinister interests and that once her star stopped shining she would probably end up being a drug addict, like that babe from "The Supremes." How's she doing lately? She seems to have dropped off the Junk News radar.

And that thing of hers about stolen childhood. Isn't that rich considering what generation Alpha is being put through right now? Kept out of school. Forced to wear masks. Taught to be as terrified by human contact as their predecessors in generation Z were taught to fear the "deadly" effects of second-hand smoke? (Also a scam.)

And what about those pupils who already have trouble understanding what their teachers are saying? Do the masks help?

Not to mention that the Fams and the Tauci's will have the opportunity for an absolute medical control-freak's field day when it comes down to controlling your behavior if they deem it to be unhealthy. Eat your veggies or we'll crank up the voltage.

Is this the kind of world YOU want to live in?

The End

Except for this. I am amazed that this BILLIANTLY insightful video is still on YouTube. I made sure to download it just now for when they notice how powerfully it describes this "new normal" so many of us are waltzing into like the children of Hamelyn following the Pied Piper. (It's just a mask.) It's not the first time I've posted this video. I wonder what the ACLU's stand is today on the lockdowns and mask mandates? If anyone knows please leave a comment.

If the above video gets censored by YouTube, you can also watch it here,

45 Cycles

Unable to find an answer to the question that has been bugging me for a while now using internet searches, this morning I decided to resort to the old fashioned telephone method to find out whether the PCR test is what is being used in Ontario to come up with the recent pandemic of scary headlines about "case" numbers in this province.

I also wanted to know what the amplification cycle number is for Ontario PCR tests, given that even St. Fauci has declared that anything more than 35 cycles is utterly useless in determining the presence of the WuFlu.

It took me about an hour and at least six calls to get some answers.

What I found out was rather shocking from more than one angle.

First, and not so shocking, yes, the PCR test is the one used to determine the number of "cases" in Ontario.

Second, and this came as a bit of a shock to me even though it shouldn't have, a tech at an Ontario Lab facility told me that they are using 45 cycles in their PCR tests.


Then I guess he got a bit nervous as happens in Sovietized societies when one realizes that, perhaps, one has said too much and he asked,

"Don't mention that I told you anything about this (nervous laugh.) Okay? Because I am not authorized to give you this information. Okay?"

I told him I understood because people could lose their jobs over this and he said, "That's correct."

As I write this I sure hope he isn't the ONLY tech who works there because I would not want to see him suffer for the crime of telling me the truth.

During another call I made the person on the phone flatly refused to tell me what the cycle value is, advising me instead to ask my physician to obtain that number for me. I told her my physician was probably already quite busy and that I wasn't going to bother her with this. Not to mention that my physician might also be reluctant to become involved in the dissemination of such sensitive information for fear of the repercussions it might have upon their career.

So it turns out that there is probably a good reason, from the point of view, perhaps, of those with an interest in amplifying the COVID fear factor in Ontario, why the PCR cycle value is being treated as though it were some sort of a state secret.

So, until I hear differently, I will use the 45 cycle number for Ontario PCR tests.


Destroying the social and economic life of Ontario on the basis of 45 cycle PCR tests is sheer, destructive lunacy.

If the embedded video above does not play try using the link below,

"Science" Reaches Peak Idiocy

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Crimes of Poverty

Over the decades I spent in the taxi business in my city, I was the target of ‘crimes of poverty’ many, many times. This usually came in the form of fare fraud when a customer would ride in my taxi knowing they lacked the means to pay for the ride.

Early on in my "career," I tried calling the police on these practitioners of ‘crimes of poverty’ but soon learned that was an almost complete waste of time. The police would take forever to respond and, usually, the responding officer would say to me, "well, what do you want me to do about it?" About thirty years ago one cop told me he could give me the perp's name and address for a $3.50 theft and I could pursue satisfaction in small claims court. Even then I wasn't that dumb.

It was a valid point. You can't get blood out of stones. The only recourse, therefore, is to avoid the stones in the first place even if it means racial profiling. Over the last twenty years or so in the biz I never called the cops at all. I would just accept the loss and get back to "work."

Once I became experienced enough at sniffing out the rip artists, I was successful at reducing the frequency of these "crimes of poverty" to about 10% of what they were before I learned a few tricks of the trade. (Similarly, I was able to reduce the frequency of vomit incidents too.)

There was no other choice.

U.S. City May Pass “Duress Legislation” to Give Criminals “Poverty Defense”

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Just Ask your Pharmacist?

Yesterday, I went into a Shopper's Drug Mart to buy some ASA. While there, I noticed there was no one waiting at the pharmacy counter so I decided to ask the one person who was behind the counter a question that has been bugging me for some time now and that I HAVE NOT been able to find an answer for via internet searches or other inquiries.

I assumed the person was the pharmacist. He was the only one there, and he was wearing a long white coat. Who knows, maybe he was the janitor?

Anyway, I called out to him and said, "Excuse me, I have a question."

So he approached the plexiglass barrier apprehensively. When he stopped walking, about 500 meters from the barrier... just kidding... he was about a meter away from it, I asked him,

"Would you happen to know what the cycle value is for the PCR tests that are being used in Ontario?"

He didn't seem to hear the question. So I stepped to the side of the barrier in the hopes that he could hear me better from behind my lunatic-protection disguise, at which point, he withdrew a few meters in terror.

So I spoke MUCH LOUDER as I asked the same question a second time. He shook his head from side to side, indicating that he did not know.

So I asked him a second question.

"Are you aware of the controversy surrounding the reliability of PCR tests, especially when using high cycle values?"

Again, he didn't know.

I walked away thinking about all of those ads I hear about asking your pharmacist if you have any health care questions. Yeah, right.

I regretted not confirming with him whether he was the actual pharmacist as opposed to being the janitor, or the postage stamp clerk just filling in while the real pharmacist was in the washroom or something.

Here is a recent rant by Karl Denninger. I've been reading his stuff since I started smelling a rat in this whole scamdemic back in April and, for the most part as I have learned more over the last nine months, he has been bang on about almost everything.

No wonder he's so pissed off. I am too.

You Ready To Revolt Yet America?

"He also added that the body is capable of spontaneously clearing the virus"

Saturday, December 26, 2020

The 2020 Wuhan Flu - A Conspiracy of Bullshit?

No matter which side of the issue you find yourself on today, this documentary is worth the time.

It contains a valuable description of what a REAL pandemic looks like. When the Spanish Flu hit in 1918, the global population was less than 2 billion, yet the death toll was between 50 and 100 million. Today, that would equate to about 200 to 400 million deaths. The currently estimated death toll from the scamdemic is about 1.76 million or about 0.88% as bad as the Spanish Flu.

In 1918-19, countless millions of people's lives were ruined by the bug, itself, not by government edicts.

Today, the real virus is psychological, not biological.

To anyone who might claim that it would have been just as bad in 2020 as in 1918-19 if governments had not inflicted this unprecedented amount of economic, social, and psychological harm, it should be pointed out that not all jurisdictions opted to stumble into authoritarian dictatorships and the data, so far, shows that they have not fared any worse than those who did.

I have only watched the first two episodes so far but I will post all three here so that anyone interested enough to know if the last nine months of pure hell was even remotely worth it can watch it and make up their own minds - if it isn't censored that is.

And it has been pure hell for just about everyone.

In 1918, governments lost public trust because they played down the threat. In the event that the mass censorship attending the current crisis ultimately fails, public trust in government, Junk News, and Social(ist) media ought to, justifiably, have the same result for the opposite reason.


Doctoring the Definition

Thursday, December 10, 2020

December 10 COVIDSCAM Roundup

Survival Rate Calculator


Corporations can Flout the Law. YOU CAN'T.

Panicked COVID Man


Viral Impact in England The Empirical Truth Part 1

Dec 3 2020

George Hook Show - with Professor John Lee - Viral Reality!

George Hook with Mr. Martin Feeley - Vascular Surgeon on Viral Realities!

December 8

CRUCIAL Viral Update Dec 7th - Europe and USA Explained!

You would think after overwhelming evidence not just during the current moral panic, but from a century of dishonest corporate news & millennia of lying political leaders, the public would have started to wise up by now.

You would be wrong.

Lockdown - The Dark Side of History. Are we Doomed to Repeat it?

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Danger: Contains Information and Opinion that Contradicts Politicians and the Junk News Media

Edmonton Nurse's Speech - 15:57

This video is considered "dangerous" by Twitter.

It has reportedly also been censored by Facebook.

Questions could be asked about this video. Is this a real nurse? Is she telling the truth?

And if people are allowed to ask those questions it gives us all the opportunity to decide if this is indeed a "dangerous" video OR, if it is really something that powerful interests, including politicians and their medical advisors who MAY HAVE committed criminal negligence in their handling of Coronavirus, the Junk News industry who DO NOT WANT THE PUBLIC to even question because of the disastrous impact it would have on public trust in those institutions, and, of course, the pharmaceutical giants who do not want this fabulous profit opportunity to slip away from them.

It's not hard for me to believe that this nurse's report is highly credible since I have been studying politicians and the Junk News media closely for almost half a century and they have ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBILITY in my mind.


Doctors Speak out Against the Rushed Vaccines.

Very dangerous opinions.

Some of the opinions expressed in this collection seems a bit far fetched, even for me. However, I think the public should be aware of these concerns before they russh out to get jabbed.

Even more frightening, from my point of view, is the number of Canadians who support the idea of mandatory vaccinations.

What strikes me as supremely ironic is the number of Canadians who are willing to goose-step into line when it comes to destroying their standard of living and their way of life in accordance with the "precautionary principle," when it comes to achieving climate stasis, or reducing the spread of a flu-like virus, only to do an absolute 180 on the precautionary principle when their lying politicians and Junk News allies tell them it's okay to take a brand new vaccine that was rushed into production in response to the greatest moral panic in history.

It's not that Canadians are that stupid. It's just that they don't possess the tools to make intelligent decisions. Mass censorship on social media doesn't help.

Corona The Simple Truth in Under 6 Minutes

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

If You are not Angry, You're not really Paying Attention

If You are not Angry, You're not really Paying Attention

I have learned a lot this year which I was able to integrate with what I already knew - that mixed economy welfare statism is an unstable affair that ultimately leads to disaster.

Though it's still too early to know if the moral panic surrounding the Coronavirus will be the death blow to our western economies and our way of life, I think it is becoming increasingly clear to those who have eyes that we are experiencing the worst media-driven, government-propagated human catastrophe since the Second World War.

I hope I am wrong, yet, as I review some of the things I wrote back in April of this year, I have become more convinced that I am not wrong.

And most of those who arrogantly demean anti-lockdown/anti-mask activists as being "anti-science" probably haven't even spent more than about the length of a CHCH News segment studying the ins and outs of this Scamdemic, almost certainly have next to zero real interest or understanding of science.

For those of us who actually have an interest in the science, I offer you this presentation. It lasts over an hour, so, don't waste any of your time on it unless you really committed to comprehending the magnitude of the crime that is being perpetrated against humanity at this time.

From my Facebook page on April 3, 2020

Another irritant has now entered my daily life. I have been watching CHCH and CTV - Barrie over my rabbit ears, for the...

Posted by Hans Wienhold on Friday, April 3, 2020

From my Facebook page on April 1, 2020

He made a mistake with one of his calculations. Fifteen percent of two million is three hundred thousand - not...

Posted by Hans Wienhold on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Friday, November 20, 2020

COVID-19 Escalates Fascism in Canada

"When you're only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."

Manitoba bans in-store sales of non-essential items, visitors to homes with some exceptions

It looks like there was no first wave in Manitoba. Therefore, less opportunity to build up herd immunity. In Ontario, the case count (probably more accurate at the time due to testing of people who were actually sick) took about one month to peak and then started to die off.

From the Manitoba curve, it looks like it has already peaked and is already starting to go down by itself. Time will tell. Of course, the politicians and media will credit the decline to their damaging edicts.

Don't buy their BULLSHIT!

Deaths by age so far in Canada.

The young are minimally affected by COVID-19. Most of those who do die or get seriously ill have co-morbidities.

The infection curve looks quite different when "infections" sorted out by age. Actually, they are not "infections" at all, they are positive test results - not the same thing but the Fake News media reports almost NEVER make this distincton. They would rather keep stoking the fear and panic.

Milking it dry. Milking it dry.

Controversial mask study Professor: masks are still worthwhile

The curve is already starting to turn around in Ontario. This scammery will be used by the government & the media to "prove" that health fascism works.

Don't fall for it.

In other news.

Anyone who has half a neuron to allocate to sizing up the results of the ongoing U.S. presidential election knows who really won.

In a recent interview, the host asked the guest, "Do you think the Democrats cheated?"

His answer was the same one I would have given, "Is the Pope Catholic?"

One thing I noticed when I drove a cab was that the people who you caught trying to cheat you out of paying the fare were often the most offended when you were able to nip their attempted thievery in the bud - something I became quite good at, of necessity.

As I've said before, from a philosophical standpoint, leftists, and Democrats are mostly leftists, are no different from the petty crooks I had to deal with in my taxi - scrounging, lying cheats - always in pursuit of some kind of handout whether by stealth, intimidation, or outright force.

Extrapolating, it's absolutely certain that they will be likewise offended if, in the end, their attempts to cheat Trump voters out of their legitimate president fail. And then.... look out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

November 17, 2020 Scamdemic Update

Instead of focusing on the number of COVID-19 cases in on Ontario and hiding under my coffee table, I download the data from the Ontario government's website ( and used an Open Source spreadsheet to calculate and plot the Case fatality rates for COVID-19 in Ontario.

The result was considerably less frightening than the screaming headlines in the Fake News media would have their audiences believe.


Recommended resources for a more balanced view of the COVID-19 phenomenon.

Ivor Cummins

Tony Heller on YouTube

Tony Heller for when he gets erased from YouTube, or StalinTube.

"This Is The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public"

UnHerd with Freddie Sayers

The Market Ticker

The Highwire

Friday, November 13, 2020

Fun with acronyms.

March 10, 2017

Is anyone else losing track of the revisions to the LGBT acronym?

I found LGBTQQIP2SAA. I expect the list to keep on growing.

The Burlington pig lady says, “This is the fight of my life. I am going to spend the rest of my life fighting for the rights of animals ’til they are considered equal just like the rest of us.”

What letter will they use to cover pigs?

They can't use "P" for "pig," or "porker," because that letter is already taken. "B" for "boar," is already taken. So is "S" for "swine."

Oh, I've got it! "H" for "hog."


There is a lot of potential, right there, for a massive expansion of the acronym.

There is no "C" in there, so cows are easily included. But that leaves out cats. Let's use "F" for felines. There is no "D" for dog, but what about donkeys? (I forget, is "donkey" synonymous with "mule?") We can still use "M" for "mouse."

I don't want to get too wrapped up in the details right now so let's just temporarily adopt the convention that the letter represents all of the animals in that class. Throw in an "E" for elephants and eels and we are already up to LGBTQQIP2SAAHCFDME. Oh, and an "R" for reptiles - LGBTQQIP2SAAHCFDMER.

Then you will have to separate all of these groups depending upon whether they are cis, gay, or questioning, etc. You'll need a book of regulations the size of the Toronto telephone directory (if it still exists) just to sort out all of the bathroom protocols, not to mention the allocations of publicly funded surgeries and hormone replacement therapies.

An army of interpreters will be required when worms (LGBTQQIP2SAAHCFDMERW) start running for public office. (as if that would change anything.)

Then there is the thorny issue of plant's rights. According to one report, "living organisms should be considered morally for their own sake because they are alive."

Whew! This whole issue of assigning rights in accordance with identity politics could start to seem rather crazy to some people. Politicians, on the other hand, can be counted upon to enthusiatically embrace the challenge. There is no better profession than politics because it allows its practitioners to create their own "jobs" while drawing a guaranteed salary from the public purse.

Imagine the quandaries that would evolve in the field of medical ethics. Picture this in comic format,

A potato is lying in a bed in the intensive care ward. A doctor stands nearby talking to a bushel full of close family members. The caption reads,

"I think we should pull the plug."

Is it time to pull the plug on the whole damned thing?


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

I'm not saying that Biden cheated.

I'm not saying that Biden cheated.

That would be ridiculous. Biden didn't even run. Seriously, the guy spent most of the campaign time hiding in his basement. Someone had told him, "Just keep your mouth shut. We'll take care of this." You don't think this election was between Biden and Trump, do you?

If you do, what percentage of Biden voters do you think voted for him because of anything he did or said? My guess would be that it's in about the same ballpark as the people who end up dying WITH COVID-19.


All of a fuckin' sudden, Biden is some kind of new messiah. (Give me a fucking break.)

And his partner there. I mean, what a duo. Biden/Harris. That's the product American bought? They must be fucking stupid. Maybe people should pay a fee for a ballot. That might motivate them to indulge in some fleeting consideration as to what they were paying for.

Look at it this way. If you had to pay $5 to vote for Trump, would you? (I would)

And if you had to pay $5 to vote for ... Biden/Harris.... would you? (I wouldn't give them the sweat off my balls)

I guess that would depend, in part, upon who is promising to pay for your vote.

No. This election wasn't between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. (The idea just makes me want to laugh) It was between Trump, and every other asshole who has a way of getting attention - from the talking heads on radio and TV, to the lunatics looting and burning down cities last summer, to the politically, and economically clueless entertainment celebrities.

When the whole issue of mail-in-ballots first came up as a result of the virus, that was NOT going to be allowed to go to waste, I smelled a rat. (BS Detection.)

Mail-in balloting.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Who couldn't see the angle behind that scam?

Not enough people, it seems.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste."

That's how Democrats (meaning: communists, or crypto-communists, or "liberals," or greens, or leftists, or "social democrats" (YUK) think. They're not about building or creation, they are about redistribution of other people's money - the stuff OTHER PEOPLE create, all the while tying them into a straight-jacket as to what and how they can do what they do, so long as there is no lockdown, in which case - even singing is frowned upon, if not outright prohibited..

They thrive on crisis. And if there is no crisis, they will manufacture one. The demand for their skills must be maintained, else they might have to find real jobs.

Never let a good crisis go to waste turned into never let a good virus go to waste.

Mail-in balloting.

"social distancing" of scrutineers.

The parameters are all being defined with a certain result in mind. (Just like the speech parameters on the CBC, academia, and in social media.)

Not for a Biden win, but for a Trump loss.

This is becoming increasingly obvious as time goes on.

Second World War vet turns 100 with a socially distanced party — and a parade

I'm happy for Mr. Robert Spencer and especially for the fact that he survived the massive crimes committed by the various governments in WWII. I hope he has a happy birthday.

There is a lot of cognitive dissonance in this comments section, though.

Consider this comment,

"Pretty cool !! A special thx for your many sacrifices, from my grandchildren, children & especially myself. We live free & enjoy life because of people like you."

Live free?

... even though the report clearly states, "This year's Remembrance Day will be difficult for Spencer. Thanks to COVID-19 (not COVID-19 - government lockdowns, I.E. health fascism,) he won't be able to share the moment in person with other veterans."

So, remind me, what was all of the fighting about?

Second World War vet turns 100 with a socially distanced party — and a parade

Wow! Is this a miracle? My overlords have graciously allowed this one to see the light of day! It's almost like... living free.

Once you've seen it, you can't unsee it.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Not News

Given all the stink going on right now respecting the claim that Donald Trump has lost the 2020 presidential election against an old man who, for all intents and purposes, didn't even run, it should not surprise anyone that the Democrats cheated their asses off. It's to be expected.

I won't list all of the obvious tip-offs indicating the election was stolen. There's plenty of information about that on the internet in spite of the gargantuan efforts of the Fake News media to cover it all up, along with the congenital criminal mentality of most of those who call themselves Democrats.

I will just give you a broad outline of why I know that they cheated in this election.

First of all, the vast majority of Democrats are leftists. Regardless of whatever else leftists may call themselves, from "liberal," to "socialist," to "democratic socialist," etc. the common thread in their ideology is the idea that some people are born to work and produce, while another group have the right to benefit from that production. Hence their angry demands for evermore free stuff, like free money (INCLUDING Basic Income,) education, health care, and so on. In other words, they believe in slavery.

It cannot be denied, not for a millisecond that leftists are strong defenders of property rights. Superficially, this makes no sense, since they are also the ones who so adamantly attack property rights. "Property is theft," is one of their sayings. But when you get right down to the nitty-gritty and examine their demands what do you find? They are all about wanting something for nothing. While no leftist will admit it openly their basic credo is, "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine."

Though I am no saint, I have never supported this leftist model of social organization for the simple reason that I cannot see it working in the long run. It's unsustainable, to use a fashionable term. It's simple economics. People respond to incentives. If prices go up, people buy less and vice-versa. And in a society organized in accordance with leftist "principles" productive activity is disincentivized, while sloth and irresponsibility are rewarded. The trajectory of this upside-down incentive system is too easy to see. To each according to his need, regardless of whether that beneficiary lifts one finger to satisfy his own needs.

Theft is baked right into the leftist cake.

And since those who are being deprived of that which they earned tend to resist such an indignity, the left must devise ways of extracting those things of value they believe they have a right to.

And as every taxi driver soon learns, those who want something for nothing will lie, cheat, and steal to get it.

From the COVID-19 File

Panicked COVID Man

Thursday, October 29, 2020

News? Or Propaganda?

More Evidence on how the Fast News media deceives its audience through omission.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Gorge until you Puke

Life was a lot easier back when I thought I knew everything, or at least, everything one needed to know.

I try to visualize the info-blast, and its impact on the brain.

I got the idea just now, after checking my emails, and finding a deluge of information and opinion, and suddenly,

I felt totally overwhelmed.

Books I had read as a teenager by Alvin Toffler and Marshall McLuhan, though I NEVER understood McLuhan, other than to deduce that the medium is, somehow, the message, that the thought of Western Man is linear and sequential (White Supremacy?) and that the impact of electronic media was going to be GIGANTIC.

The wheel is an extension of the foot.

The hammer is an extension of the hand.

Electronic media is an extension of the nervous system.

"Global Village."

And just now, after deleting all of those emails, I thought of this:

So much tantalizing material, yet so little energy and time.

Back in the day, as we Boomers like to say, you had to really dig for information.

Oh, yeah, you could buy a newspaper for "information" for a quarter and get some "information."

It was good for some things, like the classified ads, if you were looking for a job or an apartment, or an available product you were sure to find what you needed.

But if you had an interest in politics or economics, you would have to look elsewhere. Of course, most newspaper readers never realized that.

Though I didn't realize it at the time, I had developed a taste for "alternate news" way back in the 1970s. I had to buy money orders and mail my subscriptions into the U.S. to get subscriptions to publications like "The Freeman" from FEE and Liberty and Reason magazines.

I was always hungry for the news behind the "news." And I still am but WOW! I think it is coming to a point where I am starting to get sick of it.

Like the time my parents had a bag full of mini Oh Henry bars left over after Halloween. That was back when wearing masks was a kind of a joke, (get it?) So they left it on the top shelf in the kitchen cupboard, thinking it was too high for us kids to get at them. Parents are so dumb sometimes.

So, of course, I pilfered a whole shitload of them. And I got so fucking sick that I couldn't eat another Oh Henry for the next forty years, and I think I have not had more than one since then.

And now I am starting to, well, think of that experience, and associate it with the deluge of information now in front of me, and feel a little bit sick.

I can't honestly say, right at this moment, whether a sudden nauseating reaction to more information would be a good thing or a bad thing.

But knowing myself as I do, I will probably ignore my own advice and continue to gorge, until I puke, as I did this evening.

Sunday, October 18, 2020


"On Tuesday, Hamilton public health said three-quarters of those who are sick are women."


Or returning a positive PCR test?

People should understand the difference. The Spectator obviously doesn't.

ONE person reported being sick.


And, "No one that public health is aware of has been hospitalized, public health said Friday."

So, in the end, this is just another "casedemic."

How were so many infected?


Raging Casedemic

Update: December 31, 2021

From the CHCH Evening "News" report - Dec 24, 2021:

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Store Owner goes Kulak.

Some Kulaks destroyed their own farms and slaughtered their animals rather than surrender them to the collective farms.

Stock up on food. At some point, this collectivization of all Western economies may lead to starvation. People living in cities who have no means to grow their own food will be the worst off.

What we can see happening today is a rough outline, in the more modern form of government/corporate cronyism, of the collectivism that occurred in the Soviet Union under Stalin.

Small businesses are being destroyed en masse, while giant corporations are reaping in profits hand over fist.

Former small business owners, and their employees, will have no choice but to join the modern version of the collective farms to survive on minimum wages.

Those collecting CERB will eventually be cut off, either because there will be no more money, or because central bank money printing will eventually result in catastrophic prise increases for all goods and services, and the $2 Gs per month in CERB won't buy a cup of coffee.

All of this will be triggered by the psychotic response to a virus that is comparable to a serious seasonal flu. When the true cost finally hits, it will be like a tsunami.

The screaming Karens will WISH they had just minded their own business instead of demanding that everyone else modify their behavior to protect them from risk.

This didn't just happen. All of the pieces were in place before Wuhan hit. Wuhan was just the glue that puts all of the pieces neatly into place.

The death toll from the ideological virus of collectivism will be at least several orders of magnitude larger than the toll from COVID-19.

That means BILLIONS.

There is still time to turn it all around, but I doubt that will happen. Liberalism was once synonymous with libertarianism, but it mutated. And mutated. And mutated, until it came to become synonymous with communism, the exact opposite of its original meaning. And it is unquestionably the idea that has the mind of the world in its grip, like a steel trap. It is the most powerful belief system in the world. It dwarfs all religions. It permeates the mass mind of humanity. It may never go away.

Or it might, but that would require near extinction of the human species to the point that the survivors exist in isolation. Government mandates won't be needed. Communication will revert to drumbeats and smoke signals.

Because of the fact that the boomers managed to avoid the horrors and deprivations of the first half of the twentieth century and are less likely to have to endure the horrors to come, I think it can be said that we WERE the luckiest generation in history. Communism was still widely perceived as the enemy.

"Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times." -- ― G. Michael Hopf

"Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage's whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men." -- Ayn Rand

Monday, October 12, 2020

Ivor Cummins

I have learned a lot about epidemiology in the last six months. Clearly, not enough to be an "expert" but enough to become, dengerously knowledgeable. As one of my bosses said to me at Dupont, "I don't expect you to be an expert on everything. I expect you to be dangerously knowledgeable. You're not a specialist. You're a good generalist." Good enough to understand exactly what these two guys are talking about most of the time.

At first, like many others, I was a bit nervous. I thought we might be facing something like the Spanish Flu of 1918-19. But when I started to see the actual numbers I knew it was just another malodorous pile of stinking media-hyped and politicized BULLSHIT.

Thanks to a still partially functioning social media network, one of my contacts recommended Ivor Cummins as someone worth checking out for his take on the scamdemic. 

It was absolutely worth it.

Ep99: ER Doctor from Sweden Explains it all - the Science, Logic & Philosophy!

By the way, if YouTube censors this video before you get a chance to watch it, let me know. I have downloaded it and will make it available to anyone who asks.

Don't Say You Weren't Warned

I didn't think it would get this bad this fast.

Although he could have phrased it better, Dr. Starkey made a valid point. The condemnation isn't about racism, it's about wrongthink.

"However, Karl Turner, Labour MP for Kingston upon Hull East and the Shadow Minister for Legal Aid, refused to condemn the Met Police decision, saying: “Freedom of speech Darren doesn’t afford people the freedom to make racist remarks or generally offend.”

To which I would reply, "It bloody well does!"

"Free speech" divorced from the freedom to speak freely is an absurdity, just like just about everything else that bubbles up from the corrupt souls of every hysterical "liberal" and leftist.

The journalist faces seven years in prison, not even for something he said, but for something his guest said.


Why are there so few blacks in the Middle East?

Black Slavery in the Middle East

Look at what Facebook did when I tried to post the above link to the Facebook feed,

and how I got around it by posting the screenshot above,

and still, the majority of Canadians are fast asleep. If they even bother to speak about freedom, it is usually put inside quotation marks, signifying not only how little value they place upon it, but outright contempt for the idea. Freedom is the new racism. It's not such a big step now to facing seven year prison terms for "offending" people by daring to speak about it.

It's just fucking sickening. Pardon my free speech.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Those Who Claim to "Follow the Science" Are Mostly Liars.

It really makes me sick when I hear people authoritatively declare that they have "the science" on their side. 99% of them are liars.

It's easy to understand why.

The last four years of my own formal education were concentrated on science. In grade 13 I took six classes every day. Three maths: finite, calculus, and algebra, in addition to one class in physics, and one class in chemistry. Then I spent three years in college studying chemistry.

No, that doesn't make me a scientist, not even close. I worked for real scientists at a research center in the 1980s which is when I really realized that I knew almost squat all about science. I was just a gopher there.

But when I got back out into the general population, and yes, in light of what's been going on these last six months, I think that "general population" or "genpop" is an apt term, I understood from my day to day interactions with people that I knew more about science than about 99% of them.

So I can only laugh, or scoff when someone arrogantly tells me they believe in the science. I know they don't know WTF they are talking about. The confident boast has no more weight than hearing someone say they believe in God, or the Bible.

It's not that they are deliberately lying. It's just that they have never paused to do some self-examination. They have been thoroughly hypnotized and they don't even fucking know it.

The bottom line is that 99% of those who preach about following the science are basing their pontifications on what SOMEONE ELSE has told them the science says. It has absolutely zero to do with any independent scientific inquiry or understanding on their part.

Since this whole scamdemic started, I have done what I learned to do in school, in forming my own opinion about the severity of the so-called pandemic instead of naively absorbing the crud that is spewed out daily by the drive-by, drive-thru, fast news media - and now social media.

I might be 100% wrong, but I am doing what I was designed to do.

I am using my own brain, instead of delegating that task to someone else.

As Adolf Hitler reputedly said, "What good fortune for governments that the people do not think." He was right about some things.

Back in September I was exploring the Ontario COVID-19 numbers and noted that at the height of the pandemic in Ontario, there were 5.4 cases per hospitalization. Or that about 20% of infected people ended up in the hospital.

I predicted that on October 8th, which was an error because I meant to say October 4th, the ratio of cases to hospitalizations, given a ten-day lag would be nowhere near what it was back in April.

Then I got distracted and forgot to do the calculations for October 4th, so I will do them now.

On September 24 there were an alleged 3652 "active cases" of COVID-19 in Ontario. On October 4th, there were 169 hospitalizations for a ratio of cases to hospitalizations of ---- 21.6 to 1. (4.6% vs 20%)

If it were as severe as the "first wave" it ought to be accompanied by 676, not 169 hospitalizations. In other words, so far this headline-grabbing "SECOND WAVE" is barely a ripple. (Not to mention that the prevalence of false positives, along with the lack of "infections" coupled with symptoms or illness, suggests that a portion of the currently hospitalized patients, a sizable number of them have been hospitalized WITH positive PCR tests for COVID-19, but not BECAUSE of it.)

IF this "SECOND WAVE" is as scary as the screaming headlines suggest, we ought to see a ration similar to that back in April, which would translate into

It looks like Ivor Cummins was right, after all.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Hungry Kids

Wow! After I posted my rant (below,) where I opined that many politicians deserve jail terms for their COVID-19 responses, I came across this ... click here.

Or, watch this video.

Crimes against Humanity

Please sign The Great Barrington Declaration

On to my rant....

"The pandemic --- and the new-found restrictions that ensued..."

Again and again and again, these writers are delusional.

It wasn't the pandemic AND the restrictions, it was the RESTRICTIONS that caused this entry into the growing list of misery and mayhem caused by knee-jerk politicians who, by their myopic actions, proved that almost NONE of them ought to be given the powers they have.

"When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."

"Cathy Haan, executive director of Food4Kids, a Hamilton-based non-profit, says her program typically feeds students in 68 schools in the city but has developed a wait list of seven new schools since the pandemic began."

"Since the pandemic began."

Correlation isn't proof of causation. Accurate reporting would have said, "developed a waitlist of seven new schools since the restrictions began."

The people running these programs were not the ones getting sick and dying from COVID-19. Most were at a very low risk of serious adverse consequences from infection. Therefore, WITHOUT the restrictions, they could have gone on feeding hungry kids.

The pandemic didn't cause the problem, a screaming media and terrified population gave cowardly politicians the balls to react wildly without one millisecond's regard for the COSTS of their mandates.

As I announced back in March or so while standing in a Soviet line at a Bulk Barn, "If this thing turns out to be a massive exaggeration and the people are able to learn the truth, governments will fall."

Sadly, knowing how the symbiosis between the political industry and the fast news industry operates, it's doubtful to me that the truth will ever be widely told.

"There are families who were doing OK prior to the [restrictions] but have now been faced with the circumstances of job loss, physical illness, or mental illness."

"Hamilton lost 30,000 jobs between January and May, raising the level of unemployment to the highest it had been since the 2008 economic recession."

"On top of that, fundraising is much more difficult because events and sales drives are no longer an option."

And on and on it goes. A catastrophe driven by dishonest media, cowardly politicians, and a fatally naive public who believe everything they hear, and osmotically absorb every manipulative innuendo spewed forth on the six o'clock news.

At the very least, every politician who facilitated this disaster should be voted out of office. More than a few deserve lengthy prison terms.

And not ONE MORE RED CENT in government subsidies to the corporate media in Canada.

see Spec article here.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

September 26, 2020

Hundreds of Mask Bylaw Complaints

"The more you push toward negative outcomes, the more I think you antagonize groups that are already a bit on the unreasonable spectrum," she says.

Who are these people on the "unreasonable" spectrum?

I know who some of them are. They are people who think for themselves and have done their own research. This group certainly includes those who know how manipulative and dishonest the media and politicians are. They are those annoying recalcitrants who, when given commands, have the audacity to question authority. They are NOT those who mindlessly comply with any edict, no matter how irrational or malicious it may be, just to "get along."

They are not the kind of people who told England to go and fuck themselves back in 1776.

In other words, they are not good little communists.

"It's just a mask," counter those scolds who are only too happy to bend over and spread their cheeks whenever edicts are issued from the moral midgets who go to politics as a vocation. Sadly, these people are in the majority.

As to the "more than 200 complaints" that have filed into the city,

that's actually good news.

It's less than 300 complaints and, for a city of half a million, it's an indication that most Hamiltonians are inherently decent.

See, Hamilton residents file hundreds of mask bylaw complaints. No one has been charged

COVID-19 Dental Chaos

Remove Dental Plaque In 2 Minutes Without Going To The Dentist

Two Hobbies


More COVID-19 Material

Something 'very strange' is occurring amid Europe's second wave of infections

Media Panic Mongering (Milking it Dry, Milking it Dry.)

Boulder Bans Friendship

Crucial Update on the Viral Issue: a "Debunking the Detractors" Special!

Sunday, September 20, 2020

A COVID-19 BS Detection Report

BitChute Version

YouTube Version

Worth checking out.

2020-09-17 - SCAMDEMIC Exposed; Governments CAUGHT

Click here.


Click here.

Long Term Effects Of Government Tyranny

Click here.

I Might Stoop.

Friday, August 28, 2020

The BSD Report for the week of Aug 22 - 29 2020


Saturday, August 29, 2020

"Reverse racism" my ass! It's overt racism pure and simple.

I notice the CBC has its comments turned off for this report.

For the record, I will never "move to the back" of an audience, or a bus, or a COVID-19 grocery store line, nor "take a knee" nor participate in any other form of self-deprecation just because I happen to have been born white.


Unless someone puts a gun to my head.

Oh, and if you take into account the Democratic Party's Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris's position on the rioting and mayhem currently terrorizing Democrat-run American cities,

"They're not going to stop. They're not going to stop before election day, and they're not going to stop after that."

"They're not going to let up, and they should not, and WE should not."

it leads me to fear the "gun to the head" scenario may not be very far off at all.

Halifax music fest apologizes for 'overt racism' at Polaris winner's concert

When I read the headline I thought, "Wow! This calling out of anti-white racism is a real turnaround for the CBC!" Then the first line re-assured me that the twisted mentality that writes for the government's propaganda arm was condemning the white people who pulled a Rosa Parks, in this case, played by a "white volunteer photographer" and a few others in response to Lido Pimienta's offensive and degrading command. How long before our politicians begin adding social positioning to their already dictarorial social distancing edicts?

And you thought all of this ended in the 1960s?

"They're not going to stop. They're not going to stop before election day, and they're not going to stop after that."

"They're not going to let up, and they should not, and WE should not."

Vote for Biden, (I.E. Harris), Or else!

Everyone SHOULD take note of that.

So what exactly is it that they want?

For one thing, they want reparations, defunding the police and housing and social services in black communities. In other words, they want non-whites to be exempt from the laws of the land, and they want free stuff.


From the recently de-platformed on YouTube, Del Bigtree and the Highwire brings this news on the latest developments in the COVID-19 scam - FAUCI SILENT AS CDC MAKES SWEEPING CHANGES TO COVID POLICY

Friday, August 28, 2020

Today, I went fishing with my son from the floating boat dock at 290 Main St. West in Dunneville, Ontario. Last summer we caught quite a few carp from this dock. This summer, we've only caught two so far. In fact, other than one day back in June when we pulled a dozen catfish and one bluegill out of the water at Christie, the fishing hasn't been very good this summer. I think they are all probably wearing masks. Or maybe Trudeau and his cronies are dumping truckloads of CERB corn into the rivers?

Thursday, August 27, 2020  

    "She then smiled and stated that this crisis is actually a wonderful opportunity." -- Chrystia Freeland

Uhm, does that not sound familiar?

Or how about this one? "These problems have required the emergence of green reset task forces using a pandemic to force through changes which would never be democratically accepted under “normal” circumstances."

Never let a good virus go to waste.

  The Carney/Freeland “Green Reset” Shapes Canada’s ‘New Normal’  


      About the Event 201 exercise      


Feeding Big Pharma


OMG! Look at this. If you can.

These are the people spending billions of dollars of money that someone else had to work to earn.

The technical production is so good that they provided 21 minutes of nothing before anything happens. Once the participants actually start droning on at each other, you quickly realize that that first 21 minutes were the best part of the whole show.

Of course, I could only stomach another twenty minutes or so before I had to turn it off and rush to the bathroom.


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Again, Tucker can be counted on to ask the questions and cover the news that no one else is covering.

Given the attempts to have him kicked off the air, I just have not been able to figure out why he is still able to say the things he is saying.

Some say that he is just a distraction, bought and paid for by the same people who are controlling the narrative.

For my part, I just can't believe that if he is bought and paid for, he would be saying what he is saying. Especially when he is saying much of what I have been saying for a long, long time.

He is the ONE high profile news host that is talking about EXACTLY the kinds of things I have been thinking about. That can't be just a coincidence.

I absolutely do not have to agree, nor do I see any necessity to agree with everything he says, in the same way that I have serious disagreements with the policies being proposed by Donald Trump, though I do really like some of them.

As a ballpark rule of thumb type of thing, I am generally inclined to seriously ponder the opinions of people I agree with, at least 50% of the time. That may look like a rather low bar, until you realize that the mayor of my city is Fred Eisenberger, the premier of my province is Doug Ford, and the - LOVE, this is difficult, the Prime Minister of my country is that Grade 11 mentality IDIOT.... shit, even now I can't type out his name. These humanoids are generally worth a solid zero in my mind as people who ought to be taken seriously, on any subject.

That the few people I have explicitly named in this mini-rant have SO MUCH POWER in determining, not only how much of our money THEY should be given the authority to spend, but now they are even claiming the authority to dictate how we should dress, and how we should socially interact with our fellow citizens, is the thing that makes me very pessimistic about our future as a peaceful, prosperous country. Remember, these are the same preposterous phonies who are trying to convince us that they have the power to control the earth's climate.

Why do I feel this way?

Because I can plainly see that an overwhelming number of people who have the "right" to vote, against all evidence, still take these clowns seriously. (Hence, the pejorative: "sheeple.")

Basically, we're doomed. The "decision-makers" are leading us straight to hell.

The only question I have left in my mind is, how long will it be before the sheeple population push back against the masters and sheepdogs - who continue to dictate attire and behaviour?

History provides some examples. The French Revolution was precipitated by, among other things, people resorting to eating rats to survive. The Russian revolution required millions of deaths, both military and civilian before the people deposed the Tzar and surrendered to something much worse.  (And they were probably eating rats, and each other at the time too.)

"Never let a [good] crisis go to waste," said Rahm Emanuel.  Those of us who have a casual acquaintance with history know that Lenin was thinking exactly the same thing. (As were the Germans when they planted him in St. Petersburg.)

I haven't even watched the whole thing yet, but within the first ten minutes, I decided that this is something I think people should hear.

Of course, in the back of my mind, I always reserve the possibility that it is ME who is stark raving mad.

Which is why I am a libertarian. That little kernel of doubt is what makes me, unlike *liberals,* consider the possibility that I could be wrong, and that therefore, I draw the line at forcing other people to conform and comply with my world view.

And which is why I lovingly hate thieves, liars, con-artists, communists, and liberals.


Here is a link to Tucker Carlson's August 25, 2020 broadcast which will, one way or another, explain why I lovingly hate liberals.

Nothing there, right?


My comments on Tucker's show:

For example of where I don't have to agree with the whole schtick. I was not at all impressed by the "prayer" offered by Pastor URRABAZO. Even so, the choice remains clear. Trump 2020.

The choice is not about who is the best politician, it's a choice between preservation of the U.S.A. vs the Democratic vision of its total destruction. If reason or rationality had anything to do with the result of a majority vote, Trump should win in a landslide. But reason or rationality doesn't enter into it. The mainstream media, and Google, Twitter, and Facebook etc. will do everything in their power to ensure that reason and debate will have very little impact upon the 2020 election.

Of course, for as long as I continue to have a voice, I will continue to say what is on my mind. If in the end, I also get de-personed, I will go fishing... content with knowing that I did what I did, within my limited capacity and resources, to change the trajectory. In the end, I don't indulge the illusion that anything I write, wrote, or say will make one iota of a difference.


Twitter's War On Civilization

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

I am a bit surprised to see the amount of pushback the people of Germany are doing in opposition to COVID-1984 tryanny considering their long history, both pre and post World War II, of unquestioning devotion to state control of their lives and thoughts.

The COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee Corona-Ausschuss Englisch

ACU: Prof. Franz Ruppert - The impact of the pandemic from a psychological point of view

Sunlight is still the best of disinfectants


For anyone who pays attention, the whole political response to COVID-19 has been very revealing.

Before this, the only real, in-your-face, daily example of government decision-making incompetence was the way in which public roads are regulated and maintained. If I need to explain that, then you must have been living in a cave your whole life.

I also had a ringside seat for several decades to the manner in which politicians make decisions that become law because I was in the Hamilton taxi business. The stupidity and insanity of Hamilton's taxi regulations are much less visible to the public but it is very much in the faces of those who must struggle to make a living in that business. I sat in on many of the public sessions in the council chamber and watched in awe at the hubris of city politicians as they made often horrifically damaging decisions.

The biggest lesson from these experiences was that they serve as an example of why big government and big government control of spending is so horrendously wasteful, counter-productive, and often downright dangerous.

Enter the Wuhan Flu.

Finally, we have another great example of the government sausage-making factory as we observe the utter buffoonery of Hamilton's school board trustees as they unaMINDLESsly vote in favour of mandating masks for school children, a group for whom the Wuhan Flu is much less deadly than the good old-fashioned flu.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I started out by addressing anyone who has been paying attention. Sadly, that does not include most of the population. Having long ago surrendered the responsibility for independent thought, they merely consume the BS fed to them by the media and their politicians.

And the school board trustees are thus, just as ignorant as the people they represent.

Note 1: "Jacob Lorinc's reporting is funded by the Canadian government through its Local Journalism Initiative. The funding allows him to report on stories about education."

Note 2: BS Detective Services' reporting receives absolutely no government funding.

Hamilton public school board approves mandatory masks for all students

Regarding the danger to school children from COVID-19 from  Canada's info database.



It's mind boggling isn't it?

To live in a world where so many people pretend to care so much about RESPECTING the dignity, health, and safety of everyone else that they will mindlessly bend over and submit to the most insane edicts, regardless of their impact on the dignity, health, and safety of others and, not just turn a blind eye to the victims of these edicts, but actively applaud their victimization.

The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

Viewer discretion is advised

Let me know if YouTube has censored this report by the time you tried to view it. I have my own copy and will provide it upon request.


I've been a subscriber to Karl Denninger for a long time but I didn't pay much attention to him until about March of this year when he started talking about the COVID-19 scam.

He's not an epidemiologist, nor a virologist. He's a financial guy with a strong focus on the numbers. The numbers were what got me smelling a great big scam early on in this pandemic too. At first, I was nervous like everyone else, enough to go out in February and stock up on canned food and water, but not nervous enough to buy shitloads of toilet paper.

Then when I saw the way the media grabbed hold of the story and started with the daily body counts, the first thing I noticed was the numbers were very similar to those of the seasonal flu, as were those most vulnerable - the elderly.

And that's when I started getting pissed off because I knew EXACTLY how the contemptible media and politicians, along with ten thousand other special interest groups would milk this thing for all it was worth.

I don't want to turn this into a rant. Suffice it to say that the way I have interpreted this phenomenon is EXACTLY why I fart in the general direction of those dupes who think they have to wear masks and why I will absolutely refuse to get vaccinated as a result of this scam.

2020 08 24 Still Right

Farr's laws

Monday, August 24, 2020

The first time I was called a racist was before I even used or knew about the internet, back in the early 1990s. It was on the dial-in Compuspec bulletin board. Then, as now, I enjoyed writing and publishing my political opinions to circumvent the censors in the Letters to the Editor departments.

My offense was advocating the abolition of welfare. I was immediately attacked as being a racist, which struck me as supremely ironic since it revealed the biased racial assumptions about welfare recipients that my attacker held.

Around the same time, I recall, there was a debate in Hamilton about changing the taxi bylaws to address the epidemic of fare fraud that had struck the city. The taxi industry wanted the bylaw changed so that drivers could request up-front payment of the fare.

I laughed out loud when I read a report about our local councilor, Sam Merulla's opposition to up-front fares. He said something like, "It would fuel racism." What racial assumption was he making to arrive at that conclusion?

So, it was clear, even thirty years ago, that racial issues would permeate and pollute all political dialogue from then on.


I had never heard of Brian Petz before a friend sent me the link I posted and commented on yesterday.


"I am a white man. I must confront my own racism" by Brian Petz.

from the Hamilton News, Aug 23, 2020.


My comment on the link was,

"What a pathetic schmoo.

Notice he gives not a single example of the allegedly anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQIA+  statements that he has made.

That is not helpful, especially in 2020, when saying something as innocuous as "all lives matter" can get you branded as a "racist" and ruin your life.

And where defending freedom of speech, or the right to self-defense, or the right to own private property, or free markets, [or historical statues] can get you de-platformed and beat up for being both a "racist" and a "Nazi."

The kind of self-hatred this guy spews really makes me puke.


Update: I want to apologize to Mr. Petz for calling him a schmoo. I now realize that he was acting under duress, no different from the gulag-bound serfs who were forced to sign "confessions" in the basement of the Lubyanka prison, or the religious dissenters having their muscles and bones stretched and their eyes gouged out in the Tower of London in order to extract "confessions."

Here is my latest comment:

Brian Petz says in his article, "If you googled me right now, you’d probably conclude I’m a racist."

So I thought I would google the guy to get a little more background as to why he wrote this embarrassingly self-debasing "opinion" piece. I put that in quotes because it is apparent that he wrote this "opinion" not because it is actually his opinion, but because he has been attacked and threatened, by left supremacists, with losing his job.  

If I were in the same boat, I would probably crawl along the floor and lick the boots of the people who wield the real power in this country too.

(One good, non-leftist reason to phase out urinals is this - have you ever noticed all of the splash-back that goes onto your shoes? Though I have noticed some recent improvements in urinal design, designed to minimize shoe splashing. The newer ones look like those recovery cones – typically used to keep dogs from scratching or biting injuries - that Maine wait staff have been forced to wear lately. This device is particularly handy for politicians who piss in your face and tell you it's raining.)

I had already imagined such a scenario when I owned a taxi license. Knowing the types of cowardly, low-integrity public officials who sat on Hamilton's taxi tribunal, it was obvious to me, years ago, that all it would take was a complaint from some race-baiter over almost any of my social media posts and I, too, might be forced to lick the feet of these low-character politicians.

Number one on the Google results page links to Ryerson University’s independent student newspaper, The Eyeopener. (Oh, boy! Here we go!) It IS an eye-opener.

Here is one of his "racist" comments,

“Giving away money for nothing is exactly what is wrong with our immigration system. We need people to come here who are motivated to succeed, not motivated to receive.”

As I suspected, his support of the traditional Western formula for success makes him a "racist." Of course, I do have a bias on this issue as an immigrant myself. When my parents came to Canada in 1955-56, there was no massive welfare state. Therefore, there was absolutely no question as to the motives of most immigrants at that time.

"The west has been so successful because of the virtues and values of Christianity. The left hates Christianity. This is why it supports both Islam and LGBTQ. The only thing they have in common is that they bother Christians - LGBTQ not so much anymore - I'm not religious but I see the values and traditions of the West as founded upon."

Well, it's pretty clear, unless you've been hiding under your coffee table during this whole pandemic, that the left hates Christianity. So I guess telling the truth is also "racist." (and "Nazi.")

The Eyeopener goes on to say,

"In another public comment from November 2016, Petz wrote that people “coexist peacefully” until they feel their culture and identity is “threatened.”"

I like the way the reporter put the quotation marks around the word, "threatened," as if only a racist, or an insane person, could make such an observation while rioting mobs destroy every vestige of the culture and history of the West in cities all over the U.S.A., and elsewhere.


"He also wrote that, “importing millions of third world immigrants” into North America “will not end well, just like the attempt to colonize India and Africa didn’t work out. The [I]ndigenous people rejected being supplanted and bred out of existence and you’ll see the same thing here.”"

I guess the author is not aware of the misery and turmoil cultural, economic, and racial diversity has already caused, not just in the west, but globally, universally, and throughout history.

The report goes on,

"In the same comment, he wrote that “cultural Marxism” and a “false construct of a hierarchy of oppression” makes white people feel “ashamed of their heritage” and “will backfire violently.”"

Again with the quotation marks, as if only an idiot or a Nazi could hold such a view, despite a campaign of white demonization that has been escalating all over the West ever since, at least, the 1960s.

I know it. I have the "lived experience."

There's more in that report but I'll end with this one,

"Petz also made a public comment in October 2016 about former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “She should be hanged by the neck until dead. I really hope if Trump wins, she goes to jail, and dies there. None of this Gerald Ford type amnesty shit,” he wrote."

I'll admit, the part about capital punishment is a bit extreme. If I were King, I would sentence Hillary to spend the rest of her life doing something of actual value to humanity - like cleaning toilets at a bus terminal.

The message is clear. If you have an opinion today that does not conform to the dominant leftist ideology, keep your mouth shut, especially if you have anything to lose.

In poorer societies throughout history, the average Joe had nothing much of value that could be taken away from him, hence the widespread use of torture and murder. In our kinder, gentler age, those in power no longer need to resort to such draconian measures. They don't even need to exile or lock you up. All they need to do is take away everything you have and ruin your life.

Be warned.

- The "confession."

I am a white man. I must confront my own racism

The "complaints."



Descent into Madness

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Tyler Durden (see first link)  must have been reading my Facebook posts.

Great article. Right on target.

One thing I would add to his summary is that in 1957 the global population was around 2.9 billion. Today it is about 7.8 billion. That's a ratio of 7.8/2.9 = 2.7.

If you take the 1.1 million deaths from Asian Flu and adjust it to today's global population, the number of deaths, globally, would be about 3 million. The high estimate for the Asian Flu is about 4 million dead. The equivalent number for today would be 10.8 million dead.

The Hong Kong Flu is also estimated to have killed between one and four million people when the global population was at about 3.6 billion. The ratio for the population-adjusted death toll, in that case, is 7.8/3.6 = 2.1 so you can roughly double the 1969-69 flu numbers to get a 2020 equivalent.

By contrast, the current death toll from COVID-19 is 810,878. Of course, given the propaganda and horse shit swirling around the whole issue, I suspect that number is highly exaggerated. It's known that they are counting people who have died WITH COVID-19 as people who died BECAUSE of COVID-19. Like the ONE CHILD who died WITH it here in Canada.

It may be structurally closer to the common cold than to the flu, but those who've been saying, from the beginning, that it's "just the flu" have been a lot closer to the truth than those who lost their LOVing minds.

Are You Ready For The "No One Could Have Known" Routine?

1957–1958 influenza pandemic

Hong Kong flu Hong Kong flu

World Population by Year

World COVID-19 Stats

Take special note of this line, "We are aware of a recent death of a Toronto resident who was in the 0-9 age category who died with COVID-19, but not as a result of COVID-19." -- (italics - mine.)

Ontario records first death of a child with COVID-19




I didn't have high expectations when I decided to watch this film.

But wow! Now I am glad I did.

If you are interested, you may want to download it before it gets disappeared, along with any other powerful challenges to the dominant narrative.


Another person dies from the pandemic.

Where are the sport style scoreboards on the mainstream news channels counting up the death toll from the lockdowns?

“I suffered an individual loss of my otherwise pretty healthy grandmother, but despite how profoundly sad that makes me, I understand and would defend the care home’s decision to lock down."

Wow! The self-abnegation that has gained hold of some people's minds when politicians and the media collude to scare the living shit out of the population!

‘This shouldn’t have happened’: Saskatchewan father attributes 19-year-old son’s death to COVID-19 rules


Here is a report about another thing that should not have happened.

Ontario police shot anti-masker at his home (video)

I had already written about the non-virus damage that ought to be expected as a result of the media-fueled, political cowardice-enabled pandemic as early as May 7 of this year.


Finally, as to the "glimpse of our world as it could be" thanks to the pandemic, I copied this story from Facebook:

I just need to "vent" on social media a sec! Had an encounter with an angry Karen this morning. Not because I didn't have my "mask" on, but because it wasn't on just right. I was literally stunned when this Karen working at circle K refused to sell me a simple lighter because my crumpled mask, all I had at the moment, didn't quite fit over my nose flush. Please give me some credit for at least trying to appease the lesser-witted.

In the heat of this altercation, I reacted. Rightfully so!

 At first I said well it's against OSHA standards and regulations anyway! I tried to explain how I also have a medical condition! I also tried to explain that there is no law that says I have to wear one if I choose not to!

Nothing worked. She, not dissimilar to a mad robot, was only capable of repeating simple yet poignant demands at me. Over and over saying "I won't serve you! You can leave!" Bah bah bah!

Then a male species of sheep, overhearing the robotic retort of the simple minded, decided to express his programmed emotions with censure that also took me aback in awe as he exclaimed, "yeah put your effing mask on!". It was and had been on but sheep could not or would not have understanding.

So there I was, cornered by incensed sheeple! I told the dude in a nice way to F off! And I told the Karen that she was being ridiculous! So the guy starts to want to fight me in the parking lot. I was already in vehicle. I really didn't go out to get in a fight this morning with anyone, especially over an improperly fitted facial covering! I did apologize to the dude for what I said to him and we talked a few minutes. He gave me that same old programmed line, the mask isn't to protect you from me, it's to protect me from you, yada yada yada..."

I will not apologize to the absurd Karen, however. Nor will I ever shop at circle K again! It's baffling to me how people treat others over a simple mask. It's not like I just refused to wear one. It wasn't on quite to her specifications. Wearing a mask is like putting up a chain link fence to keep mosquitos out of your yard they say, and that makes more sense to me. It also makes more sense to me to perhaps be nice to your fellows. Maybe ask me first without getting hostile and refusing me service? Maybe offer me a better mask that YOUR establishment SHOULD be providing to customers anyway!

Be kind to people. Stop being scared, angry sheep and have faith in your Inner Spirt. Whatever you choose to call God.

I was shaken up pretty badly over this unnecessary situation. So thanks for letting me "vent". For reading my "ventilations", pun intended lol. I had to breathe! Now I can go on with the rest of this day. True Story! JF


I added my own comment:

I wouldn't call the Circle K woman, nor the tough hero who stepped into the fray "sheep."

The sheep are the ones who don't say a word. If you look at them when there is a pandemic collateral conflict happening, they won't make eye contact. They're totally frightened and totally off balance. They're helpless.


The people you met in that store are what I call sheepdogs. They are the domesticated animals who yap and bark at anyone who deviates from flock behavior. I believe there is a percentage of people in any population who, having little self worth, jump at the opportunity to bully other people if they feel they have the backing of "authority." They are the same types of people who like to work in parking enforcement.

Worth Noting

Excellent article. And it summarizes nicely many of the reasons I have resisted this con since almost the beginning.

The COVID-19 Scamdemic, Part 1: The Hard Road To A New World Order

Here's a new one!(Actually, it's not new at all.)

Retroactive wealth taxes.


DOJ Requesting Data From Governors Who Required Nursing Homes to Admit Covid Patients

It's quite clear, given the majority of political office holders in the U.S. AND Canada, that the people who elect them are, if not exactly stupid, very strongly brainwashed by half a century of leftist infiltration of the socialized education industry, as well as the entertainment business, along with very little critical thinking capacity.

Which is why, whenever I hear a pundit, after another idiotic and hateful proposal exudes from the mouth of a Democrat, opine that Trump is going to win in a landslide, I have my reservations.

I have never been so sanguine about a sane result to the 2020 Presidential election, because I there are millions of deluded souls out there who either:

1 - almost never give any serious thought to political or economic issues, and never read a book on the subject, or

2 - are receiving some kind of government handout, whether it be welfare payments, other "free" stuff, politically inflated wages and benefits for government jobs, or

3 - are in active pursuit of political power and influence, or

4 - have very low IQs, and

they have the right to vote.

Not to mention a flagrantly dishonest mainstream and social media industrial complex hell bent on sabotaging the reelection of President Trump.

I am quite worried, given the size and scale of the success of the dominant communistic ideology currently driving most western government policies, that the majority of voters  are going to drag us all into the socialistic hell they masochistically, whether conscious or not, desire.

I don't want to sail on this ship of fools.

While Trump is far from perfect, he is the only hope to, at the very least, stave off the social division and economic destruction the socialists wish to usher in.

Therefore, if I were an American, I would not hesitate to vote for four more years of Donald Trump.


  President Donald Trump Full Acceptance Speech at 2020 Republican National Convention  


Hamilton's Mayor thinks he can control the spread of viruses.

Without Liberty, the Brain is a Dungeon

We should all be aware by now of the dirty tricks Facebook has been using for years now, to stifle certain opinions and information....