Sunday, November 6, 2022

Isn't government wonderful? (II)

June 25, 2009

After I posted the following comment on my facebook:

mmmmm.... tons of garbage building up and a pesticide ban to boot. Isn't government wonderful?

I got this response from one of my Facebook friends:

"good thing the toilets still work...garbage strikes are great...forces people to deal with their own smelly inconvenient personal waste.

but of course in the big city it ends up every where...but it still is a good reflection to people who perhaps should take their waste into a form of accountability."

To which I replied,

"I was just told that private enterpreneurs are visiting restaurants and offering to remove garbage for them. $10 a bag.

It's amazing how fast the free market snaps into action when the ugly face of government unmasks.

We don't need government employees!"

$10 a bag? Now that's what I would call accountability, regardless of where they choose to dump it. Yep, pretty good incentive to embrace the three "R's" without resorting to phony politically correct "GreenRighteousNess," - no laws, fines or mandates required. Priceless.

(Actually, prices.... prices.... )

I would love it if the strike went on forever!

The Emperor has NO CLOTHES!

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