Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Climate Wokery


Climate wokery is the second most powerful religion in history. The first is state idolatry.

I am not going to read the 533 page pdf. What is the point? My guess is it will consist mostly of what will happen IF the dire predictions of the climate priesthood do come true. For example, if the glaciers and the ice in the Antarctic melts, the oceans will rise, and the celebrities who bought multi-million dollar homes in coastal areas will have to move inland displacing the Third-World immigrants who displaced the host population. Shit like that.

In the Spec report accusing ME of being the fraudster for signing that list of "fake scientists" they include the following paragraph,

"The final two signatories from McMaster are working scientists. Sebastian Irazuzta is a an environmental biologist and PhD candidate. Daniel Traylor is a postdoctoral fellow in the department of kinesiology"

Fucking kinesiology!

Throw in a few dentists and proctologists and presto! Bad breath and anal leakage will be linked to climate change.

Ezra Levant exposed a number of other signatories on that list of "fake scientists" whose scientific credentials were equally, if not more suspicious than my own.

What I have noticed about many, if not most so-called "climate experts" is that their knowledge and training is in some field other than climate science who, having swallowed the climate change koolaid, attribute observations of any anomalies in their field to the given climate change postulate. Their scientific assessments are no different than some African tribal medicine man with bones through his nose blaming the famine and floods on the angry Hippo God or some such tripe because the plebes didn't give him a big enough portion of their grub and grasshopper stew.

Climate Fact Check: August 2023 Edition

10 bogus climate claims from August 2023 debunked here.

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  1. You will burn in hell as a denier of climate change. Climate does change. Facts are facts.


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