Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Coof ODD

For a moment, yesterday, at about 11:30 a.m. I thought I was finally free of my obligation to try to provide the other side of the story to other Facebook users who have not been completely hypnotized by the massive scamdemic propaganda assault we have been deluged with for the last 19 months.

Then I found out the entire site was down. I thought maybe it had been shut down to do a thorough purge of those members whose "opinions" about "the science," etc. had not simply been derived subliminally via the multipronged government, Junk News, social media octopi info jackhammer.

Surprisingly, I am still here this morning.

The message has been loud and clear though. Cat videos, the contents of your dinner plate, photos of your vacations & fishing trips, and mindless recitation of whatever soundbites infiltrate your subconscious mind while you are putzing around the house or driving your car with the radio or TV "news" playing in the background are okay.

Anything else is strongly discouraged or outright verboten.

"Das darft's du nicht!" (you must not.)

Unfortunately, I was born with a disability. The DSM-IV calls the condition ODD. This condition represents a barrier to full participation in a society that demands universal compliance with whatever the established knowledge keepers have decreed to be the truth, at least for this day, or week.

I think those of us in the ODD community should get our own flags and crosswalks. Instead, we are marginalized and now face severe systemic barriers in terms of access to bars, restaurants, sports venues, and a slew of other activities compliant "normies" purchase by just wearing a disguise or getting pricked.

In this new normal, the late-night knock at the door will not be heard. ODD sufferers will simply be disappeared.

Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination.'

I am somewhat hesitant about posting this link because of what I learned back in 2019 about how poorly some of these lists are vetted. (See link to Spectator article below.)

It is my fervent hope that those who signed THIS list are being properly vetted and do, in fact, have the requisite qualifications.


Retired Hamilton cabbie gets himself on list of fake scientists declaring climate emergency

Facebook Communication Sabotage

More ODD

Haha! I wish I could have had that excuse the last time I got called up for jury duty. In truth, I wouldn't mind serving on a jury. It would have been interesting.

What was not at all interesting was sitting in a corral for the whole day.

What a fucked up experience that was. We were all herded into a big room and the doors were closed. Of course, in addition to being forced to waste a whole day in that shithole, no smoking was allowed. I met a girl I recognized from high school and we chatted for a while. Funny. She was in a lot of my classes at Westmount and we never said boo to each other.

There were periodic smoke breaks where the unclean were escorted outside by a court officer like a bunch of kindergarteners on a school trip.

At one point I said to myself, "fuck this - I am not the criminal here," and snuck outside for a smoke. At the elevator on the way back up, as the door opened, another group of the unclean were being allowed out, escorted by the same officer. He recognized me and looked at me with pure shock, but didn't say a word as I made my way back up to the stockyard.

At the end of the day, most of the inmates were not selected and they gave us all parole. I resolved that it would be the last time I ever show up for jury duty with or without an excuse.

Jurors in murder trial must be vaccinated to prevent potential mistrial caused by COVID-19, judge says

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  1. Suddenly, but not unexpectedly, the push is now on to submit young children, (who are not yet "eligible" for a poke, to the GatesSoros Panbio rapid antigen test. You know what that means...it is a punitive and coercive method to get the parents ready for their childrens poke.


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