Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Added Context

Check out the VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports page.

Note the disclaimer at the bottom: "OpenVAERS is a private organization that posts publicly available CDC/FDA data of injuries reported post-vaccination. Reports are not proof of causality." -- <italics mine>

The SAME DISCLAIMER should be added to every Junk News headline screaming about the daily "cases" and body counts.

It would go something like this, "This Junk News Report publishes available data on positive PCR tests and the number of people who died having had a positive PCR test. These reports are not proof of causality."

How many of those have you seen over the last 19 months?

When I posted the openvaers link to Facebook, I got the following psychological intimidation warning:

I shared it anyway despite the threat of reduced distribution and other forms of censorship.

After I posted the link, the following notice was attached to it,

So I went ahead and attached my own notice,

News Flash!

"Fact Check: A Vaccinated Person Is NOT Wrong To Think An Unvaccinated Person Is A Threat To Their Health"

But since the "fact-checkers" admit that "a vaccinated person can still be infected" then "A Vaccinated Person Is NOT Wrong To Think" a Vaccinated Person Is A Threat To Their Health too.

Likewise, an Unvaccinated person is NOT wrong to think that a Vaccinated person is a threat to their health, either.

Conclusion: everyone should be scared shitless of everyone else and lockdowns and mask mandates should go on forever. And even if the Coof should magically disappear, there are still another 200 or so viruses floating around that could kill you if you get infected by an infected person.

So what are these passports really about?

Ash Sarkar: Left and Right must unite against Big Tech censorship

Amish Covid | Full Measure

I like these people.

What we really need is a vaccine against leftism.


Yes. Absolutely. Forget about abolishing public sector unions, though if that is the best you can get then go for it.

Ideally, anyone who works for the government should not have the right to vote. Nor should those who don't work at all but receive an income from the government.

Voting should be a priviledge, not a right.

The politics industry should also be completely abolished. Government needs to be severely limited in its scope and power and elections should only be about the selection of competent government administrators. Any elected administrator that tries to steal money, or its equivalent, to hand over to private beneficiaries in exchange for votes should be arrested and, if found guilty, sentenced harshly. By this standard, most politicians would be behind bars.

And speaking of universal suffrage, "Guilbeault to become Canada's next environment minister as Trudeau unveils new cabinet.

They are well on their way to turning the Canadian economy back to where it was circa 1850. I have no doubt they are entirely competent in achieving that.

Will they be able to simultaneously achieve climate stasis, I.E. - A period of inactivity or equilibrium?

I think the science is settled on that question and the answer is NO.

The only good thing that can be said about universal suffrage is that, in the end, the majority get what they deserve.

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