Monday, May 25, 2020

The Globally Immunocompromised Mind

In these dark days, as the West spirals into despotism, I have one consolation - comic relief in the form of Joe Biden, a guy who doesn't even know he's alive.

I'm really looking forward to the show, especially the presidential debates. Aren't you?

But even my more pleasant thoughts are infected with worry these days. The curve for the spread of GOVINC-19 has been creeping along on an upward trend for a very long time now.

Since Trump beat Hillary, fair and square in 2016, the spread of communist idea pathogens has gone parabolic. The public no longer has any immunities. Attempts to provide intellectual antibodies are being attacked everywhere. The global mind has become immunocompromised.

It's no wonder we are experiencing an unprecedented clampdown on all basic liberties in response to the latest flu-like virus. Not only has there been almost zero pushback, but the compliant masses have embraced their incarceration. The governor of New York has a stunning 77% approval rating despite having pushed COVID-19 into the state's nursing homes, killing thousands. They have applauded it. And woe to anyone to dares question it.

I doubt they would have gotten away with turning society into an open prison back in '57 - '58 when the Asian Flu killed about 1.1 million people, or in '68 - '70 when the Hong Kong Flu killed another million. Woodstock would have been canceled.

But by 2020 the population had been psychologically stripped of any prior cultural and political resistance to collectivist tyranny by half a century of intensive communistic brainwashing on every thought-shaping front.

When you drill down to the roots of commie collectivist ideology what you find is a burning hatred of mankind which also explains why leftists are so opposed to people telling jokes and having fun.

As part and parcel of preventing people from having fun, what if the commie left manages to cancel the presidential debates like they are canceling dissent everywhere else?

This is why I don't have Corona-Phobia.

US Crowds Defy Lockdowns

Stay Home and Go Outside.

The Not So Novel Coronavirus

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