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What the Heck is Going On in Sweden?

One interesting thing about the numbers out of Sweden that I noticed, is that out of of the top twenty-five countries in terms of mortality rates, Sweden is the only country that reports fewer recoveries (1005) than deaths (2653.)

Some quick and dirty spreadsheet work:

★United States 65753 161563 2.5
★Italy 28236 78249 2.8
★United Kingdom 27510 Unknown unknown
★Spain 24824 142450 5.7
★France 24594 50212 2.0
★Belgium 7703 11892 1.5
★Germany 6736 126900 18.8
★Brazil 6410 38039 5.9
★Iran 6091 76318 12.5
★Netherlands 4893 Unknown unknown
★China 4633 77685 16.8
★Canada 3391 22751 6.7
★Turkey 3258 53808 16.5
★Sweden 2653 1005 0.4
★Mexico 1972 12377 6.3
★Switzerland 1754 23900 13.6
★Ireland 1265 13386 10.6
★India 1223 10007 8.2
★Russia 1169 13220 11.3
★Peru 1124 11129 9.9
★Ecuador 1063 1913 1.8
★Portugal 1007 1647 1.6
★Indonesia 800 1591 2.0
★Romania 744 4328 5.8
★Poland 651 3491 5.4

source: ncov2019 dot live (May, 1, ~10:30 P.M.)

This apparent anomaly adds credence to the Angry Foreigner's claim that in socialist Sweden, many of the sick are just being left to die, as was the practice in some primitive hunter-gatherer societies where capitalist greed was allegedly unknown.

Also, Sweden is taking a lot of heat for its refusal to destroy its economy over COVID-19. Sweden has recorded a proportionately higher number of deaths, 2,653, than its Scandinavian neighbors. 2,653 out of about 10 million people represents .027% of its entire population so far.

To the extent that this information is reliable, the death count is ball-parking at a much lower sum than the numbers of deaths originally predicted - 2.2 million dead people in the United States (0.65%) and 500,000 in the U.K. (0.79%) from COVID-19 if no action were taken to slow the virus and flatten the economy. In other words, assuming a similar mortality rate for Sweden of 0.65%, we should have expected about 65,000 deaths in Sweden.

Using the Swedish data to date, of a 0.027% mortality rate without flattening the economy, the corresponding death count for the U.S. could be expected to have been in the neighborhood of 91,000 instead of 2.2 million. This puts the U.S. fatality rate in the same ballpark as the 2017/2018 flu season in the U.S. which had a reported 80,000 deaths.

If the numerous claims about the falsification of death certificates in the U.S. turn out to have any merit, the COVID-19 mortality rate could indeed put it in the ballpark of a severe seasonal flu, or even lower.

If an accounting of the number of deaths caused by the media-driven panic, the closure of businesses, and the failure of people to get timely help for other serious medical conditions is ever to be made, well who knows? The cure might indeed turn out to have been worse than the disease.


More CBC dishonesty.

These CBC reporters are either totally dishonest or completely clueless.

(May 2, 3:00 p.m.)

  • Total "confirmed" cases in South America - 189,958
  • Total "confirmed cases in Brazil - 92,109
  • Brazil's share of "confirmed" COVID-19 cases - 48.5%

  • Population of Brazil - 212,000,000
  • Population of South America - 430,121,065

Brazil's share of population of South America 212,000,000 / 430,121,065 X 100 = 49.3 %.

Brazil has a share of "confirmed" cases proportionate to its share of the population of the continent.

So what?

Notice there are no comments allowed below the CBC "report."


Brazil reports 6,750 deaths, so far, attributed to COVID-19. If Canada currently had the same proportional death rate, it would equal 37/212 X 6,750 = ‭1,178 deaths. The current death rate in Canada is 3,564 with measures in place to flatten the economy. That is more than TRIPLE Brazil's death rate.

The Focus on COVID-19 Is Hurting Other Patients: Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer

And this just in:

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