Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Just Ask your Pharmacist?

Yesterday, I went into a Shopper's Drug Mart to buy some ASA. While there, I noticed there was no one waiting at the pharmacy counter so I decided to ask the one person who was behind the counter a question that has been bugging me for some time now and that I HAVE NOT been able to find an answer for via internet searches or other inquiries.

I assumed the person was the pharmacist. He was the only one there, and he was wearing a long white coat. Who knows, maybe he was the janitor?

Anyway, I called out to him and said, "Excuse me, I have a question."

So he approached the plexiglass barrier apprehensively. When he stopped walking, about 500 meters from the barrier... just kidding... he was about a meter away from it, I asked him,

"Would you happen to know what the cycle value is for the PCR tests that are being used in Ontario?"

He didn't seem to hear the question. So I stepped to the side of the barrier in the hopes that he could hear me better from behind my lunatic-protection disguise, at which point, he withdrew a few meters in terror.

So I spoke MUCH LOUDER as I asked the same question a second time. He shook his head from side to side, indicating that he did not know.

So I asked him a second question.

"Are you aware of the controversy surrounding the reliability of PCR tests, especially when using high cycle values?"

Again, he didn't know.

I walked away thinking about all of those ads I hear about asking your pharmacist if you have any health care questions. Yeah, right.

I regretted not confirming with him whether he was the actual pharmacist as opposed to being the janitor, or the postage stamp clerk just filling in while the real pharmacist was in the washroom or something.

Here is a recent rant by Karl Denninger. I've been reading his stuff since I started smelling a rat in this whole scamdemic back in April and, for the most part as I have learned more over the last nine months, he has been bang on about almost everything.

No wonder he's so pissed off. I am too.

You Ready To Revolt Yet America?

"He also added that the body is capable of spontaneously clearing the virus"

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