Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Danger: Contains Information and Opinion that Contradicts Politicians and the Junk News Media

Edmonton Nurse's Speech - 15:57

This video is considered "dangerous" by Twitter.

It has reportedly also been censored by Facebook.

Questions could be asked about this video. Is this a real nurse? Is she telling the truth?

And if people are allowed to ask those questions it gives us all the opportunity to decide if this is indeed a "dangerous" video OR, if it is really something that powerful interests, including politicians and their medical advisors who MAY HAVE committed criminal negligence in their handling of Coronavirus, the Junk News industry who DO NOT WANT THE PUBLIC to even question because of the disastrous impact it would have on public trust in those institutions, and, of course, the pharmaceutical giants who do not want this fabulous profit opportunity to slip away from them.

It's not hard for me to believe that this nurse's report is highly credible since I have been studying politicians and the Junk News media closely for almost half a century and they have ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBILITY in my mind.


Doctors Speak out Against the Rushed Vaccines.

Very dangerous opinions.

Some of the opinions expressed in this collection seems a bit far fetched, even for me. However, I think the public should be aware of these concerns before they russh out to get jabbed.

Even more frightening, from my point of view, is the number of Canadians who support the idea of mandatory vaccinations.

What strikes me as supremely ironic is the number of Canadians who are willing to goose-step into line when it comes to destroying their standard of living and their way of life in accordance with the "precautionary principle," when it comes to achieving climate stasis, or reducing the spread of a flu-like virus, only to do an absolute 180 on the precautionary principle when their lying politicians and Junk News allies tell them it's okay to take a brand new vaccine that was rushed into production in response to the greatest moral panic in history.

It's not that Canadians are that stupid. It's just that they don't possess the tools to make intelligent decisions. Mass censorship on social media doesn't help.

Corona The Simple Truth in Under 6 Minutes

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