Thursday, December 10, 2020

December 10 COVIDSCAM Roundup

Survival Rate Calculator


Corporations can Flout the Law. YOU CAN'T.

Panicked COVID Man


Viral Impact in England The Empirical Truth Part 1

Dec 3 2020

George Hook Show - with Professor John Lee - Viral Reality!

George Hook with Mr. Martin Feeley - Vascular Surgeon on Viral Realities!

December 8

CRUCIAL Viral Update Dec 7th - Europe and USA Explained!

You would think after overwhelming evidence not just during the current moral panic, but from a century of dishonest corporate news & millennia of lying political leaders, the public would have started to wise up by now.

You would be wrong.

Lockdown - The Dark Side of History. Are we Doomed to Repeat it?

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