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Two Ways to Go Insane

Hamilton's Industrial Devolution

Back in 1966, when I was about twelve years old, I used to be part of a street gang. We called ourselves, "The Creek's Raiders." The name was derived from our hangout and smoking refuge at the intersection of "the Creek" and "the Black Road" which existed on the south side of Mohawk Road in Hamilton before that area was developed. It was roughly in the area of what is now the south end of West 18th St, Lynbrook Drive, and Elgar Avenue.

I am not proud of it, but some of our activities involved mischief like "Knocking on Ginger," throwing snowballs at cars, petty vandalism, and lighting the occasional brush fire. (In those days, no one blamed the fires on climate change but there was little doubt about them being caused by human activity.)

Violence was rare, as were religious, racial, or gender issues. Even back then there were skin color gradients among us but no one gave a shit. Moms stayed home and dads went to work. Our world was pretty monochromatic. People said, "Merry Christmas" without looking over their shoulders. There was social cohesion. Diversity was a fact of life barely worth mentioning.

There was no internet in those days. Television broadcasts, on the seven stations we had, ended at about midnight. Other than shift workers, people were asleep at night and awake during the day. When not causing trouble, we busied ourselves building and renovating tree forts, building and floating rafts in the creek during the spring thaw, fishing at the Grand River in the summer, playing football, and baseball, and hiking.

We also did a lot of cycling. Though the seeds of Communist ideology had already taken firm root in Canada, they had not yet started to grow like weeds. We didn't realize that we needed "help" from politicians to get around on our bikes. We just did it. Therefore, the lack of bicycle lane traffic obstructions was not seen as an impediment. In effect, we took advantage of the plethora of unofficial bike lanes that did, and still do, festoon the city.

Hamilton was known as "The Ambitious City." I don't even know, off the top of my head, what it calls itself today.

Reflecting back on the puerile thrills I used to get from the juvenile misanthropic activities we engaged in, I realize how truly innocent we all were. Especially when it came to pointless destruction. The damage we caused was trivial compared to the stunts being pulled by Canadian politicians at all levels today.

"Ambition," and "industrial" have become dirty words.

The good news is that the members of the Creek's Raiders eventually grew up. Little did we know or expect that our puny activities would be institutionalized by our politicians once the seed of communistic thinking had begun to grow and flourish in Canada, and the West in general.

Now I am old and my attitudes have really changed. I find myself extremely irritated by those idiots who drive around with stereos in their cars that generate seismic disturbances on city streets just to bug people, and by those idiots who get paid by taxpayers to constantly invent other ways of aggravating people who drive cars.

I remember how childishly proud I felt back in 1967 when one of my friends reported that the West Mountain reportedly had more mischief complaints than any other part of the city. That would have been us. Today, as I watch the City of Hamilton being re-engineered as a result of the gang that populates our Clown Hall, I can only imagine how some of the "decision makers" feel when they see massive traffic jams in the core and how they too must be thinking, "that would have been us." I imagine arsonists also experience the same emotion.

Originally written in the late 1990s. Slightly edited.

Two Ways to Go Insane

Recent Hamilton Spectator Headline:

Push for two-way streets gains momentum

How Stupid Can People Be!

The downtown core in the city of Hamilton has been declining for some years now.

Take a walk along King Street and you can't miss the depressing sights of the stores and small businesses.... once bustling with commercial sitting vacant... with no customers... and only ghosts at the registers.

Sure, there are a few places still hobbling along, here on King Street.... as the photo (right) shows. But anyone who has lived in Hamilton for a while knows it used to be better.... much better !

Well, have no fear Hamilton, things are going to get better. You see, we have a whole crew of brain surgeon types working on new plans to revitalize the core!

What are some of the ideas these brain surgeon types are coming up with?

In an article in the Hamilton Spectator Ken Peters gives us a great example:

"Hamilton politicians believe a call to make King, James and John two-way streets again is headed in the right direction.

The return of two-way traffic to the three main thoroughfares after nearly 40 years would occur by this summer if a citizens' lobby group has its way. The streets have featured one-way traffic since 1958.

A recently formed Hamilton Downtown Two Way Streets Group won support yesterday from the city's planning and development committee for its proposal.

The group says it may make a case for turning Main Street into a two-way thoroughfare in future.

The move to two-way traffic is expected to create greater traffic congestion in the core, thus creating a more pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians while improving storefront visibility and tourism opportunities."

Well whaddaya think of THAT gem! Two-way traffic is expected to create greater traffic congestion in the core, thus creating a more pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians!

Yummy.... all those engines idling away... yup should create a mighty pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

You can just hear Fran calling up her girlfreind Megan to go shopping downtown, "Megan, I just heard the on the radio.... traffic's backed up for miles downtown... it's creating a really pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians. Why don't we go and do some shopping!"

Well, if greater traffic congenstion is called for why stop at two-way streets? Why not quit repairing the roads!? Let those potholes proliferate. Imagine what a combination of two-way streets and potholes will do to revitalize the core!

Why, no doubt pedestrians will find the experience so damn pleasant they will begin to have orgasms. Hell, if the potholes don't cause orgasms then a few strategically placed road construction sites with cranes and huge craters should do the trick. Hamilton could become a tourist Mecca what with flowers on the traffic islands and massive, hair ripping, traffic jams in the core.

(Update, 2020: The city has indeed adopted this idea of pothole proliferation by creating hundreds, if not thousands, of artificial potholes, A.K.A. - speed bumps on city streets.)

"I don't know of a successful downtown in the world that isn't congested"
Alderman Marvin Caplan said in voicing his support for the concept.

Let's see if we can expand upon Mr. Caplan's thinking here. Mr. Caplan observes that successful downtowns, at least the ones he knows about, suffer from congestion. He concludes that congestion must be the reason for the success of these downtown areas and happily supports proposals to deliberately create congestion in Hamilton's core! See what I mean about brain surgeons?

I used to go to a lot of Rock concerts back in the 1970's. At every one there were line-ups and crowds of people jostling to get in to see the band. In other words, there was a lot of human congestion. In accordance with Mr. Caplan's thinking we can suppose then, these concerts were not successful because of Pink Floyd or Super Tramp or the Rolling Stones or what have you. No, these concerts were successful because of all the human congestion that occurred around them.

"I can think of no successful Rock concert without crowds" we can easily imagine him saying. Clearly then, if the line-ups and crowds were there, even Fishin' Wire Eddy could become a flipping millionaire! This, of course, begs the question, "If we want to make Fishin' Wire Eddy a millionaire how do we attract the crowds?"

"I don't know of a successful downtown in the world that isn't congested" --Marvin Caplan

Create congestion and everyone will rush downtown to visit places like the ones shown here. These are just a couple of examples of the community which extends

over most of Hamilton's Barton Street. Barton Street never had to worry about losing it's "vitality" due to efficient traffic flow... it has been a two way street all along.

(Update, 2020: Barton Street hasn't changed much since I took those photos back in the 1990s despite an additional twenty + years of rejuvinative two-way traffic flow.)

Can anyone guess where Bob "Flower Power" Morrow perches on this issue?

The Spectator says

Mayor Bob Morrow supports the proposal to revert the three streets to two-way traffic.

"I am convinced on the philosophical side and from the nuts-and-bolts side that it makes a whole lot of sense. I think it is one good ingredient to the recovery of the downtown, and this could be a tremendous shot in the arm."

Maybe we can get Hamilton's core to look something like this, (left) section of Barton Street, ey Bob? Just another example of the "Nuts and Bolts" of two way traffic. Perhaps Sheila Baby will turn the "Closed" sign around.

And really.....the philosophical side? Excuse me but is this guy for real? What is the "philosophical" side of this issue? If anyone knows please clue me in! I suspect it relates somehow to the fashionable leftist notion that the private automobile is evil and any government action to make driving unpleasant is therefore laudable regardless of whether screwing up traffic revitalizes so much as a single abandoned warehouse.

The Spectator article continues:

Group member Helen Kirkpatrick, a founding member of the Greater Downtown Development Corp., a defunct advisory group, says the two-way plan has the backing of the Hamilton-Halton Homebuilders Association, Durand Neighbourhood Association, Hamilton Society of Architects and International Village Business Improvement Area. The proposal was a key element of the Hamilton Downtown Ideas Charrette report presented to city council in October by the Hamilton Society of Architects.

Another shot of the vibrant two-way Barton Street (right) leads one to wonder whether any of the members of the groups mentioned above have ever visited a two way street.

Jonathan Diamonds, evidently, is located on a section of Barton Street that was not sufficiently congested even though traffic does indeed travel in both directions in front of it. Perhaps the owner should have requested a stop sign in front of his property. Or maybe he should have hired a fake road construction crew to hang around out front having coffee breaks after digging a gaping hole in the road. Surely then a whole army of frustrated drivers would jump out of their cars to take advantage of the pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians thus created... and they'd also be overcome by a sudden urge to do some shopping, no doubt!

(Update, 2020: Many of Hamilton's residents are sorely disappointed in the Ford government's decision to cancel the LRT. It would have created a really pleasant atmosphere for both drivers and pedestrians for another full decade, not to mention all of the lost opportunities for congestion-induced shopping sprees.)

Ms Kirkpatrick said civic politicians must choose whether they want the core to be a street-friendly place or a thoroughfare for quick-moving vehicular traffic. "It comes down to a choice. Are our people a priority or are cars a priority?"
What the heck is "street friendly" supposed to mean? It's probably just another Spec typo. She probably said "people friendly." Who cares... it's a load of hogwash anyway.

It really does seem as though everyone who advocates a return to two-way traffic clog suffers from mental caplitis (irritation of the caplan wrought by inflammation of the colon). Ms. Kirkpatrick clearly sees quick-moving traffic and "street-friendliness" or "people friendliness" as mutually exclusive values. Slow traffic down, she seems to believe, and hoards of happy pedestrians will suddenly descend upon the core and start buying stuff.

The boards will come off the storefronts and the bums will find other hangouts as everyone rushes from Limeridge Mall, Eastgate Mall, the hundreds (thousands and counting?) of new establishments on the mountain and in surrounding communities.... as everyone rushes from these places into the core of Hamilton to take advantage of the pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians created by traffic hell!

"It comes down to a choice. Are our people a priority or are cars a priority?" -- Helen Kirkpatrick

"We see this proposal as not an end point but part of the beginning to the revitalization of the downtown."

Yeah right.... as the pictures here clearly show... the "revitalization" of Barton street started eons ago. I guess they forgot to go to the next step. Or maybe they would be satisfied with that vibrant community in the photo... the one in the black hat... taking advantage of the pleasant atmosphere and "street friendliness" here on one of Hamilton's longest two-way streets.

What's the next bright idea? A "Johnny on the Spot" on every corner?

You should be be able to find more reports on the two way street issue by visiting the Hamilton Spectator Home Page

And remember, if you get stuck in some horrendous traffic snarl in Hamilton next summer, just get out of your car as fast as you can. The sooner you become a pedestrian the sooner you will benefit from the pleasant atmosphere. If you can find a place to park that doesn't cause an unpleasant atmosphere in your wallet....

Update: January 2020

In the end, the only time you can seriously expect a politician to fulfill their promises is if they tell you, up-front, that their intention is to screw things up. That is because, even though they don't seem to be able to efficiently repair pot-holes, nor prevent sewage leaks, nor control the climate, when it comes to screwing things up, they are the undisputed masters.

They said they were going to screw up Hamilton traffic and by gosh, they have been stunningly successful.

Update: January 13, 2020:

Hamilton's Industrial Devolution roars on.

This just in. Funny how it came to me AFTER I posted this blog entry and a new video about the Bay St. fiasco.

The vandalism is set to get a whole lot worse in 2020.

From the Hamilton Catch Newsletter,

Moving away from cars


Saturday, January 11, 2020

Ontario Race-Baiting Report for January, 2020.

Definition: Race-Baiting.

Ontario Race-Baiting Report for January, 2020.

Shree Paradkar

More psychopathy from Shree Paradkar's Twitter rantings.

"CBC Fifth Estate’s Passport Babies producer says focus was on the shadow industry + health care burdens. I find it mind-boggling that they negatively portrayed a demographic that is the target of xenophobes in B.C. and were oblivious to its implications:"
8:58 AM - 10 Jan 2020

In this screed, Shree blames concerns over foreigners sucking Canadian taxpayers dry via birth tourism on, wait for it.... racism. In her mind, of course, it's all about racism. Shreee says, "In this current build-a-wall era, media portrayals are allowing an insignificant unknown number of legal but controversial births to become proof positive of the scamming foreigner stereotype."

As if an unknown number of legal scam births could in any way be indicative of foreigners taking advantage of Canadian socialism.

More from Shree:

"Feel dispirited by the anti-Blackness of brown folks who do the job of whiteness. I’m going to leave it at that for now."
10:54 AM Jan 09, 2020

Shree's going to leave it at that for now. Good.

"FFS people, stop saying Eye-ran and Eye-raq."
11:25 AM - 8 Jan 2020

Of course, she leaves it to her fans to point out that the practice is "racist." And if I pronounce yogurt as "yogurt" with a soft "O" what does that make me?

Also reminds me of the ridicule I've received from many Americans over the way we Canadians say, "roof." --- Woof! Got to love it, ey?

"Study by @KanikaSamuels examined nearly 6,500 cases between 2007 to 2013 for differences in how a young person was treated for two common offences: simple drug possession or minor theft charges."
6:07 AM - 7 Jan 2020

From the Star - "But, she found, the outcomes varied with the race of the young accused. Black youth — who at the time of the study represented about six per cent of Durham Region’s youth population but 14 per cent of those caught for these offences — were charged in 19 per cent of cases, whereas white youth were charged in 16 per cent of cases and youth of all other racial groups were charged 17 per cent of the time."

I'm not going to even try to analyse those numbers because that would be racist.

"Good, good. Now do white privilege."
5:51 AM - 7 Jan 2020

In response to, "I don't think anyone can seriously argue that if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's last name wasn't 'Trudeau' he'd be PM today. The Liberal party certainly wouldn't have chosen Justin Smith as their leader, given his resume at the time."

Shree Paradkar is described as "the Toronto Star columnist devoted to issues of discrimination and identity."

"Devoted?" No shit. I use the word, "obsessed."

Andray Domise

"The truth is, what we know as "The Western World" was built on, among others, the blood of enslaved Africans, indentured Indians, and the mass slaughter of Indigenous peoples all over the planet."
4:10 PM - 4 Jan 2020

If Mr. Domise were honestly interested in "the truth," he would try to broaden his knowledge of world history a little bit. Perhaps then he would know that victims of slavery, indentured servitude, and mass slaughter are by no means restricted to Africans and Indians.

Furthermore, his implied claim that all of that which makes the West a desirable destination for black and brown people from across the globe was because they actually built the west is too stupid to be stupid. So where does that leave Mr. Domise? Stupid? Or dishonest?

I mean, seriously, if they built the West, why on earth did they neglect to build their own countries?

For example, in my earlier working years I worked in factories, the building trades, and in the Alberta oil fields. I can drive around Hamilton today and see buildings that contain my DNA - from my blood and sweat. Among these are:

  • 50, 60, and 70 Jerome Cres.
  • 70 and 75 Glenburn
  • 75, 85, and 95 Barlake
  • 44, 50 Glen Rd.
  • 150 Charlton Ave. E.

to name just a few.

While going to college from 1981-1983 I worked on a framing crew building houses, mostly in Burlington, in the area of Upper Middle Road. Those were long days in the hot sun. By the end of those summers, I was a brown person building a small part of the West.

There were very few, if any, black and brown people building these homes in "the West" at the time, but I bet there are a lot of black and brown people living in them today.

I guess I was one of those unidentified "others" who helped build the West.

To hear ingrates and perpetual belly-achers like Andray Domise smear every productive white person who ever lived is a bit much. Don't you think?

Mr Domise is a person of color who has discovered a way to make a living by riding the wave of liberal inspired ethnomasochism in Canada. Whomever the black people who "built the West" were, we can be certain of one thing, Andray Domise wasn't one of them. He has, however made an apparently successful career out of tearing the West down by cashing in on his status as a victim.

"From 1968 to 1972, the World Trade Center was built by 500 men, 200 of whom were Mohawks.

Remember “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper,” the famous 1932 photo of 11 men sitting on a steel beam high above Manhattan?

“As many as four of these men are Mohawks,” Lemmon says." -- (source)

I suppose if he could get away with it, Mr. Domise would claim that the rest were enslaved Africans and indentured Indians.... among others.

"From 1968 to 1972, the World Trade Center was built by 500 men, 200 of whom were Mohawks". -- (source)

Matthew Green

Matthew is clever enough to avoid putting his own thoughts into words on Twitter so I have little to report on him at this time.

You can get some indication of where his sympathies lie, however, by observing who he likes to reTweet on his feed. If it stirs up racial animosity, he's all in. If it stokes envy, he's in. If it favors foreigners, he's in.

One thing that gives me a chuckle is the frequency with which, in conversation with random acquaintances, or passengers when I was still driving a cab people would reply, "Oh, you mean the racist?" whenever I mentioned his name.

Desmond Cole

Desmond Cole is another person of color who discovered that he could make a living as a race-baiter in Canada rather than doing any actual work.

The criticism applied to other prominent race-baiters in this essay apply equally to him.

Banned from Twitter

I was recently banned from Twitter. What happened? I'll use their words:

What happened?
We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically, for:
  1. Violating our rules against hateful conduct.
    You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.
    • Hans Wienhold
      @_SJPeace_ Why stop at ICE style family separation? Hang the parents from the nearest lamppost and send the child to one of those slave markets in Pakistan. (Also if you don't know a muslim or have a friend that is, u do know. follow)
As a result, we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features. While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you’re limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers –– no Tweets, Retweets, follows, or likes. Learn more. Your account will be restored to full functionality in: 12 hours and 0 minutes.
You can start your countdown and continue to Twitter once you:
  • Remove Tweets that violate our rules
If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can appeal the violation.

I made the prohibited remark in response to another very successful race-baiter on Twitter who calls himself "StanceGrounded" as if to imply he adheres to some set of immutable principles the nature of which, outside of his obvious hatred of everything and everyone Western and white, are impossible to discern.

Curiously, he has a pinned Tweet at the top of the porcine provender he serves up daily to his schlop-gobbling groupies showing himself heroically being escorted out of an apparent Trump rally for yelling, "All Mexicans are rapists." Go figger!

Also, impossible to discern is who he really is. In addition to the "StanceGrounded" fake name his Twitter handle is "@_SJPeace_." His list of followers is impressive, running at about 340,000 as of this morning, yet I have been unable to find anything out about who he really is using the usual internet search tools.

Mr. Grounded had posted a video of a young white girl throwing a hissy-fit after opening a Christmas present and finding a Black doll.

I've been around long enough to know that kids can throw tantrums for a myriad of reasons. For example, perhaps the little girl had requested a specific toy and, upon opening this gift and discovering it was not what she asked for, she freaked out.

But according to Mr. Stance, "This was an experiment conducted to see if the racism they teach their daughter actually had been taught." I did another internet search to see if Mr. Stance's claim had any sources and came up blank. Already familiar with his schtick, I surmised that he had simply imagined it to be true.

Mr. Grounded went further,

"Its these types of parents ARE WHY RACISM STILL EXISTS TODAY.

White superiority, white supremacy is TAUGHT.

These are the parents that should be separated from their children and detained.

(Also if you don't know a muslim or have a friend that is, u do know. follow)"

(-- emphasis: mine.)

Without any apparent evidence, Mr. Grounded calls for family separation and detention. Without presenting a shred of evidence he has already pronounced the family guilty and prescribed the punishment. In my book, that's just a mild form of lynching.

Hence my sarcastic, and ultimately prohibited reply,

"Why stop at ICE style family separation?

Hang the parents from the nearest lamppost and send the child to one of those slave markets in Pakistan.

(Also if you don't know a muslim or have a friend that is, u do know. follow)

Twitter has told me that the only way I will be allowed back into their left-wing echo chamber is if I recant my Tweet.

Since then, if I try to log on to Twitter I am greeted by the following screen,

It should be obvious to all but the most brain-dead liberal that my comment did not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease, unless the reader is stupid enough to think I was seriously advocating the more severe punishments for this white family than those Mr. Grounded was prescribing.

Tweet 1 of 1
Hans Wienhold
@_SJPeace_ Why stop at ICE style family separation? Hang the parents from the nearest lamppost and send the child to one of those slave markets in Pakistan. (Also if you don't know a muslim or have a friend that is, u do know. follow)
By clicking the above button, you are removing the content of your Tweet and forgoing the option to appeal this violation. Please note that the original content will be replaced with a notice stating your Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules. This notice will be accessible via direct URL and from your profile timeline for 14 days. Learn more.
If you think we've made a mistake, submit an appeal to us. Please note that should you do so, your account will remain locked while we review your appeal.

I went through the appeal process once and was denied.

It will be a cold day in hell before I allow myself to be acclimated into self-censorship in order to comply with Twitter's left-wing acceptable speech code double standards.

Accordingly, I have just two words for Twitter,

Fuck You!

I have been criticized from time to time for the tone of my writing. People have said, "You know, you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar." But why would I want to attract flies?

Finally This

Which came into my mailbox just a few minutes ago.

I am proud to say that I have already added my voice to the conversation.


‘Being Nice’ is Now a ‘Tool Of White Supremacy,’ Says Social Justice Group

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Movie Review: "The Terror."

I got segued into a series on Prime called, "The terror."

I like to do 90% psychological turns from time to time, by which I mean, sometimes I get an itch to just drop everything I'm doing and head out in a different direction. That's how I ended up working on oil rigs. It's getting harder though.

And that's how I ended watching this horror flick,

The Terror.

It's very good despite its lack racial and gender balance, though there is some hanky-panky going on which, given the circumstances, (or not,) seems entirely plausible, at least in my, now deviant way of thinking..

It's about British explorers looking for a North-West passage to reduce the cost of global trade. Makes sense.

So far, other than the all-white, male crew, two other human characters participate in the main drama on the ice who are not British. They are Eskimos.

Oh, and there is also some mysterious bear-like creature that is central to the plot. So far, I know very little about him(?) other than he(?) rips people's heads off and slices them in two with very sharp teeth and claws.

Okay, so it's a horror flick. I don't much go for horror flicks. These days, that which passes for comedy is marginally better than that which tries to pass itself off as horror. Or maybe I'm just watching the wrong horror flicks and that's why I think most are sub-80 puke.

The Eskimo girl builds a wonderful igloo. I was thinking, "The British explorers should learn to do that too. It could come in real handy, given the environment." And the "environment."

Next, it occurred to me that one reason some cultures accomplish more than others is simply because they have so much more raw material to work with. The Eskimos are very good at what they have to work with, which is ice, and not much else. And they can live on next to nothing. (with the caveat: what do I really know about Eskimo knowledge? Exactly nothing. Other than they know how to build igloos.)

The Europeans are, on the other hand, accustomed to so much more than just ice. Notwithstanding the fact a knowledge of ice could really come in handy for them in this show.

I think Thomas Sowell was thinking along similar lines while pondering the cultural stasis that seems to have engulfed most of Africa prior to the arrival of Europeans. I remember him mentioning, for example, the paucity of rivers, and the comparatively smooth African coastline as being early impediments to the distribution of goods, services, and information.

In fact, who am I kidding? I wouldn't even be thinking along these lines if I hadn't read some of Dr. Sowell's books in the first place. Nothing parallel about it.

I was loving the political purity of this series, "The Terror," until I got down to about the last minute or so of episode 4, where the good doctor, Goodsir, apologetically explains to the Eskimo lady that the reason the British had invaded this almost entirely vacant patch of transitioning ice was to facilitate trade.

(and whether it was their conscious plan or not, to facilitate the distribution of goods, services, and information which would end up making the people of the world, what? Better off? Or worse off?)

Yuck! "Trade?" Where's my Antifa sign?

And you could tell that he believed that the misfortunes that had thus enveloped his crew were attributable more to the unknowable, to them, offense they had committed against the polar bear monster, or some conspiracy between the polar bear(s) and the indigenous people. (some kind of cultural genocide. Metaphorical smallpox. (the politically incorrect form of Black Death.)

And there it was. That one sour note, like the one piano key in Enoch Light's second "Roaring Twenties" album.

"Trade," he confesses. You can see the self loathing. The ethno-masochism. The shame.

Such a dirty word.


Along with "goods, services, and information at a constantly reducing price." You can see the utter, self-abnigating shame the doctor feels for the regime he is, nevertheless, serving. And was born into.

These white interlopers came up here, into this vast expanse of cold, and ice, and zeroness, not seeking to conquer, but simply to find a pathway through to a different destination.

And STILL the congenitally evil capitalist white man has to apologize to the fictional Greta Thunberg character.

Century Manor

Friday, January 3, 2020

More CBC Censorship


I hope the boyfriend was driving an electric car at least.

"Squire also had to convince Chelsea's boyfriend to take a day off work to drive them all the two and a half hours to Stockholm."

And of course, two and a half hours back. What, no rickshaws available?

"Squire wasn't sure Thunberg would be there. It was the holiday break. Maybe she was somewhere else, or took a day off to be with family. But Squire had to take a chance to meet her climate change hero. The three made the drive to Stockholm."

So the five hour drive was predicated on the mere chance of a meeting.

"Squire, who won the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2019, did the most Canadian thing. She apologized for taking a jet across the Atlantic instead of a sailboat, which Thunberg recently used to get to New York for her address to the United Nations."

Yep, the words Uber made famous, "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission."

"But I only had a week and I really wanted to see my daughter."

Well, since you're such a committed virtue-signaler, we'll make an exception for your hypocrisy.

(I'm going to post the above to their comments section. Any bets as to how long it will survive? Not polite enough? I'm in no mood to be polite over this interminable bullshit.)

Okay. I removed the word "puke."

You can visit the CBC communist propaganda page by clicking here.

Of course, you won't be able to read my comment there.

It took less than two minutes for them to hide it.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Seeking an explanation and apology from the CBC

Dear Mr. Bratina,

I am writing to complain about being mistreated by your government's news organization, the CBC.

I am seeking an apology and an explanation from the CBC for their abusive behavior in regard to censoring some of my comments on one of their pages.

On Monday, December 30, 2019 the CBC posted an article in the Business·Analysis section titled, "What you can do in 2020 to keep the world from burning up," by Don Pittis.

The article included a comments section. As I write this note, almost 4,000 comments have been published with the exception of my own.

Initially, I posted two comments on the site. My comments showed a healthy skepticism with respect the climate change narrative that has so dominated the news these last three decades.

Here is the first one,


"I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for it to get warm enough to go fishing again.

To speed things up, I rented some greenhouses in the country near here and turned the CO2 generators on full blast. Then I opened all of the windows. I also kept my car running 24/7, even while parked in the driveway. It seems to have worked somewhat since this Christmas has been unusually warm and there has been little snow. I also try to eat as much meat as I can afford.

I have been doing my part to prevent another ice age from coming despite Liberal policies aimed at making Canadians freeze in the dark.

And of course, I celebrate Earth Hour every year with gusto!"


I included a link to a YouTube video of myself celebrating Earth Hour back in 2009.

Celebrating Earth Hour.


In accordance with CBC's commenting guidelines, my comment contained absolutely nothing that could be described as offensive and likely to expose an individual or a group of individuals to hatred or contempt on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or mental or physical disability - as you can plainly see.


I posted a second comment which was also clearly within the stated CBC guidelines that you can read in the screenshot here,

The link in the screenshot points to
Hiding The Hot Past
by Tony Heller.


A short while later, I observed that the CBC moderator had disabled both of my comments. It was quite obvious that the reason my comments had been hidden from public view had absolutely nothing to do with violating CBC guidelines. I can only conclude that the moderator was abusing their power for personal reasons. Perhaps they didn't like my tone, or my opinion, or my name. None of that should play any role in determining whether or not others have the opportunity to hear my position on these issues.

This marginalization of my contribution to public discussion really hurt my feelings and did palpable harm to my sense of personal dignity and self worth. I've been trying very hard to stay away from alcohol and marijuana but this painful episode was almost enough to start me off drinking heavily again.

I realize that, given your party affiliation, you probably do not sympathize with my opinions on the climate change debate, but do you not agree that I have as much right as any other Canadian citizen to participate in that debate?

If you do agree that I have a right to civic inclusion in Canada, then I wonder if you could use the facilities at your disposal to contact the CBC moderator who has treated me with such heartless indifference and, at the very least, obtain an explanation or justification from this person, or persons, as to why my opinion does not deserve to be heard along with the other almost 4,000 people who did have their comments published. (Many of whom, by the way, are in clear violation of CBC's stated guidelines by attacking others based upon what they clearly regard as mental disabilities.)

It would be even better if you could get that person or persons to admit to their wrongdoing and provide me with a personal apology in addition to an explanation.


For a more complete picture of this horribly painful experience at the hands of this publicly funded news organization I have included several more screenshots of my deleted comments which, after the first two, represent my muted protests at this form of editorial bullying.


Thank you for your time and patience. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Hans Wienhold
Stoney Creek, Ontario

Please note: I reserve the right to publish your response on my blog and in any areas of social media that have not, as yet, adopted the CBC's exclusionary policies.


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

My wish for 2020 and beyond:

As posted in the comments section of We asked: What are your 3 wishes for Hamilton in 2020? and removed by their commissars within the next 20 hours.

Our LGBTQ+ communities, our black and Indigenous communities, our Muslim and Jewish communities, and our disabled communities, to name a few will never have another bad year. 

There will be no more austerity budgets and there will be loads of money to invest in people, in housing, in sustainable infrastructure and transit. No more time will run out and no one will ever die again. Our elected officials will recognize that and act.

Large groups of people will organize and say "enough is enough." Then smaller groups of people, like Hamilton ACORN, the Disability Justice Network of Ontario, Environment Hamilton, and the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion will call all the shots. Dissenters will be incarcerated or executed, or put to work building bike lanes and speed bumps.

No child or adult should have to wonder if they will be safe or if they will wake up from the frigid weather because they have no shelter or wonder if and when their next meal will be. Therefore, the government should tax all private income 100% at source and provide each member of society with their right to food and shelter. All fossil fuels should be banned to save the planet and deliver these rights.

Bring back life skills to elementary schools like how to fashion tools out of stone and how to hunt for fish and game.  

All members of our community and vulnerable persons will feel included and heard.

Bullying will become a thing of the past, unless you try to avoid paying taxes or misgender someone. Or smoke a cigarette indoors.

Let's put a real value on the tremendous natural assets we have in Hamilton. The entire city of Hamilton should be turned into a Greenway to allow local city residents to walk and cycle their way to local nature trails to experience the mental and spiritual rejuvenation that millennia of our ancestors naturally have imbedded into our DNA.

Let's go back to the way things were before Europeans invaded and stole the land. Then everyone will have housing and stable communities.  No one lived on the streets in 1491.

Every tenant in Hamilton has the right to a safe and healthy home. Therefore, anyone who has the means should be drafted into labour gangs and put to work providing these basic human rights.

Once we have achieved all of these goals more people talk to their neighbours and get involved in their building, neighbourhood and city.

People power!


My wish is that all of the people of white, European ancestry, who have stolen this land from the aboriginal people (with the exception of those of Portuguese and Spanish extraction) be deported to Central and South America to deal with the problems they have caused down there. It's only fair.

There can be no better way to achieve an LRT, clean water, climate stasis, free housing, free dope, civic inclusion, social justice, and female Santas. There will be no crime so we won't have to worry about rehabilitation. 

I don't know if we'll still have indoor bathrooms though.

This wish was inspired by We asked: What are your 3 wishes for Hamilton in 2020?

Now this...

and this...

The purge continues. Now I've been sentenced to the CBC gulag.

I'm wondering if it was just one violation, or all three?

I think I'll go with uncivil sarcasm. How could they tell though? After all, my long comment was just a non sugar-coated version of the Communist Broadcasting Collective's own party line.

That's the thing about the left though, they don't like it at all when you spell out their agenda in words that even their opiated masses of "useful idiot" followers can understand.

Think about it. The CBC is the de facto propaganda organ of Canada's governing elitesp . Their Stalinesque "No man? No problem." approach to monitoring (and governing) opinion and information is a foretaste of how they would like to govern all of society, as an open prison camp. (as Alex Jones or someone similar pointed out prior to being de-personed themselves.)

I'd consider voluntarily moving to Central or South America, though I somehow doubt the progeny of the Conquistadors would welcome me with open arms either, even as they, themselves, are being encouraged en masse to become Democrat voters in the U.S.

Where else could someone like me go? The range of options seems to be getting smaller all the time. I certainly could NOT go back to where I came from since the U.K. and Germany have already become more extreme versions of CBC ideology in concrete political form - not just censorship but real fines and jail time. (Though there are no firing squads and labour camps, at least not yet.)

Where else is there? Russia? Who'd've thunk I'd even be considering THAT just a few years ago?

Hopefully my enthusiastic support for Putin's water-carrier in the White House will make it easier to get my Russian green card.


No Man. No Problem.

Global Internet Censorship Lockdown Begins In Canada

Same with Canada.

Abundant Lives

"And then once you realize how it's being powered, that it's using bodily system and bodily waste, then there's also this repulsion factor — and the insect once you see that insects crawling around."

This wearable vest grows a self-sustaining garden watered by your own urine

Thursday, December 19, 2019

BS Detection Services Provides Essential Investment Advice

Uncertain times make it especially difficult to decide how you should invest your hard earned money. Bonds? Stocks? Cash? Gold? Beer and Smokes?

Well, here is a bullet proof solution....

by Harvey "M" Stwartkeimer
Financial Advisor, a volunteer at the League for the Short of Money.


Though recently bankrupt myself, I, Professor Harvey "M" Stwartkeimer have given a great deal of thought to reversing my situation.

The importance of compiling and publishing a list of fairly commonly used investments that can cause either ThinnItis (Thin Wallet) and/or Money loss is self-evident.

Usually, these problems are reversible; that is, the Money loss is corrected when the investment is discontinued. But there are still infrequent times when this change can be permanent. If someone is experiencing a Money problem or if there is a Money disorder in the family, it is imperative the Financial Advisor be aware of this fact. If a person has bought into one of the investments found on this list, (s)he should speak to the Financial Advisor to see if another, potentially less foolish investment could be used in its place.

This information is very important to a Financial Advisor. Armed with it, (s)he may then be able to promote an investment that would have a potentially less mitigating effect on money. The likelihood of having a problem with money from the use of one of these investments is usually extremely small. The investments with the greatest potential to cause a money loss are usually used only in life-threatening situations.

Remember, the Financial Advisor is the person best qualified to determine which investment is best for you. It is important that (s)he be aware of not only any real or potential problems concerning money, but also of any other conditions which may be present that would influence the selection of investment.

Investments That Can Cause Money Loss

  • Mutual Funds
  • GIC's
  • Saving's Accounts
  • Real Estate
  • Gold
  • Stocks
  • Bonds

The loss of money with the above investments appear to be closely related to the amount of money invested and are almost always reversible once these investments are discontinued.

The best investments are lottery tickets. Yes, it is true buyers of lottery tickets don't always win. But the one's that do will often find they have won enough to buy another lottery ticket investment. An investment approach can be used to buy a fixed dollar amount of the same lottery ticket on a regular schedule over a long time span. This will reduce the average cost per ticket because some winning tickets can be used to purchase the next batch.

In Ontario, lottery tickets are produced by the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation), a Crown Agency, created by the Government of Ontario. The Government of Ontario is currently run by a group of people who really care about Ontarians. We can trust them if they tell us about all of the wonderful things that can happen to us if we buy their tickets.

One thing that may puzzle the new lottery ticket investor is the disclaimer on the OLG website which says, "(OLG) products are designed for the entertainment of adults in the Province of Ontario, Canada."



It seems unlikely anyone would buy lottery tickets just for entertainment purposes. I mean, does anyone really buy into that crap?

But Gov. Inc. keeps on pushing the idea so it must be a good thing. Right? (Think of nice things Gov. Inc. has done for you. Think of "Family Day," .... a "gift" from Dalton McGuinty - what a nice man. He wouldn't be trying to con you, would he? I mean, he really cares about YOU!)

I have designed an experiment to test the theory that people buy lottery tickets for entertainemt purposes. You need a table, a chair, a pile of blank pieces of paper and a garbage can. Go to some place like a hospital or a nursing home where you see someone selling instant lottery tickets. Except for the lottery tickets they are selling they will have exactly the same equipment as you; a chair, a table and a garbage can.

Next Step: Set up your table, chair and garbage can and put up a sign which says, "Blank Tickets for Sale - Entertainment Purposes Only." If after several hours of experimentation your garbage can has nothing in it while the lottery seller's can just get's fuller and fuller you will have shown that consumers are really not entertained at all by the act of buying pieces of paper just to throw them into a trash container.

No, the real reason people buy lottery tickets is as an investment.

One good investment is the "Cash for Life" instant lottery ticket. According to the OLG website, The Cash for Life Lottery has, in addition to the $1000 a week for life jackpot, "Lots of additional cash prizes, including $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000."

All the successful lottery ticket investor needs to do is win the jackpot or one of these additional cash prizes, of which, we are told, there are "lots". So you see, you don't have to worry about winning the grand prize right away. Go for one of the "lots" of additional cash prizes then re-invest your winnings in more lottery tickets.

After a period of time you will get up to one of the "lots" of $50,000 prizes. With $50,000 smackeroos you can now invest in 12,500 more Cash for Life tickets which will give you 12,500 in 1.25 million chances of winning the grand prize.

This intelligent approach to lottery investment has now brought the investor to a point where his odds of winning have been greatly increased. Where only one Cash for Life ticket gives the owner 1 chance in 1.25 million of winning the grand prize our smart lottery ticket buyer has narrowed those odds to 1 in 100!

Even if our investor doesn't win the grand prize this time he will almost certainly win something. For example, there is one chance in 2000 of winning a $50 prize in the cash for life lottery. So our investor has an excellent chance of winning 12,500 divided by 2000 equals 6.25 $50 prizes for a grand total of 312 dollars and fifty cents!!!

By re-investing this $312 in more lottery tickets at $4 each our investor can now buy 78 more Cash for Life tickets! The odds of winning $10 in the Cash for Life lottery are 1 in 83.33. One does not have to be a wizard in math to see that our investor, with 78 tickets has an excellent shot of winning the $10 prize. He will also have a shot at some 2X, 3X and 4X wins as well as some of the smaller $6 or $4 prizes.

Say our investor has managed to win $20 on his latest investment. By putting these winnings back into lottery tickets he has the opportunity to win even more money!

Through the magic of disciplined and wise lottery ticket investment our hypothetical investor has made quite a lot of money for himself. First there was the $50 grand. Then there was $312. In the third round of play our investor earned another $20.

Without doing hardly any work at all our investor has made himself a cool fifty-thousand, three hundred and thirty-two dollars in just three rounds of play!

Of course, it may have been noticed that our investor isn't left with too much money at the end of this first cycle of investment. As stated above, Lottery investment requires a great deal of self discipline. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Time in the lottery market will eventually pay off handsomly. The odds are that if you are consistent you will eventually win the grand prize.

For example, if you buy one Cash for Life ticket a day the odds are that you will win the grand prize in 1.25 million days = one-hundred and seventy-eight thousand, five-hundred and seventy-one weeks = three-thousand, four-hundred and thirty-four years - almost four millennia (about the length of recorded history).

This is not as large a span of time as it may seem, especially when compared to the age of the earth (4.5 billion years.)

Certainly, lottery investing requires a lot of time and patience. It is a good idea to get your children and grandchildren into the game as soon as possible. The amount of money that can be won is nothing short of amazing when time is properly factored in. For example, if you, one of your children, one of their children, and so on for the next 4.5 billion years were to buy one Cash for Life lottery ticket per day members of your family will have won the grand prize one-million, one-hundred and twenty-five thousand times by the time earth is only twice it's current age.

Skeptics may balk at this advice by saying that the purchase of one four dollar lottery ticket a day for the next 4.5 billion years would end up costing $6570000000000 dollars (6.57 trillion dollars) but they forget to take into account the "lots of additional cash prizes" that will be won during the same period.

Something to think about?



Government lotteries monopolized by Gov. Inc. .... always coming up with new ways to, pick one:

a) improve your life?


b) rip you off?

You decide.


The Information on this rant is provided for education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness, or fitness for any particular purpose. The Information contained in or provided from or through this rant is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice, astrology advice, relationship advice or any other advice. In short, it is not intended to be anything at all. The Information on this rant and provided from or through this rant is general in nature and is not specific to you the Lotterty Ticket Buyer or anyone else. YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY DECISION, FINANCIAL, INVESTMENTS, TRADING OR OTHERWISE, BASED ON ANY OF THE INFORMATION PRESENTED ON THIS RANT WITHOUT UNDERTAKING INDEPENDENT DUE DILIGENCE AND CONSULTATION WITH A PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN OR GANGSTER/LOAN SHARK. You understand that you are using any and all Information available on or through this rant AT YOUR OWN RISK.

RISK STATEMENT - The trading of stocks, futures, commodities, index futures, lottery tickets, U.S. dollars or any other securities has potential rewards, and it also has potential risks involved. Trading may not be suitable for all readers of this rant. Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own independent financial or professional advice... or go to the nearest convenience store and see if they have a sign that says, "Big Lottery Winner Bought Ticket Here." Do not buy *any lottery tickets* before first confirming with the clerk that the "Big Winner" claim is, indeed, accurate.

The Pathetic Life of the Inveterate Lotto Dreamer