Thursday, September 7, 2023

Meta Censored #ClimateScam Video - September 7, 2023

In case you haven't noticed, the Junk News fear porn machine has been running in overdrive this summer in a effort to jackhammer the #ClimateScam into the brains of as many somnambulists as possible. This has all been going on as the Hamilton area has experienced one of the mildest summers in memory. Note that whenever the Junk News weather broadcasts highlight pleasant weather, they NEVER append the familar "Experts say it is linked to climate change" mantra to those reports.

The clear purpose of this summer's massive brainwashing effort is to provide lubrication for the massively destructive, possibly even lethal policies (see video) of "green" politicians everywhere. Their goal is crystal clear. They want to completely de-industrialize the planet, driving billions into poverty while they themselves float comfortably above it all with their fancy dinners, private jets, and oceanfront mansions.

The #ClimateScam has reached a critical point. If the population doesn't wake up, wake up soon, and start ferociously pushing back, there will be hell to pay. This March of Folly has to end!


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