Monday, August 24, 2020

Forced Confession

The first time I was called a racist was before I even used or knew about the internet, back in the early 1990s. It was on the dial-in Compuspec bulletin board. Then, as now, I enjoyed writing and publishing my political opinions to circumvent the censors in the Letters to the Editor departments.

My offense was advocating the abolition of welfare. I was immediately attacked as being a racist, which struck me as supremely ironic since it revealed the biased racial assumptions about welfare recipients that my attacker held.

Around the same time, I recall, there was a debate in Hamilton about changing the taxi bylaws to address the epidemic of fare fraud that had struck the city. The taxi industry wanted the bylaw changed so that drivers could request up-front payment of the fare.

I laughed out loud when I read a report about our local councilor, Sam Merulla's opposition to up-front fares. He said something like, "It would fuel racism." What racial assumption was he making to arrive at that conclusion?

So, it was clear, even thirty years ago, that racial issues would permeate and pollute all political dialogue from then on.


August 2020

I had never heard of Brian Petz before a friend sent me the link I posted and commented on yesterday.


"I am a white man. I must confront my own racism" by Brian Petz.

from the Hamilton News, Aug 23, 2020.


My comment on the link was,

"What a pathetic schmoo.

Notice he gives not a single example of the allegedly anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQIA+ statements that he has made.

That is not helpful, especially in 2020, when saying something as innocuous as "all lives matter" can get you branded as a "racist" and ruin your life.

And where defending freedom of speech, or the right to self-defense, or the right to own private property, or free markets, [or historical statues] can get you de-platformed and beat up for being both a "racist" and a "Nazi."

The kind of self-hatred this guy spews really makes me puke.


Update: I want to apologize to Mr. Petz for calling him a schmoo. I now realize that he was acting under duress, no different from the gulag-bound serfs who were forced to sign "confessions" in the basement of the Lubyanka prison, or the religious dissenters having their muscles and bones stretched and their eyes gouged out in the Tower of London in order to extract "confessions."


Here is my latest comment:

Brian Petz says in his article, "If you googled me right now, you’d probably conclude I’m a racist."

So I thought I would google the guy to get a little more background as to why he wrote this embarrassingly self-debasing "opinion" piece. I put that in quotes because it is apparent that he wrote this "opinion" not because it is actually his opinion, but because he has been attacked and threatened, by left supremacists, with losing his job.

If I were in the same boat, I would probably crawl along the floor and lick the boots of the people who wield the real power in this country too.

(One good, non-leftist reason to phase out urinals is this - have you ever noticed all of the splash-back that goes onto your shoes? Though I have noticed some recent improvements in urinal design, designed to minimize shoe splashing. The newer ones look like those recovery cones – typically used to keep dogs from scratching or biting injuries - that Maine wait staff have been forced to wear lately. This device is particularly handy for politicians who piss in your face and tell you it's raining.)

I had already imagined such a scenario when I owned a taxi license. Knowing the types of cowardly, low-integrity public officials who sat on Hamilton's taxi tribunal, it was obvious to me, years ago, that all it would take was a complaint from some race-baiter over almost any of my social media posts and I, too, might be forced to lick the feet of these low-character politicians.

Number one on the Google results page links to Ryerson University’s independent student newspaper, The Eyeopener. (Oh, boy! Here we go!) It IS an eye-opener.

Here is one of his "racist" comments,

“Giving away money for nothing is exactly what is wrong with our immigration system. We need people to come here who are motivated to succeed, not motivated to receive.”

As I suspected, his support of the traditional Western formula for success makes him a "racist." Of course, I do have a bias on this issue as an immigrant myself. When my parents came to Canada in 1955-56, there was no massive welfare state. Therefore, there was absolutely no question as to the motives of most immigrants at that time.

"The west has been so successful because of the virtues and values of Christianity. The left hates Christianity. This is why it supports both Islam and LGBTQ. The only thing they have in common is that they bother Christians - LGBTQ not so much anymore - I'm not religious but I see the values and traditions of the West as founded upon."

Well, it's pretty clear, unless you've been hiding under your coffee table during this whole pan___ic, that the left hates Christianity. So I guess telling the truth is also "racist." (and "Nazi.")

The Eyeopener goes on to say,

"In another public comment from November 2016, Petz wrote that people “coexist peacefully” until they feel their culture and identity is “threatened.”"

I like the way the reporter put the quotation marks around the word, "threatened," as if only a racist, or an insane person, could make such an observation while rioting mobs destroy every vestige of the culture and history of the West in cities all over the U.S.A., and elsewhere.


"He also wrote that, “importing millions of third world immigrants” into North America “will not end well, just like the attempt to colonize India and Africa didn’t work out. The [I]ndigenous people rejected being supplanted and bred out of existence and you’ll see the same thing here.”"

I guess the author is not aware of the misery and turmoil cultural, economic, and racial diversity has already caused, not just in the west, but globally, universally, and throughout history.

The report goes on,

"In the same comment, he wrote that “cultural Marxism” and a “false construct of a hierarchy of oppression” makes white people feel “ashamed of their heritage” and “will backfire violently.”"

Again with the quotation marks, as if only an idiot or a Nazi could hold such a view, despite a campaign of white demonization that has been escalating all over the West ever since, at least, the 1960s.

I know it. I have the "lived experience."

There's more in that report but I'll end with this one,

"Petz also made a public comment in October 2016 about former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “She should be hanged by the neck until dead. I really hope if Trump wins, she goes to jail, and dies there. None of this Gerald Ford type amnesty shit,” he wrote."

I'll admit, the part about capital punishment is a bit extreme. If I were King, I would sentence Hillary to spend the rest of her life doing something of actual value to humanity - like cleaning toilets at a bus terminal.

The message is clear. If you have an opinion today that does not conform to the dominant leftist ideology, keep your mouth shut, especially if you have anything to lose.

In poorer societies throughout history, the average Joe had nothing much of value that could be taken away from him, hence the widespread use of torture and murder. In our kinder, gentler age, those in power no longer need to resort to such draconian measures. They don't even need to exile or lock you up. All they need to do is take away everything you have and ruin your life.

Be warned.

I am a white man. I must confront my own racism


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