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You Can't Post This

Facebook blocked me from posting this discussion hosted on Brighteon. They say it's "spam."

To get around this brazen and dishonest censorship, I embedded the discussion into my blog. I don't know if, or when, Facebook starts blocking openprison.ca as well.


Dr Mike Yeadon, is the former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd, talks about his grave concerns about the coronavirus jab.

If the embedded player doesn't work you can hear the podcast on Brighteon by clicking here.

What I have found astonishing, in my experience, over the last year, is the almost universal lack of real curiosity about COVID-19 on the part of the public. I have seen it in the comments on social media and in the personal interactions I have had.

The most tense "debates" I have had has been with people who are completely uninformed about the issue. For example, I had a debate on Facebook early last year with a highly intelligent Ontario schoolteacher who, nevertheless, attacked my opinion by alleging that I did not care about schoolchildren dying horrible deaths from infection. I already knew at the time that schoolchildren are barely at risk from COVID-19 and that, in fact, more die from the seasonal flu. A year later I find myself completely vindicated, notwithstanding efforts to keep the fear going by the constant seeding of "third wave" and "variant" stories with reports (but no numbers) of more severe infections among younger people.

I put the word "debates" in the previous paragraph in quotes because, in my experience, the most tense exchanges I have had has been with individuals who merely regurgitate Junk News talking points and if you dare question or rebut their claims, they resort to insults and other forms of attempted psychological intimidation. In other words, the greater their ignorance, the greater their certitude. They are nothing more than modern day Bible-thumpers.

It disappoints me that, in view of the enormous damage to our economy, the enormous collateral damage that has been done, and the stunning suppression of longstanding human rights, that so few people seem to be willing to ask, or consider, the question... "Has this all been worth it?"

The Harms of Lockdowns

It is so refreshing to be treated to sanity and common sense in this time of rampant anthrophobia and incessant Junk News propaganda.

If FuckYouTube censors the above video, you can find it below.

Concerned Ontario Doctors' Covid-19 Summit: The Harms of Lockdowns

Knut Wittkowski makes a very interesting point here. He is not the only one who has suggested that the lockdowns, by prolonging the presense of the virus and inhibiting the achievment of herd immunity, may have given the virus more time to mutate. If true, it will stand as another example of the tendency of government "solutions" to problems to make those problems much, much worse. And that is WITHOUT taking into account the enormous collateral damage caused by the religious belief that politicians can cure sickness, control the climate, and part the seas by simply hammering down on their citizens.


This Montreal riot has Antifa/BLM written all over it. Now that the lying media and scuzball politicians are brazenly conflating anti-lockdown protesters with the fake White supremacy narrative, the infusion of Antifa/BLM criminals into the rallies would be a no-brainer.

Sadly, the same tactic would not work if, say, anti-lockdown activists tried to discredit Antifa/BLM by joing in with the burning, looting, and attacking of innocent businesses and bystanders.

'Absolutely unacceptable': Rioters set fires, smash windows in Montreal curfew protest

Alberta's Medical Experts Speak! April 12th - Edmonton

COVID-19 Statistics

If you familiarize yourself with the data on the following pages it will be much easier to spot how and when the Junk News media are lying to you every day. They do it mostly by ommission.

For example, a recent propaganda piece trumpeted the fact that the U.S.A. has had more COVID-19 deaths than any other country. By ommitting the much more meaningful number of deaths per million, they mislead a gullible public by creating a false, unscientific impression.

  • Coronavirus Dashboard (global statistics) Click Here
  • COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University Click Here
  • Provisional weekly death counts: Interactive tool (Statistics Canada) Click Here
  • All Ontario: Case numbers and spread Click Here
  • Testing volumes and results for Ontario Click Here
  • Hospitalizations for Ontario Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for Canada Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for U.S.A.Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for U.K.Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for Sweden (No mandates or lockdowns) Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for Belarus (No mandates or lockdowns) Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for Japan Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for Brazil (No mandates or lockdowns) Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for Peru Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for Chile Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for Australia Click Here
  • World Health Organization Stats for New Zealand Click Here
  • COVID Data Tracker for U.S. States Click Here
  • EuroMOMO: European mortality monitoring (graphs) Click Here
  • Global COVID-19 deaths per million of population Statista

I just came across this photo. In the absence of the scamdemic, one could easily interpret this bit of virtue signalling as an inducement to stop driving cars.

I went to the anti-lockdown rally in Simcoe on Saturday, April 10, 2021. There was a pretty good crowd.

I didn't see a single mask and everyone was practising "old style" social distancing instead of the now common anthrophobic distancing.

On my way home I stopped at two different stores to pick up some essentials, as currently defined by Ford's government. First I went to buy some smokes, and I went to the liquor store for some beer. What a let-down after the fresh air in Simcoe. BOTH of the cashiers were hysterical anthrophobes with BOTH of them insisting I stand behind the plastic fear barrier.

I am so sick of this BS.

I might go to another protest next week in St. Kitts or Niagara. Being around sane people is the kind of shot in the arm that I am really into.

Fomites or Aerosols?

Another Covid Myth Dies the Death

But.... since the beginning, Karl Denninger was convinced that the virus was being transmitted via the oral/fecal route.

Here is another expert saying the same thing as Denninger:

Dr Ramin Oskoui: "we got it wrong, masking doesn't work, asymptomatic spread EXTREMELY uncommon"

Regardless of the answer, one thing we in Ontario know, or should bloody well know by now, is that masks DON'T WORK!

Your Rights to Decline Mandatory COVID Vaccines

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