Friday, April 30, 2021

No More Fun For You!!!

If the stalinists on YouTube decide to erase this video, on the grounds ... well, they don't need to have any grounds, they are a private company.

What I mean to say is, if the Stalinist technique of "no man? No problem," should be applied to my video, you can watch it here.

Or here....

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Regarding the segment on the possibility that aliens might be probing our civilizations...

... or, judging by the way things have been shaping up lately,

... have already taken over,

I recently watched a couple of documentaries about the conquest of the Aztecs by AOC's ancestor, Hernán Cortés.

A seemingly stable power was, as it turns out, lethally vulnerable. It had an Achilles heel.

When AOC's ancestor arrested Montezuma, Montezuma exclaimed,

"You can't do that!"

Yet they did.

And when politicians told the people they could not visit their grandparents, or celebrate Christmas dinner with their families,

Some said, "You can't do that!"

But the majority went along with it. As they had been conditioned to do.

And in the end, about five-hundred guys with flintlocks conquered an entire empire.

An unidentified object is just an unidentified object, like Cortez' soldiers were when they set foot in Mexico. Word got around. The white Gods had returned.

The information was available. But no one interpreted it correctly. Oh, some people knew what was happening but, their voices were not heard. They were censored by YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

No one with collective decision-making power had access to the information. It had been deleted. Or "fact-checked" out of existence.

"Are you telling me the Sun doesn't rotate around the Earth! Who do you think you are? A doctor?"

The same thing happened on June 22, 1941.

There was hell to pay.

This Carl Tuckerson broadcast also contains a very interesting, to me, segment on race-based medicine, given that my own city has recently given priority to non-white citizens in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

Which might just come back and bite them in the ass if some of the warnings about the dangers of these experimental vaccines come out to be true.

It will be another example of the British distributing smallpox blankets to the non-favoured minorities of the day.

Diversity is not a strength when mixed with politics, especially when state paternalism is accepted as a fundamental principle. When politicians start picking winners and losers, the entire nation becomes nothing more that a dysfunctional family, bickering over parental favours.

"His cookie is bigger than mine! Waah! I am going to call the CBC, or the Toronto Star."

This is the "vision" of the commie inspired left.

When I use the word, "Marxism," I use it in the most fundamental sense, that need trumps ability, intelligence, and effort. If you earned it, it ain't yours. On the other hand, if you are a useless fuck, you have a right to all sorts of shit other people will be forced to pay for.

So long as "need" exists, no one has any rights.

Only obligations.

You owe.

And as markets go, this sets up a market where the most valuable commodity available for trade, albeit, politically skewed trade, hinges upon how little a person contributes to the welfare of other people, how well they can fake their misfortunes, or upon the colour of their skin.

If this bullshit continues, we will be at each other's throats for the next thousand years.

Marxism is a truly toxic ideology.

And there's alson this...

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