Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Biden Inauguration is Unlisted on YouTube

What does it mean to have a video "unlisted" on YouTube?

According to one source,

"In a simplified term, unlisted YouTube meaning videos with this setting will only be seen by the viewers having the link to that video. More generally, you decide and put a constraint on your video content that only those people who have that specific link of the video shall see the video content. Now the good thing is you can select numerous audiences by sharing the link with only those audiences which have concerns about such specific content."

So, As of 10:50 p.m. EST, The Inauguration of the 46th President of the United States has had 343,460 views with 3,800 upvotes amd, 18,000 downvotes.

Oh! And comments are turned OFF.

As for myself, I did not watch the inauguration. It would be about as interesting to me as watching two dogs sniffing each other's assholes. Strike that. Watching a couple of dogs sniffing each other's assholes would be more interesting. And a lot less pretentious.

Other News

Comments are turned off for this one too. Zero upvotes, one downvote, and 24 views.(As of 11:11 p.m. EST) That's even less views than I got on NewTube!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

"Is there a news source that is legit news and not propagana?"

"Is there a news source that is legit news and not propagana?"

Well, according to one thinker,

"Yes, it's called life experience. Pay attention to what's going on around you. Cross-reference what you hear. Seek the truth."

That's very good. No, it's perfect. I'm going to use it for a rant.

It's what I do and it works very well.

Of course, it doesn't always make you happy.

The smarter you are, the more miserable you are likely to be right now. It's better to be a fucking retard.

I think that may be why so many people resort to that crud they get from the corporate news media. They don't have to burden themselves with cross-referencing or using their eyes and ears. They get everything they think they need to know from the six o'clock news.

It always starts out with some litany of doom and gloom, but have you ever noticed how often it ends up profiling someone who has figured out a way to adapt to the new (imposed) normal?

How to do workouts at home. How to learn new fucking skills, like baking and mask-knitting? How some restaurant owner has deluded himself into thinking that he can survive this massive scam by offering delivery and pick-up? (Until the fuckers ban that, too.)

And how that fucking worm, Justin Trudeau, who never worked a day in his life, is working overtime to "protect" all of you fucking plebian idiots from catching a cold or tripping over your own fucking shoelaces?

Right. And he will be right there to catch you and to bail you out by sticking his greedy fingers into someone else's wallet.

And how not using cash makes a whole lot of sense. It's touchless. And traceable. And manipulable. As if phony fiat currency didn't already give the fuckers all of the fucking control they want. That's not enough for them.

They want it all.

They even want to control the content of your mind. By the way, that's what censorship is all about.

And how you shouldn't worry because people like Justin Trudeau, and sleepy old Joe Fucking Biden, are working hard to help you.

Just relax. Let those fuckers grease you up and slide it into you.

"I've got nothing to hide," says the "man in the street" in response to the question about some TSA agent sticking his hand down your fucking pants. It's all okay so long as it "keeps him safe." It's no different than letting his doctor stick his finger up his fucking ass.

Let's face it. If you're the type of guy who pays attention to what's going on around you, you've got to be pretty fucking miserable right now.

The checkpoints at all the places you go to shop. Precedent?

The idiots who believe that we have to commit socioeconomic suicide because of a "novel" cold virus?

The fucktards who believe we have to institute the equivalent of a Nazi regime because a couple of THEIR ideological cousins smashed some windows at the epicenter of crime and fraud?

The arguments and the fights at the supermarkets, on social media, and between treasured friends and family members.

Right. It's a price worth paying to save one life, even if it costs twenty million other lives.

The broken hearts, the broken dreams, the bankruptcies, the deaths.

Sadly, very few people are paying attention to what's going on around them, or cross-referencing what they hear, or seeking the truth.

They've become acclimated to having all of those things done for them.

When the hoi polloi have been trained to not think, those of us who do think are just as fucked as they are.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

You Have Stolen Their Childhood.

I finally finished watching the whole Catherine Austin Fitts interview. I think she's a bit out there, but a lot of what she says makes a whole lot of sense.

For example, the drive toward the elimination of cash as a control mechanism. The power to control what people buy is screamingly clear if anonymous cash is eliminated as an option. Forget about trading furs on the Six Nations Reserve, or making a few bucks shoveling snow or babysitting. But it won't stop there.

I went through a rehearsal a few years ago in switching my car insurance to that ex-cab I bought (See "Going Yo.") Even though I had the f'ng pink slip, the MTO REFUSED to renew my sticker until proof of insurance showed up on the IBC (Insurance Bureau of Canada) database. I didn't miss the significance of that. Computer-controlled access to the things you need. Absolutely NO POINT in arguing or pleading with the clerk. It's like a steel trap you just can't get out of.

I remember when I used to order my smokes from Switzerland. (Yesmoke.CH.) That ended when the US government - and probably Canada's - strong-armed the credit card companies into blocking tobacco purchases made with credit cards.

It's all downhill from there, to the point where the computers - and their programmers, will decide how many burgers you can eat in a week, just like they are already controlling what you can say (See: Social media censorship.)

Fitts: restricting your mobility to a five Km radius. They've got the photo radar going in my town, how many cars now have built-in GPS? Pleading with or arguing with the clerk will be a lot like fighting a photo radar ticket.

And eventually, that system will be rigged so that they won't have to send you a bill - the fine will be automatically taken out of your bank account. As will your grocery bill when you have been chipped and cashiers are no longer required in the supermarkets. It's already started with those self-checkouts. If you want to complain, they will give you a useless website to visit or a phone number to call.

You don't have to be fucking Alvin Toffler to see where this is all going.

I've been saying this for years. Nobody listens to a cab driver. Even one who is a climate scientist.

A lot of what they are aiming for in terms of control was listed in Stephen Milloy's book, "Green Hell" which I bought and read about ten years ago. Things like rationing meat and - restricting travel (Sound familiar?) are part of GangGreen's agenda and the WuFlu panic plays DIRECTLY into their hands.

"Everywhere you look, all you see is green. People are "living green," businesses are "going green," and consumers are "buying green." But soon, this trendy "green" lifestyle won't be voluntary-it will be mandatory."

(Man, I can't stand listening to these music radio hosts trying to pretend that this miserable New Year's Eve is anything to celebrate! If someone was cutting your leg off with a chainsaw they would probably find a way to tell you to be cheerful about it.)

I don't allow myself to get bogged down over whether the WuFlu pandemic was deliberately engineered, or whether it just turned out to be a good virus that could not be allowed to go to waste.

Poor Greta. She was a few years too late on the scene. Imagine if she had just waited a scant two-years before loitering outside the Swedish parliament instead of going to school.

Instead of saying, "How dare you" for daring to aspire to a middle class standard of living, she could have been protesting Sweden's refusal to impose lockdowns and mask mandates and gotten herself invited to the UN to scold everyone for not wearing a mask. How dare you!

I got shit from Twitter, as I recall, for daring to suggest that poor Greta was a child being exploited by sinister interests and that once her star stopped shining she would probably end up being a drug addict, like that babe from "The Supremes." How's she doing lately? She seems to have dropped off the Junk News radar.

And that thing of hers about stolen childhood. Isn't that rich considering what generation Alpha is being put through right now? Kept out of school. Forced to wear masks. Taught to be as terrified by human contact as their predecessors in generation Z were taught to fear the "deadly" effects of second-hand smoke? (Also a scam.)

And what about those pupils who already have trouble understanding what their teachers are saying? Do the masks help?

Not to mention that the Fams and the Tauci's will have the opportunity for an absolute medical control-freak's field day when it comes down to controlling your behavior if they deem it to be unhealthy. Eat your veggies or we'll crank up the voltage.

Is this the kind of world YOU want to live in?

The End

Except for this. I am amazed that this BILLIANTLY insightful video is still on YouTube. I made sure to download it just now for when they notice how powerfully it describes this "new normal" so many of us are waltzing into like the children of Hamelyn following the Pied Piper. (It's just a mask.) It's not the first time I've posted this video. I wonder what the ACLU's stand is today on the lockdowns and mask mandates? If anyone knows please leave a comment.

If the above video gets censored by YouTube, you can also watch it here,

45 Cycles

Unable to find an answer to the question that has been bugging me for a while now using internet searches, this morning I decided to resort to the old fashioned telephone method to find out whether the PCR test is what is being used in Ontario to come up with the recent pandemic of scary headlines about "case" numbers in this province.

I also wanted to know what the amplification cycle number is for Ontario PCR tests, given that even St. Fauci has declared that anything more than 35 cycles is utterly useless in determining the presence of the WuFlu.

It took me about an hour and at least six calls to get some answers.

What I found out was rather shocking from more than one angle.

First, and not so shocking, yes, the PCR test is the one used to determine the number of "cases" in Ontario.

Second, and this came as a bit of a shock to me even though it shouldn't have, a tech at an Ontario Lab facility told me that they are using 45 cycles in their PCR tests.


Then I guess he got a bit nervous as happens in Sovietized societies when one realizes that, perhaps, one has said too much and he asked,

"Don't mention that I told you anything about this (nervous laugh.) Okay? Because I am not authorized to give you this information. Okay?"

I told him I understood because people could lose their jobs over this and he said, "That's correct."

As I write this I sure hope he isn't the ONLY tech who works there because I would not want to see him suffer for the crime of telling me the truth.

During another call I made the person on the phone flatly refused to tell me what the cycle value is, advising me instead to ask my physician to obtain that number for me. I told her my physician was probably already quite busy and that I wasn't going to bother her with this. Not to mention that my physician might also be reluctant to become involved in the dissemination of such sensitive information for fear of the repercussions it might have upon their career.

So it turns out that there is probably a good reason, from the point of view, perhaps, of those with an interest in amplifying the COVID fear factor in Ontario, why the PCR cycle value is being treated as though it were some sort of a state secret.

So, until I hear differently, I will use the 45 cycle number for Ontario PCR tests.


Destroying the social and economic life of Ontario on the basis of 45 cycle PCR tests is sheer, destructive lunacy.

If the embedded video above does not play try using the link below,

"Science" Reaches Peak Idiocy

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Crimes of Poverty

Over the decades I spent in the taxi business in my city, I was the target of ‘crimes of poverty’ many, many times. This usually came in the form of fare fraud when a customer would ride in my taxi knowing they lacked the means to pay for the ride.

Early on in my "career," I tried calling the police on these practitioners of ‘crimes of poverty’ but soon learned that was an almost complete waste of time. The police would take forever to respond and, usually, the responding officer would say to me, "well, what do you want me to do about it?" About thirty years ago one cop told me he could give me the perp's name and address for a $3.50 theft and I could pursue satisfaction in small claims court. Even then I wasn't that dumb.

It was a valid point. You can't get blood out of stones. The only recourse, therefore, is to avoid the stones in the first place even if it means racial profiling. Over the last twenty years or so in the biz I never called the cops at all. I would just accept the loss and get back to "work."

Once I became experienced enough at sniffing out the rip artists, I was successful at reducing the frequency of these "crimes of poverty" to about 10% of what they were before I learned a few tricks of the trade. (Similarly, I was able to reduce the frequency of vomit incidents too.)

There was no other choice.

U.S. City May Pass “Duress Legislation” to Give Criminals “Poverty Defense”

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Just Ask your Pharmacist?

Yesterday, I went into a Shopper's Drug Mart to buy some ASA. While there, I noticed there was no one waiting at the pharmacy counter so I decided to ask the one person who was behind the counter a question that has been bugging me for some time now and that I HAVE NOT been able to find an answer for via internet searches or other inquiries.

I assumed the person was the pharmacist. He was the only one there, and he was wearing a long white coat. Who knows, maybe he was the janitor?

Anyway, I called out to him and said, "Excuse me, I have a question."

So he approached the plexiglass barrier apprehensively. When he stopped walking, about 500 meters from the barrier... just kidding... he was about a meter away from it, I asked him,

"Would you happen to know what the cycle value is for the PCR tests that are being used in Ontario?"

He didn't seem to hear the question. So I stepped to the side of the barrier in the hopes that he could hear me better from behind my lunatic-protection disguise, at which point, he withdrew a few meters in terror.

So I spoke MUCH LOUDER as I asked the same question a second time. He shook his head from side to side, indicating that he did not know.

So I asked him a second question.

"Are you aware of the controversy surrounding the reliability of PCR tests, especially when using high cycle values?"

Again, he didn't know.

I walked away thinking about all of those ads I hear about asking your pharmacist if you have any health care questions. Yeah, right.

I regretted not confirming with him whether he was the actual pharmacist as opposed to being the janitor, or the postage stamp clerk just filling in while the real pharmacist was in the washroom or something.

Here is a recent rant by Karl Denninger. I've been reading his stuff since I started smelling a rat in this whole scamdemic back in April and, for the most part as I have learned more over the last nine months, he has been bang on about almost everything.

No wonder he's so pissed off. I am too.

You Ready To Revolt Yet America?

"He also added that the body is capable of spontaneously clearing the virus"

Saturday, December 26, 2020

The 2020 Wuhan Flu - A Conspiracy of Bullshit?

No matter which side of the issue you find yourself on today, this documentary is worth the time.

It contains a valuable description of what a REAL pandemic looks like. When the Spanish Flu hit in 1918, the global population was less than 2 billion, yet the death toll was between 50 and 100 million. Today, that would equate to about 200 to 400 million deaths. The currently estimated death toll from the scamdemic is about 1.76 million or about 0.88% as bad as the Spanish Flu.

In 1918-19, countless millions of people's lives were ruined by the bug, itself, not by government edicts.

Today, the real virus is psychological, not biological.

To anyone who might claim that it would have been just as bad in 2020 as in 1918-19 if governments had not inflicted this unprecedented amount of economic, social, and psychological harm, it should be pointed out that not all jurisdictions opted to stumble into authoritarian dictatorships and the data, so far, shows that they have not fared any worse than those who did.

I have only watched the first two episodes so far but I will post all three here so that anyone interested enough to know if the last nine months of pure hell was even remotely worth it can watch it and make up their own minds - if it isn't censored that is.

And it has been pure hell for just about everyone.

In 1918, governments lost public trust because they played down the threat. In the event that the mass censorship attending the current crisis ultimately fails, public trust in government, Junk News, and Social(ist) media ought to, justifiably, have the same result for the opposite reason.


Doctoring the Definition