Saturday, November 4, 2023

Net Zero

The global race to net zero is a global race to democide.

Enough with this Liberal-directed, centrally planned existence. To hell with COMMUNISM.

Instead of bringing workers to the table, we should be forcing those lazy politicians sitting around tables, thinking they are the masters of the universe when in reality, they are a bunch of worthless Turds - to the work.

Did you see that clip a few years ago of that flaming charlatan, Trudeau, hammering a small nail into something? It reminded me of when I was four. The guy is a fleeking spaz. This is the guy we picked to fix the planet?

I realized years ago that just because I can flip a switch for light, turn a tap for flowing water - hot or cold, and shit in a toilet I had no right to feel smug or superior in comparison to South African hunter-gatherers, or North American Indians.

None of it was my doing.

It may have been around the same time when I made a hypothetical bet with myself. If I were parachuted into a forest wilderness somewhere in Ontario, with nothing but the clothes on my back and a knife, how long could I survive, assuming I was not immediately ripped apart by a grizzly bear or eaten by a hungry wolf?

Twenty-four hours?

Three days?

A week?

Could I even make a fire?

With all of my education and sophistication?

But if a native Indian, raised 500 years ago without one penny's worth of government education were dropped, say ten miles from me, who would survive the longest?

Who, under those circumstances, would have the better education?

So here we are, under the direction of a bunch of politicians who, if dropped another ten miles away would not last one day. They would waste all of their resources searching for someone to tax, or a table to bring people to. Trudeau would be too busy taking selfies.

It's a gargantuan scam that people in politics are never the ones making sure we all have food, clothing, fuel, and housing. NONE of the things we truly need and value are created or produced by politicians. Politicians sit at a table and divvy up everything that someone else created.


The fact that a majority of mankind has seen fit to tolerate this massive fraud for so many centuries simply boggles the mind.

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