Saturday, May 27, 2023

A Small Slice of Hamilton History

Confessions of a Hamilton Cab Driver

I wrote a book.

"Now, Hans Wienhold has published to Amazon his first full book, “Confessions of a Hamilton Cab Driver,” and it is a blast."

(See Rita Smith's review in Road Warrior News here.)

It's about my experiences over the years in the Hamilton taxi business. I threw a few opinions of mine into the mix.

From the description:

This is the story of one man's adventures in the Hamilton taxi business spanning the years from 1977 to 2018.

There is nothing particularly unique about my story. Every cab driver has his own. Not every cab driver gets around to writing a book about it.

Over the years I drove thousands of customers to their destinations. Most were happily satisfied with my service, if not downright euphoric.

While the stories told in this manuscript are derived from the way the taxi business operated in Hamilton, Ontario in those times, I am confident that any taxi driver, just about anywhere in the world will be able to relate to them.

Some will find my tactics in the trade disagreeable. Others will nod their heads knowingly. Politicians and their regulatory staffers will be outraged. They will certainly want to drag me in front of one of their tribunals to cancel my taxi driver's license and prohibit me from ever driving a cab again.

Too bad for them. I already quit.

Over the last four plus decades, I don't know how many times people have told me, "You should write a book."

Well, okay.

I just did.

Now all you need to do is buy it, and read it.

Confessions of a Hamilton Cab Driver.

(Also available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.


  1. Good review in the taxi mag.....fuck Amazon.

  2. Congratulations Hans. I know the effort it takes to write a book. Mine was posted on Amazon on Kindle in March 2023 ‘What to do about Climate Change, A Libertarian Proposal.

    Your Mises quote is perfect. The source of humanity’s troubles begin with politicians in most cases.n

  3. Thank you, Gene. Wishing you success with your book as well!


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