Thursday, May 12, 2022

Automatically Removed

This morning, I posted some comments to the Historical Hamilton Facebook group. It was instantly removed for containing prohibited keywords. The offending keywords were not included in the removal notice. Since there was no profanity, I was left guessing. Could it be the keyword, "woke?" One or all three of "authoritarian leftist demagogues?" Could it be "Leftist maniacs?"

Without any clue as to the offense, I accepted the invitation to edit my post. I decided to compose a completely different post so that it would be more compliant with currently acceptable views.

Here is the text of my original post with the offensive keywords included.

As a lifelong Hamilton resident, I am glad I now live in Stoney Creek. I lived in Hamilton almost continuously from 1955 to 2015, and I really miss what used to be a great, ambitious city.

These days, I dread the thought of going downtown every bit as much as I used to dread going to Toronto. However, I do make the occasional foray into the chaotic disaster that woke activists and local politicians have accomplished, just to monitor the damage. It's especially sad when you think about the number of Hamilton residents who support the authoritarian leftist demagogues who call the shots from City Hall.

The latest blow occurred just yesterday, when council voted to vandalize the last sensible street in the city. Leftist maniacs are hell-bent on bringing Hamilton to a stand-still.

Of course, cancel culture being what it is, it took no time for Historical Hamilton to block me after I posted my comments along with the following video and link,

A Defense of Two-Way Streets

Predictions from about 25 years ago.

Two Ways to Go Insane

Then I went back and posted the link to this blog entry. I guess it got by the keyword feature. Will it survive scrutiny from a human admin?

Final Note

I notice CBC closed their comments on this report,"Council votes to convert 'serial killer' Main Street to 2-way traffic" very quickly. I guess there were too many commenters pointing out the woke insanity that now forms the basis of most of Hamilton City Council's decisions.

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  1. When streets become killers and cars are murderers one must conclude we are living in an insane asylum.


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