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I don't really like sending emails to people I barely know, or haven't seen for many years, but I have been doing it lately because of the importance of the COVID-19 issue and what it means for all of us. If you would rather not receive correspondence from me on this, or any other issue please either reply with a simple "unsubscribe" or a "FOAD," depending on your disposition. Alternatively, you can simply flag my emails and have them sent to your junk folder. I would like to ask you though, if it's not too much, to resist the temptation to flag my email as spam. It's not spam. I am not trying to sell you razor blades or genital waxing.

The interview with Dr. Waters embedded below is one of many I have watched over the last two years with medical doctors who have had their careers ruined for daring to have a different medical opinion on the COVID-19 phenomenon. In many of them, as in this one, when asked how they ended up on the path they took, their answers bear a remarkable similarity to my own thought processes as this disaster played out.

In the beginning, around February 2020, I took the early reports of the pandemic seriously, even to the point of taking some preparatory measures like stocking up on canned food and water. I had plenty of toilet paper already. While I did not expect anything as severe as the Black Plague of the fourteenth century, I did think it might approach the severity of the Spanish Flu. Stocking up seemed a reasonable precaution in the event of widespread illness. Businesses might be distrupted as a result of the absense of sick and dying employees and I might decide to hunker down at home rather than risk being exposed to a deadly infection.

I have been a critical observer of the Mainstream Media, or what I call Junk News industry for almost half a century now. I have become quite adept at spotting BS stories when I see them, and Junk News never fails to provide them. Then when CHCH started posting their mortality scoreboard on every one of their "news" broadcasts, I smelled a flea infested rat. The numbers didn't add up. It was mostly the elderly who were dying, followed by people with serious co-morbidities like diabetes and obesity. Few of the victims were in the labour force. Economic disruptions were likely to be mild. That is, until politicians decided to "flatten the curve" by flattening the economy.

So I started doing my own research.

I started with an exploration of the mortality numbers. Not satisfied with the overall mortality estimates, I did my own calculations to derive population-adjusted mortality rates. The Spanish Flu, for example (see image below) is estimated to have killed 40 to 50 million people, world wide. Some estimates put the toll as high as 100 million, or more. Taking the lower estimate of 40 million and adjusting for population,

world population 1918 - 1.8 billion.
world population 2020 - 7.8 billion.

The global population had increased by a factor of 4.33 since 1918. A proportionate death toll from a Spanish Flu-like pandemic in 2020 would have thus been about 173,000,000 using the low 40 million estimate and 433 million using the high estimate. The current death toll from COVID-19 is reported to be about 6 million, or about 3.5% as severe as the Spanish Flu.

For comparison, the Hong Kong Flu of 1968, with a death toll of 1 million in a total population of 3.6 billion, would be about 2 million in 2020. Considering that the 6 million figure attributed to COVID-19 is highly suspect due to the corrupting influence of politics, and Junk News media, on the counting, it is very likely that COVID-19 mortality is in the Hong Kong Flu ballpark. Yet most of those of us who were alive during the Woostock era, were barely impacted. Half a million maskless, even stark naked hippies partied it up on Max Yasgur's farm and not one of them died of the flu.

Yet here we are in a situation that is comparable in scale to the Hong Kong Flu, yet acting, en masse, as if this were the Black Plague.

Self quarantine and mandatory masks didn't have to be mandated in 1918. And there were only newspapers, many of which were trying to downplay the impact of the influenza in the United States, for fear of impeding enthusiasm for the war effort. (Come to think of it, I am catching a whiff that the same phenomenon is kicking in now - along with a recent notice I got from LinkedIn which was a recruiting ad for the Canadian Armed Forces.)

One of the things the people relied upon at that time, were the lists of the NAMES of the people who had succumbed to the flu. Not that they even needed those in some of the hardest hit areas. Every neighbourhood knew of at least one home where someone had died.

Just like today, the Spanish Flu drove families apart, but not because of some crud they saw on the TV, or some choreographed press conference by a politician, or something they read on heavily censored social media. It was because of what they saw happening right around them. It was death. People had a good reason to be scared. It was reality TV without the cameras. It was the pre-capitalism-fossil-fuel-driven reality for most of human history.

If not for the Junk News media exploitation of this Coronavirus event, most people would have lived through it without noticing a thing. And the only people wearing masks would be the Chinese students who wore them anyway, regardless of mainstream panic porn.


... of my unsolicited opinion.

Listen to DR GERRY WATERS. He has inappropriate views. He is obviously an extreme misogynistic racist. Tell me how his professional opinion differs from my own, in any essential way.

By the way, I knew very early on that the ventlator obsession was a complete scam which would end up costing taxpayers a bundle, probably did more harm than good, but made a LOT of MONEY for some people.

Was I off base?

Well, how many times have you seen the Junk News media mention ventilators lately? Not a f*cking peep.

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