Saturday, May 18, 2019

Taxi Safety

To Styx's point about the internet, "People are too fucking saturated with material all the time to actually go out and snap and be violent."

Right on man!

It totally jibes with my observations over the last few years as a cab driver.

Pre-internet, a lot of passengers with a chip on their shoulder, or bored with existence, or terrified about the cost, or just looking for trouble would focus their attention on the driver. He should have run that yellow light, or cut through that alley or parking lot, or the meter is somehow rigged, or he is "going the long way around," or driving too slow, or driving too fast, or going exactly the speed limit, or "what nationality are you, I mean, originally."

They don't even ask whether anyone has ever puked in your cab anymore.

They are on another planet.

Since so many of them are now glued to their zombiephones, most of those "issues" have evaporated into the ether.

While I am absolutely no fan of the digital zombiefication of the population, this phenomenon did not escape my attention.

Forget about cameras and shields. Just install tablets and free wi-fi in all taxis.

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