Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Fuck YouTube

Below is another video that the Twitler Reich won't let me upload. I get around Twitler's censors by embedding the video here on my blog and posting its URL to Twitler. So far, so good. I don't know how long this will be allowed to exist considering that, for the time being, is being hosted by the Google behemoth.

It also contains footage that YouTube has removed, claiming it violates their hypocritical "standards." I have been expecting that for a while even though, I rarely put any of my political video blogs on their corrupt platform, and even when I do they get almost zero views.

Fuck YouTube

If the video doesn't play try watching it on the BitChute site.

Or on NewTube.

As a triple backup, I also posted it to Brighteon.

I have spent most of my adult life trying to figure out ways to avoid or evade the malevolent tentacles of the state. It wasn't without cost. I even got caught once smoking in my cab. That cost me about $300 which I calculated to be about $15 for each year the cocksuckers didn't catch me. I could have done a lot better materially if I had just settled down and been an obedient, productive cow.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

COVID Response Collateral Damage Update - March 16, 2021

I wonder what the idiots calling the shots are going to do to take the pressure off of the hospital system now?

How will they "flatten" THIS CURVE?

The link below takes you to a typical typical Junk News report, so you will need to extend your BS detection antennas to get some value out of it. As an aid to understanding this report, whenever you see the following terms, mentally replace them with my translations.

Term Translation
COVID-related lockdown-related
pandemic lockdowns

McMaster Children’s Hospital reports ‘unprecedented’ spike in eating disorders

I saw this disaster unfolding almost from the start and I wrote about it in my May 7, 2020 report.

Professor Warns Post-Corona Society is a “National Obedience Contest”


Some comparison Charts

Florida - No Lockdowns

California - Locked Down

Sweden - No Lockdowns Since the Start of the Panic

Ontario - Lockdowns




The Chinese variant of the Coronavirus farts in the general direction of pompous politicians and their hired minions.

Oops! Something Went Wrong in Twitler's Reich - March 16, 2021

Monday, March 8, 2021

WARNING! Canadian Doctors Speak Out

Portions of this video violate YouTube's terms of service.

That does not necessarily mean that the video is 100% true or correct.

In a free society, it is up to you to make that determination.

Also, Twitter is imposing a warning label to anyone who clicks on the link to this video on BitChute. They say, the "link may be unsafe." As in dangerous. Let me set your mind at ease, there are no viruses, malware, or fishing scams attached to the video. It is only "unsafe" or dangerous to those who want to control the things you see and hear.

YouTube version, while it lasts,

Newtube version.

See more at