Friday, November 19, 2021

What Will Living in an Open Prison Look Like?

This question has been answered. The libertarians and conservatives saw it coming.

Why keep pretending? We might as well all start saying "Heil Hitler!"

Martin Lichtmesz on the Dystopic Vaccinator Dictatorship of Austria

The public have become so befuddled they will probably buy into this one, too.

Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong!


Now sit back and watch the pinkoid schizophrenics go haywire.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

A Pandemic of the Vaccinated

When I read about the practice in the response to the Black Plague, I thought to myself, if the TV and the politicians told the masses to kill their pets to fight COVID, they would!


by Mike Lyons

Professor Block, a retired taxi driver with a Ph.D. in Bullshit Detection and Analysis would rather be spending his leisurely retirement years out on the uhm, ah, in the uhm, er, ... okay, sitting in a bar smoking cigarettes and drinking beer but he is not allowed to do that anymore ostensibly to protect innocent bystanders (which itself, is bullshit) even if they are wearing masks.

Up until the spring of 2020, it was common knowledge that most politicians and the entire corporate Junk News media are nothing but a bunch of pathological liars. Then it all changed overnight. The masses now swallowed every BS line they disgorged. That alone is worth an historical study.

How did this all change so rapidly? The population panicked. They saw videos of people dropping dead in the streets of China and heard about the entire population of Italy developing dark buboes around their groins and armpits, and choking to death on their own dark and bubbly blood as dark vans drove around the cities with megaphones blasting "bring out your dead."

So, panicky people all over the world started to do what panicky people always do. They went out and bought shitloads of toilet paper.

It didn't get any better. Driven by Junk News hysteria, cowardly politicians did what they always do when faced with a media-hyped problem. They did cartwheels. They huffed and they puffed. And then they got dangerous. They shut everything down without a millisecond's worth of thought as to the damage they were causing. The cost will be enormous.

This led to a twenty-one-month odessy of absurdities culminating, to date, in the scapegoating of a vulnerable minority in order to deflect the mass anger that should be directed at them and their Junk News enablers.

What is a retired taxi driver suppsed to do when he knows the "authorities" are lying through their teeth, other than try to figure it out for himself? Block may be way off base with his line of inquiry but someone has to find out what is really going on.

The latest horrific phase in this tragic saga is now being called a "Pandemic of the Unvaccinated."

"Pandemic of the Unvaccinated."

Have you seen what is going on in Austria? The unvaccinated are being forced to stay at home to protect them all from the vaccinated disease carriers. (See "Chicken Coup.")

If you haven't been "vaccinated" please try to avoid contact with those who have been jabbed as they may be sick with the Coof while displaying reduced or no symptoms.

Now check out yesterday's hospitalizations pie chart for Ontario. Those who have had at least one of the experimental injections now form a majority of those in hospital. Old Beijing Biden was wrong. The experimental mRNA injections do not provide sterilizing immunity. "You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations." Even the Junk News industry admits that now.

So as the asymptomatic Ontario disease-spreaders with broken legs and gunshot wounds flood into Ontario's hospitals, the cursed Coof will follow them, inducing a possibly deadlier nosocomial replay of the earlier viral waves, not to mention the generation of an infinite number of variants.

I feel sorry for those in the ICUs though. The majority of them are unvaccinated. So far. They are being blamed for the latest uptick in positive PCR tests in Ontario even though they only represent about 15% of the eligible Ontarians (12+) who have not yet availed themselves of the opportunity to virtue-signal on Facebook about their selfless heroism. "Daddy, what did you do in the Great Panicdemic?"

Now take a look at this chart and tell me if you notice anything strange:

Did you see it?

The previous two pie charts clearly showed the breakdown of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated "cases" with nice colour-coding.

The daily "case" chart does not provide the same colour-coded breakdown. Why not? If the claim that the Coof has now morphed into a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" is true, wouldn't you like to know what portion of the daily positive PCR tests are applicable to the vaccinated? I sure would.

Junk News does the same thing, no colour-coding.

Curiously, Junk News chose NOT to report the relative numbers of vaxxed vs. unvaxxed in this evening's "news."

My memory is terrible. I can't remember for sure whether CH has been screaming out the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed hospitalizations in the recent past and whether, when the numbers stop reinforcing their pro-vax story, they omit them. They quickly erase each evening's news broadcast on YouTube. I don't know why they do that but I do know that it makes it difficult to compare what, and how, they are reporting today's "news" with the way they did it yesterday.

As of this evening, the third YouTube ID I use to hold their feet to the fire, in addition to my real name and Arshlock Kumbork, in the live chat has now been shadow-banned.

Here is last night's Live Chat on CHCH "News." Mike Lyons, BeeFree, teddy fromoutside, and Missy bee are ALL GONE on tonight's "news" flush. Mike Lyons is moi. "Lesko Brandon" appears to be the sole survivor of this latest purge.

Lesko Brandon==>

Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.

Jamie Barnes==>

just shot 3people killing 2....done!

Elaine cat==>

yea more money for the government

Mike Lyons==>

Good Evening.

Missy bee==>

how many false positives was there in those numbers. people being forced to test and they are not even sick, another money grab for the government.

Mike Lyons==>

Lotsa moola for the testing labs & their suppliers.

Missy bee==>

numbers don't mean much. just to the scare the people who believe everything they hear on the news

Mike Lyons==>

ten bucks a day to have the government indoctrinate the kids.

Missy bee==>

yeah something strange about that. what's the scam.

Mike Lyons==>

and when they get out of the system a decade and a half later, they will be obedient little Liberal voters.

Missy bee==>

yeah, I shake my head when talking to my kid, she thinks so much different than I do.

Mike Lyons==>

the nuclear family has already been severely damaged. Not much left to do. Look for more crime and poverty.

Missy bee==>

The queen is in the news alot lately. maybe we will soon see some shocking news about her, lol

Mike Lyons==>

Read "Losing Ground" by Charles Murray for some insight. Welfare state demolishes families. Government cultivates obedient dependents.

Mike Lyons==>

Subsidized "news" purveyors fuel the agenda. Ditto for the climate/covid scam.

teddy fromoutside==>

communism: a way of organizing a society in which the government owns the things that are used to make and transport products( factories, ships, etc.) and there is no privately owned property

Mike Lyons==>

UBI and climate lockdowns are coming.


A study in October in the New England Journal of Medicine says the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against infection declines to 20 percent between five and seven months after the second dose.

Missy bee==>

they do things like that slowly so people don't even notice it happening.


Too many leftwing loonies have seized power and have run Canada into the ground.

Mike Lyons==>

Listen to the way B.C. rain storms are being covered. As if there were no such phenomena in the past. Population is being buttered up for full spectrum dominance.

Missy bee==>

I heard they are putting blood thinners in the kids vaccines to reduce the risk of blood cloths


According to the FDA in the USA, Pfizer added a heart attack drug, Tromethamine, to the children’s version of it’s Covid-19 jab. Why would Pfizer do this?? Myocarditis?

Missy bee==>

yes! thats the drug I was talking about.


Big Pharma recently introduced athe first ever oral blood thinner for kids. Coincidence?

Missy bee==>

apparently it thins the blood

Rick Parnell==>

CHCH says "MOST" are un-vaccinated. 141 ICU cases 64 unvaccinated. That's less than half, NOT most. 3 had 1 shot 13 had 2 so 61 are unknown. UNKNOWN if in ICU don't you think ICU would ask and know.

Missy bee==>

get ready, they will say heart attacks are common in children

Mike Lyons==>

Vaccinate kids to protect seniors?

The Aztecs used to sacrifice children too. And during the Black Plague they burned the vaccine hesitant... I mean witches. Killed their cats by the thousands.


I just read that in Italy they did a recount of people who died specifically of covid, not of something else with covid, and it reduced the previous claim of covid deaths by 97%.

Missy bee==>

14 days until your concidered vaxxed, could that be the reason for the missing numbers

Mike Lyons==>

Pay attention. This era will go down in history if the population ever escapes the hypnotism.


The majority of bad events occur within days of the jab. Why are you considered unvaxxed until 2 weeks after the second shot for reporting purposes? Maybe to make it seem the unvaxxed are the problem?

Mike Lyons==>

Some windmills and solar panels will be preserved as historical curiosities. "They really did that?!?!)

Missy bee==>

yes, makes sense to me.


If they got the jab they are already brain washed. There is nothing you can say or do to change their mind even with proof!

Mike Lyons==>

One doctor recently declared a death from "climate change."


I saw that Mike what a crock

Mike Lyons==>

the covid scam will simply merge into the climate scam. Legacy media doesn't even require Trudeau bribes. "If it bleeds, it leads."


Narrative falling apart and they're getting desparate and grasping at straws. They can't admit the vax doesn't work

Mike Lyons==>

I have to continually remind myself not to unconsciously normalize the wearing of my Coof disguise in the stores.

Missy bee==>

in 1970 they said we would have an ice age, in the 80s they said we already be under water by 2000 now its 2021 and we are all still here above water. lol

Chrons Black==>

biggest tax heist in history

Mike Lyons==>

Facebook censorship is becoming hysterical. YouTube is useless unless you like cat videos.


All the elites have waterfront property, they don't seem worried about "climate change"

Missy bee==>

no, not worried they all have private jets and yahts too.

Mike Lyons==>

"Global cooling" was a dog that wouldn't hunt. There was no way to blame the success of the capitalistic West. "Global warming" was a brilliant move. It had millions of ready-made Marxist supporters.

Missy bee==>

6uild 6ack 6etter.

Mike Lyons==>

"talk about it" she says. What a joke. When they switch from the Coof to the climate you WON'T be allowed to talk about it. True action on CO2 would drive most of us into grinding poverty.


Shoving climate change BS down our throats under the guise of a B.S pandemic . It’s not coming it’s here!


Internet censors on high alert

Mike Lyons==>

The true believer commies "recycled" themselves into climate alarmists. The "solutions" remained exactly the same. Global communism.

teddy fromoutside==>

Maybe look to Venezuela to catch a glimps of Canada in the future.

Mike Lyons==>@teddy fromoutside yes. Yes. And yes.


Soros funded professional protesters

Mike Lyons==>

I'm old enough to remember when you could wash your hands in a public restroom with real water flow. These days, with flower sprinklers it's a joke. Subtle, incremental deterioration in living stds.


Trydeau running Canada into the ground. Why are we importing oil?


Biden doing the same in the US


We’re all going to wind up in the “quarantine facility” gulag for questioning the UN agenda group think.

Mike Lyons==>

Ayn Rand called it back in the 1960s with her "Return of the Native." A.K.A. "The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution." Biden and Trudeau are misanthropic saboteurs.

Mike Lyons==>

Open Prison dot Ca


And doing a mighty fine job of it Mike

teddy fromoutside==>

Khrushchev called it in a quote in 1959."your childrens children will live under communism "etc...

Mike Lyons==>

but they wouldn't have a snowballs hope in hell if not for mass acquiescence on the part of the sheeple induced by publicly funded "education" and a corrupt corporate media.


We’ve been misled and lied to about these jabs from the get-go.from incompetents purporting to be medical experts. Unfortunately the political agenda is more important now than safety issues.

Mike Lyons==>

Look up Soviet KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, if he hasn't already been scrubbed from YouTube. In order to win, the misanthropes MUST erase history.


There is something that the UNVAXXED will always have in common with the VAXXED. Neither of them will ever be FULLY vaccinated.


tearing down statues for a start Mike

Mike Lyons==>

Again, I predict CHCH will soon disable commenting on this channel. Can't have dissent. Their shadow-bans are, obviously, not very effective.


That will be their loss Mike, chat best part of the news

teddy fromoutside==>

screwtube pays CHCH


What do you call a med student with a 60% average in med school?.........Doctor. Might explain our “health table” of “experts”. When did they last see a real patient?

Mike Lyons==>

with 85% of the population "fully vaccinated" and now creeping up on the portion of those in hospitals it's becoming hard to deny that the vax was a total con job.

teddy fromoutside==>

not a vaccine.


If the vaccines work why don't they work?

Mike Lyons==>

It's too stupid to be stupid yet, still, the people continue to indulge in "nodding dog acquiescence" as David Icke recently described it.


Deaths and cases are up since the jab, go figure. I thought this was a conspiracy theory?

Mike Lyons==>

good night all. Maybe we'll see each other tomorrow???

And tonight's Live Chat looked like this:

Lesko Brandon==>

Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.

"No man? No problem." == Joe Stalin.

"The majority of new infections is among unvaccinated individuals."

If that is true then show me!

The majority of hospitalizations are currently among the vaccinated. The majority of those in ICU are currently unvaccinated. Where is the data for the majority of positive PCR tests? The CTV report from which I took the above screenshot does not provide a source for the claim, other than a doctor who does not provide a source, either. Is he referring to actual data or is he just expressing an "expert" opinion off the top of his head? If you saw Joe Rogan's interview with chief medical correspondent for CNN, Sanjay Gupta you had a front-row seat to an "expert" flying by the seat of his pants.

Also, keep in mind that, as we have already seen what happens to any credentialled expert who dares question or oppose the dominant narrative, what do you think would happen to this doctor if he said anything different? (see here and here.)

I have a prediction. If the clear majority of people in the hospitals AND in the ICUs start to consist of vaccinated individuals, the Ontario government website will STOP providing those pie charts. (As they stopped providing the daily body counts a week or so before the Apartheid pass system went into effect in Ontario.)


You can't trust the government and you can't trust the Junk News media, especially now that Junk News is being bribed by the Trudeau government. If you think you can just sit back on the couch and get your recommended dose of intellectual nutrition from the Junk News industry your brain will just get fat and lazy. And that is exactly what they want.

But at least you will be able to wipe your ass.

More on the Pandemic of the Vaccinated

Fully vaccinated seniors made up nearly half of B.C.’s COVID-19 deaths in October

This just in from fellow scamdemic watchdog, KK.

"Notice no mention that they were know damn well if they were unvaccinated it would be a headline."

With numerous players in COVID protocol, NHL postpones Sens games through Nov. 20

Official Data Proves There Is A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated

Vaccinated people make up 75% of recent COVID-19 cases in Singapore, but few fall ill

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Are Vaccines Making the Pandemic Worse?

Booster Doses are Extremely Dangerous and They Will Make Everything Worse

'Most vaccinated' place on earth cancels Christmas'

Gibraltar Situation

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Friedman on Bureaucracy

This is something I wrote at least twenty years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't date it.

My how government does grow!

I came across a newsletter recently that reminded me of something I had read many times, in one form or another in the libertarian literature, over the last twenty years. I dug through my little book collection and came up with the following, from "The Tyranny of the Status Quo" - by Milton and Rose Friedman (copyright 1984, 1983):

"The key characteristics of bureaucrats are these: first, they spend other people's money; second, they have a bottom line, a proof of success, that is very distant and difficult to define. Under those conditions, a major incentive for every bureaucrat is to become more powerful --and this is true whether the bureaucrat is dominated by broad and unselfish interests or by narrow and selfish interests. In either case, being more powerful will enable the bureaucrat to pursue those interests more effectively. In most cases, the way for a bureaucrat to become more powerful is to have more people under his or her control --to expand the scope of whatever piece of the gigantic governmental structure is that bureaucrat's domain."

Here's what I read that made me think of this. It pertains to the Disabled and Aged Regional Transit System of Hamilton-Wentworth. This is just one relatively small manifestation of the disease which afflicts this country:

A SPECIAL THANK YOU Thirteen years ago, D.A.R.T.S. provided 90,000 trips to 1500 registered passengers using 16 vehicles and a staff of 25. The budget at that time was $700,000. This year D.A.R.T.S. has provided 525,000 trips to our 13,000 passengers using 45 vehicles, 35 minivans and taxis and a $7,000,000 budget. D.A.R.T.S. has successfully accomplished this growth over the years under the leadership and guidance of our Executive Director,..." etc. etc.

from the newsletter 'On Target with D.A.R.T.S.' November 1993.

Based upon the numbers for 1993, the average DARTS trip costs about $13.33. This is at least twice the average taxi fare for Hamilton. DARTS customers pay $1.70 per trip regardless of the length of that trip. Taxpayers pay the rest. In addition to the taxpayers being ripped off by this system, the artificially low fares are siphoning passengers away from the private (though regulated) taxi business which has already been devastated by the recession. Many of these ex-taxi patrons can easily afford taxi fare but choose instead to let their neighbours pay the bill. Who can blame them? They have learned, as increasing numbers of Canadians are learning...... in a cannibalistic system, it's 'eat or be eaten.'

Saturday, November 13, 2021

They Used to Burn Witches

Who is dying in Canada?

"Healthy young adults, adolescents and children who contracted the virus have been the least likely to develop severe complications from COVID-19, including death. In fact, 100% of the COVID-involved deaths of Canadians under the age of 45 as of July 31 had at least one other disease or condition certified on the medical certificate of death. The proportion of those with at least one other disease or condition decreases with age, ranging from 93% for those aged 45 to 64 to 89% for those aged 85 years or older." -- [Source]

Check out the following graph showing all cause mortality for Canadians of all ages since 2014. The pink line shows deaths in 2020. The incomplete dotted line shows deaths in 2021. It's easy to see that the pink line indicates excess mortality in Canada beginning at about the same time the Junk News media mounted it's terror campaign to induce panic in the population and spur cowardly politicians to overreact while giving ambitious health bureaucrats the opportunity to expand their scope and power. (Which is exactly what Milton Friedman said bureaucrats do.) Their primary ambition is to increase their own power and influence. Solving actual problems is a direct disincentive to problem solving.

Take just one example. How many government "jobs" in Canada are ostensibly aimed at the elimination of poverty? And how many of them would still have jobs if they were successful? Ditto for the climate warriors. These people need insoluble problems for their own comfort and prosperity. And if there isn't a problem in the first place, they will create one. (See climate warriors - big money in that artifical "job" - and that's why they slyly renamed the problem "climate change" instead of "global warming." They couldn't lose. If every molecule of human generated CO2 were terminated tomorrow, how much of your own money would you be willing to bet that the climate would just stop changing? Don't answer if you buy lottery tickets.)

Here is a screenshot of the numbers, by age for deaths in Ontario of people dying with positive PCR tests.

Out of a total of 9926 deaths in Ontario of people whose ages are known, 282 or 2.8% occurred in that group under the age of 50. The remaining 97.2% of deaths occurred in people 50 and older with positive PCR tests.

"Some deaths may have involved COVID-19 but were ultimately attributable to another disease such as ischemic heart disease, or an accidental injury such as a fall. These deaths do not consider COVID-19 as the underlying cause, but the virus was reported as being present on the medical certificate of death, either as a contributing cause or condition." -- [Source] [Italics mine]

Are these deaths being included in the overall body count? The six COVID deaths for people under the age of 20 reported in Ontario says they are.

"but the virus was reported as being present on the medical certificate of death"

Here is the Statcan chart for mortality in people aged 85 and over. There is a spike in deaths during the first wave. There is also a visible second wave corresponding to the 2020-2021 fall/winter flu season. If you compare this second wave to the fall winter lines for 2017-2018 flu season (red and purple,) they are almost identical. The peak in deaths for people in this age cohort occurs in week 17 (April) of 2020.)

Here is the same chart for Canadians aged 0 to 44.

The peak in deaths for people in this age cohort doesn't occur until week 29 (July,) well after the mandates and lockdowns exposed the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a total fraud.

"During the fall of 2020, younger people under the age of 65 accounted for 35 per cent of excess deaths — an increase from 14 per cent in the spring. About 95 per cent of deaths from COVID-19 during that time period involved people aged 65 and older." -- [Source] [Italics mine]


"However, more recently, the number of excess deaths has been higher than the number of deaths due to COVID-19, and these deaths are affecting younger populations, suggesting that other factors, including possible indirect impacts of the pandemic, are now at play." -- [Source] [Italics mine]

What does "other factors, including possible indirect impacts of the pandemic," mean? Junk News purveyor Global doesn't say. But it's not difficult to figure out what those "other factors, including possible indirect impacts of the pandemic," are.

Those other effects are the catastrophic, kneejerk, and ultimately inneffective response people in government imposed to externalize the cost of care for those hospitalized with positive PCR tests atributed to the virus and to pretend they were "doing something." Symbolism over substance is what we saw. "When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."

Jurisdictions like Sweden, South Dakota, and later Florida, chose not to kill the younger members of their populations with these "other factors."

I saw this happening at least as early as May, 2020. If a retired cab driver/climate scientist could see what was going to happen as a result of Jackboot medicine, how come the so-called "experts" did NOT see it? Did they even think about it? For one millisecond?

With the enthusiastic approval of crazed mobs, they used to burn witches too.

Not satisfied with the harm they have already done, they now want to vaccinate defenseless children. This is classic medieval stuff.

Explosive! Dr. Robert Malone: They’re Rushing Into Killing Children

Nov 11, 2021

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Chicken Coup

Toilet Ladies

It never escapes my attention when I hear a friend or acquaintance patronizingly recite the same bumper-sticker soundbites I heard the previous evening on the six o'clock edition of subliminal programming from "Hamilton's news leader," CHCH, while they pretend it's their own educated opinion. It's amusing and irritating at the same time. How can people be so lacking in self-awareness? Do they not know they are unconsciously parroting the soundbites that are embedded in their minds by establishment propaganda?

Last summer I spoke with a woman who told me she doesn't bother watching the corporate junk news. What she said next struck me as significant. "I just let it play in the background while I am doing something else."

That's even worse! You are letting their slime ooze into your mind unconsciously. After that, I pretty much stopped listening to my car radio and started wearing a mask while driving. I don't want their toxins getting past my critical faculties.

Another example of this is the number of friends and acquaintances I have who sagely advise me to "follow the science" even though I know them to have next to zero scientific knowledge. The last four years of formal schooling I took were almost exclusively math and science. It's not hard for me to spot complete scientific illiterates. I remarked to a lady passenger in my cab one day about some dishonest soundbite from the car radio on the climate scam. She replied, "Well they have to do something about pollution." I note that Let's Go Justin and his leftoid cronies prey heavily upon scientifically illiterate voters like her by dishonestly conflating CO2 emissions with "pollution."

Follow the science. Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the fucking Pied Piper.

What, exactly do most of the incurious masses mean when they pontificate, "follow the science?"

I got a hint back when my son was in Grade 8. One day, I asked him what he was learning in science class. His answer stunned me. "Global warming." That's not science, that's anti-prosperity political propaganda.

This provides some insight into what people like high school dropout Greta Thunberg means when she says "follow the science." In her world, "science" means something very different from what is used to mean. It means the propaganda that was jack-hammered into her brain by a predominantly government-funded crypto-communist collection of "teachers." It might be a surprise to learn how many other high school dropouts are giving political and scientific advice to the masses.

I was speaking with an old friend last week with whom I had not spoken for a while. Ordinarily, he seems to be well informed. Unfortunately, like too many others, he has been completely duped by the dominant establishment narrative on COVID-19. He told me to follow the science. Double vaccinated himself, he tried to pressure me into getting vaccinated as well, "not to protect you, but to protect me." (incredible!) When I told him vaccinated people can spread the virus just as efficiently as the untermensch, he replied, "Well, that just isn't true."

Oh, really?

Then he got to the funny part. He said the only people he has seen expressing any doubts or misgivings about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines are women filming YouTube videos while sitting on the toilet. If I had any prior doubt as to the source of his reliable information, this removed it. Women on toilets are a perfect smear-tool used by Junk News media and authoritarian social media platforms. (My own analogy is of some tattoed, toothless guy filming his YouTube video while wearing a black Jack Daniels T-shirt and sitting on a Harley Davidson motorcycle with a pack of Export "A" tucked into the sleeve of his T-shirt, and a confederate flag waving in the background.) Or this guy.

As the conversation went on, I continued to remind my friend that none of the experts I had consulted to form my own opinion were sitting on toilets.

Doesn't it seem odd that, despite 85% of the Ontario population over the age of twelve now being classified as "fully vaccinated," Junk News propaganda distributors continue to spew out panic-inducing stories about new restrictions being needed to "gain control" of the spread that the miracle, warp speed, absolutely safe and effective vaccinations haven't "gained control" of?


"Gain control."

Just like that flaming charlatan in Ottawa's con about "gaining control" of global temperatures. I mean, who buys this horseshit? Answer: Too many voters.

Of the remaining 15% of the unclean, the untermensch, a portion of them will have already recovered from the Coof therefore, even more than 85% of Ontarians should be "protected."

Yet we must still tolerate the dictatorship of the "experts" as they continue to rail against the restoration of freedom in this province.

Despite my educational grounding in science, I never went much further than the basics. I don't have any credentials in epidemiology, virology, vaccinology, or microbiology, etc. Because of this limitation, I have no choice but to fall back on my tried and true skillset - Bullshit Detection.

Hang on a second. I have to wipe my ass....

The Chicken Coup

The Marek's Vaccine

"The Marek’s vaccine is “imperfect” or “leaky.” That is, it protects chickens from developing disease, but doesn’t stop them from becoming infected or from spreading the virus. Inadvertently, this made it easier for the most virulent strains to survive. Such strains would normally kill their hosts so quickly that they’d die out. But in an immunised flock, they can persist because their lethal nature has been neutered." [Italics mine.] -- [source]


"This problem, where vaccination fosters the evolution of more virulent disease, does not apply to most human vaccines. Those against mumps, measles, rubella, and smallpox are “perfect:” They protect against disease and stop people from transmitting the respective viruses. “You don’t get onward evolution,” says Read. “These vaccines are very successful, highly effective, and very safe. They have been a tremendous success story and will continue to be so." [source]

“You don’t get onward evolution.”

-- An "informed" TV watcher.

One more,

“The candidate Ebola vaccines are also foremost in my mind,” he adds. “Some of the monkey trials suggest that they may be perfect, but we need to be very confident that they don’t leak. If they do, and some vaccinated individuals are capable of passing on Ebola, that might lead to the evolution of very dangerous pathogens.” [italics mine] [source]

“the evolution of very dangerous pathogens.”

"There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men. The worst evils which mankind ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments. The state can be and has often been in the course of history the main source of mischief and disaster." -- Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973)

It should be clear by now that the "safe and effective" COVID-19 vaccines are leaky, like the Marek’s vaccine. The statists pushing jackboot medicine over the last 20 months through knee-jerk, state idolizing prohibitions and mandates may have created a monster.

"Read and Nair also found that the “lethal” strains could spread from one vaccinated individual to another, and that unvaccinated chickens were at greatest risk of disease and death if they were housed with vaccinated ones." [source]

Wouldn't it be ironic if Ontario's apartheid-style internal pass system implemented to protect vaccinated people from getting infected(!) winds up, unintentionally protecting the unvaccinated?

As Ontario moves into traditional cold/flu season it promises to be a very interesting time.

Other Items.

Study May Prove This Is a Pandemic of the VACCINATED


Deputy #PrimeMinuster Chrystia #Freeland at the Toronto Global Forum on November 10, 2021. #vaccination

♬ original sound - user5784799146595

Herd Immunity: For COVID-19, scientists estimate the percentage falls between 50% to 70%.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Sick Fucks

The things that are happening these days look like they come straight out of the middle ages.

The people applauding this gross miscarriage of justice, assuming it's accurate, are no better than a pack of rabid wild dogs.

What do you figure I should get for saying that?

Five years?



What a bunch of sick fucks.

But then, look at their cousin in this clip,


"He's violating our rights!"

Originally posted here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Confessions of a Young Offender: The Great West Mountain Flood of 1967

While pondering a post on Facebook about the mountains of medical waste resulting from mask mandates and mask hysteria, I started to wonder if some of those billions of useless masks might be responsible, in part, for Hamilton's recent sewer woes.

And that reminded me of something I was involved in back in 1967.

The Creek's Raiders

"A worthless man devises mischief."

During the summer of 1966, I started to lose interest in the things I enjoyed doing at the time, like building skyscrapers and other structures with my girder and panel sets and Stalox mini-brick sets, reading about the universe, swimming up at the Westmount pool, and being a general shit-disturber in school.

I wanted something better. Something more exciting.

I wanted adventure.

Then I learned that a group of my old buddies had taken up smoking. That sounded pretty kewl to me at the time, so I ventured up to the spot where they were known to hang out and started bumming cigarettes from them to prove that I, too, could be super-kewl.

They hung out at the southeast corner of the intersection of the "Black Road" and the creek. We called it "The black Road" because it was a black road. It was composed of crushed black gravel and it ran south from Mohawk Road to Limeridge Road. The creek was simply known as, "The Creek." (later - Raider's Creek)

As I gradually became accepted as a member of the gang, I discovered they were involved in all sorts of exciting things to do, like playing football and baseball, building tree forts, hiking, and cycling, and other clean-cut activities like knocking on people's doors after dark and then hiding behind a bush (we even tried the old flaming bag of feces trick on one household,) or throwing snowballs at passing cars in the winter from behind the snow fence on the south side of Mohawk Road. When the snow was all gone we used wads of wet toilet paper.

We would even place phoney orders for taxis, pizza, and Chinese food and send them to the homes of people we didn't like, which turned out to be so much fun we started playing the same gag on people we liked, as well.

Years later I ended up driving a taxi and I can tell you that showing up at an address, only to discover that the pizza guy, the Chinese food guy, and the coroner's van were already there didn't seem so funny anymore. Talk about Karma!

In the taxi business, when you end up NOT getting a paying customer from the address, we call it a "dead trip."

Aside: I read once that NYC taxi regulations mandated that all taxis have grills on their trunks to make the contents visible. No explanation was given, but one intriguing opinion I heard was that, in those days, people could not afford expensive funerals, so they would just call a taxi and throw the deceased into the trunk. This would probably have been illegal, hence the grill, and possibly even the origin of the term, "dead trip."

"Cash in advance, please."

We decided to make up a name for our gang. We called ourselves "The Creek's Raiders."

It was our first step into organized crime. (Going into the cab business was my second.)

Most of the members, and associate members had colorful nicknames, like "Krawk," "Kraut," "Biggelo," "Tank," "Noodles," "Pig Boy," "Tubbie," "Bloat," "Fungus," and "Snotrag."

One night, as I was leaving the house my mother asked me where I was going. I told her Pig Boy and I were going to call on Bloat. She asked me why all of my friends had such unpleasant names. She said she didn't like those names and that I should find some new friends. I didn't.

I had nicknames as well, but too many to list here.

We weren't always into mischief though.

Sometimes we were just boys being boys. In those days, it meant something totally different from what it means today. Today it means uhm, ah, hmmm... fucked if I know!

Day 1: Busy Beavers

"Well, I built me a raft and she's ready for floatin' Ol' Mississippi, she's callin' my name."

Every spring when the snow finally melted, the water level in that creek would rise. Some years the water got deep enough that we could build and float rafts in it.

It was a lot of fun pretending to be Tom Sawyer floatin' out to Jackson's Island to have a few smokes with Huck.

1967 must not have been a very good year for snowfall. The creek's flow was barely a trickle. The climate, she was a changin'.

One of the Creek's Raiders ring leaders came up with a plan to raise the water level in that creek by building a dam at the mouth of the storm sewer at the intersection of Lynbrook Dr. and Millbank Pl.

At this point, let me be straight. This was NOT my idea. I was never one of the Creek's Raiders ringleaders. I vas zyust vollowing örders. I would have rather spent my time volunteering at the Idylwilde nursing home on San Road or doing my grammar homework, but I was afraid that, if I did not go along with the gang on this enterprise, they would have surely beaten me up.

We visited our supply depot at the housing development on the west side of Garth and grabbed a few sheets of plywood figuring the plywood and a few rocks would do the trick. The plywood approach didn't work. We could not establish an effective seal. The creek water just trickled around and through the cracks. What we needed was something that would really plug up that grate.

Some have conjectured that Tank was the ringleader because of his physical size and incredible strength. When he "pulled a hairy," the group would scatter. He once caught Leonardo Wolenski up the side of the head with one of his flailing arms and almost knocked his head clean off.

Nope. Tank was the brains of the outfit. He came up with the ideas and took care of the logistics. He was our combination IT/Myer Lansky guy. But he lacked ambition. While he might have conceived the plan, it was gang leader, BeBe Remortis (pronounced Bee-bee,) who ultimately called the shots.

I was there when the original plan was hatched.

Bebe: You know, the creek just isn't running fast enough. The plywood dam isn't working. We need something that will really seal up those cracks.

Tank: I think I know of a way we can fix that. I've seen a bunch of insulation over at "the houses." What if we borrowed some and used it to really seal off the water flow at our dam? Those nice workermen have the insulation tightly packed into bales that will be easy to transport. Of course, we will return it after the thaw dries up.

Remortis gave it the nod and before long we had installed one bale of insulation at the storm sewer opening.

[Not the original grate]

It didn't work. There wasn't enough insulation to create an effective seal.

So we went back and borrowed about ten more bales.

We plugged every crack and crevice we could find around that sewer opening.

Still, nothing happened. We covered the entire opening with as much insulation as we could find, which was lots thanks to the workermen, and really packed it tight.

And still, nothing happened!

The water level did not appear to change at all. It was disappointing.

So much for that plan. It was getting late and we had spent the whole day on this engineering project. And for nothing. After all of that hard work, we had absolutely nothing to show for our efforts. Still, you can't fault us for our inherited Anglo-European work ethic. "Idle hands are the devil's workshop."

Tired, hungry, and disappointed, we accepted our failure, abandoned the job site, and went home for supper. After supper, we gathered at St. Vincent de Paul for a good game of punch-out. Some guy in a Mustang chased us right over the grass at Buchanan Park during one round.

The next day was a school day.

Day 2: The Surprise

I don't recall noticing anything on the way to school the next day, but on the way home for lunch - we used to get an hour and forty-five minutes for lunch in those days - when we got to the intersection of Millbank and Lynbrook, we could not believe our eyes. Millbank Place was gone. In it's place there was a river flowing north to Mohawk road. It wasn't very deep. The sidewalk was still navigable. But the water on Mohawk Road was much deeper; perhaps as much a twelve inches deep. Seeing a city bus plow through it was quite a sight. It was the Venice of South Hamilton. It would have been perfect for rafting, but we had moved on to other projects by then.

The cause of this mayhem was truly a mystery... to many people.

Day 3: Aftermath

City work crews managed to clean up the mess rather quickly. I don't think they had been unionized yet. Whether any of the insulation was ever returned to the job site for its original purpose remains unknown.

I was walking home from school that day with a friend named, "Karvey." He had acquired that nickname as a result of his excellent woodworking skills. We were going over the scientific concepts we would need to successfully write Mr. Ashbaugh's test the next day. It's difficult for me to remember the exact subject matter at the time. I think it was basic concepts covering freezing, evaporation, sublimation, and precipitation; all pretty basic stuff, unlike the sophisticated Al Gore movies kids would be forced to watch thirty years later. "Believe in the science!"

For the record, the Karve had absolutely nothing to do with the planning and construction of the hydro project recorded in this essay.

As we approached Lynbrook and Millbank, we noticed a city works truck was parked nearby. Some guy was walking down Millbank using a stethoscope to listen to the road. I was expecting a bunch of guys in white coats to show up and shuffle him back down to the facility at West 5th and Fennel.

It turned out he was a city worker. When he saw us he ran over and demanded to know our names. Did he know something?

There were just two sacred rules that applied to all Creek's Raiders members. The first rule was, "deny everything." The second rule was, "Always use a fake name."

I told the guy my name was "Gant Fane," from the novel "Iron Scouts of the Confederacy."

Karvey, being innocent, of course, provided his real name.

As far as I know, there never was an investigation.

Fast Forward to 2021

It was only recently that I paused to wonder if our little engineering project caused any damp basements in the vicinity of Millbank Place. At the age of about twelve, we lacked the foresight to see how much damage our perfectly laid plans could end up causing.

In the end though, what are a few bales of fibreglass insulation when compared to the hundreds of thousands of tons of medical waste that have been produced in order to pretend to fight COVID-19?

When I look at the actions of our so-called "leaders," I realize that most of them have no more foresight than a group of twelve-year-old boys.

["A worthless man devises mischief." ]

The joke is on Canadian Voters.


Tank you.

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