Saturday, September 18, 2021

Does Electile Disfunction cause Erectile Disfunction?

Just wondering. Have any of you guys, or gals, experienced erectile disfunction after getting jabbed?

I too have noticed that I have felt slightly sick after spending time around vaccinated individuals a day or two after exposure.

It's one reason I have been toying with the idea that these vaccination passports might actually be a good thing, but for the wrong reasons. By keeping unvaccinated people away from the vaccinated it might just save lives.

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CV19 Vaccines are Poison – Karen Kingston 9.18.21

Karen Kingston on LinkedIn

Something just reminded me of an experience I had during the 1990 recession.

The fleet operator of the cab I drove got rid of almost all of their cabs overnight and leased the plates out.

Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I could not find a taxi to drive so I started frantically looking for work elsewhere.

I called the number for a job ad in The Spec to request an interview. The person advised me to show up the next morning and to "dress sharp."

When I arrived for the interview I was surprised to find myself in a waiting room full of people, most of whom were not sharply dressed at all. I thought I was in the wrong place. I wasn't.

I was instructed to appear the next day for "training."

When I arrived the next morning, I observed that everyone else who had been "interviewed" had also been hired.

We were all given a training manual, a binder full of pages.

One of the pages had a disgusting photo of a dust mite on it.

This was followed by statistics on the number of asthmatic children there were along with stats on hospital admissions and deaths from asthma.

Further along in our "training," we were introduced to our target market. It was families with asthmatic children.

The product was an air purification machine.

So there I was, rolling along with the narrative, just as I had initially done with the climate hoax and the COVID panic when I had one of those "wait a minute" thoughts after class.

Would this air purifier actually get rid of dust mites?

I got busy on the internet trying to find information to confirm that. (1990 - text-based, dial-up, Hamilton-Wentworth Freenet.) I found nothing.

So I started asking questions in "class." The instructor answered my questions in exactly the same manner as Justin Trudeau answers questions. After a while, I could tell he was getting annoyed with me.

I don't remember how long I attended these "training" sessions - two or three days, but on the last day I had made my assessment. The unit might be effective at filtering the air, but there was absolutely no evidence that it would get rid of dust mites, nor reduce severe outcomes for children with asthma. It was a con job. I could not see myself preying upon desperate parents with sick children. I quit.

And then, three decades later, I read this vomit in the Hamilton Spectator.

How long do you think it will take before will term "climate change" will go down the memory hole?

What was "global warming" at first gradually morphed into "climate change."

It looks like the time is now ripe to phase out the aging "climate change" deception to be replaced by the more COVID-like "climate emergency." You can bet your bottom dollar that the climate fraudsters have been paying close attention to the mob response to COVID-19. In view of the staggering results, with entire populations bending over and spreading their cheeks in bovine compliance with unprecedented human rights violations can we reasonably expect a different result when the Junk News media starts spewing out EVEN MORE wall to wall diarrhea like that recent Hamilton Spectator propaganda piece?

Regarding the claim that the flu has almost dissappeared because of the newly adopted Health Fascism in Canada and in most of the rest of the world, here are a couple of cut and pasted paragraphs from an old Globe and Mail article,

"It is thought the new virus is crowding out or replacing the family of seasonal H1N1 viruses, which are being dropped from future flu shot formulations. This phenomenon of viral replacement has been seen in previous pandemics."


"As we head into the winter, even in that part of the world the pandemic virus is clearly becoming dominant, and so we are seeing it crowd out the H3N2 viruses, and these are really falling in terms of the overall proportion."

These are taken from a Globe and Mail article dated NOVEMBER 5, 2009.

The same phenomenon was also mentioned in "The Great Influenza" about the Spanish Flu by John M. Barry, Revised edition (Nov. 1 2005.)

Are you old enough to remember when the term "equal rights" was used? Yeah. You don't hear that one anymore either. It's completely dead.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Are the Young Now Paying the Price?

This report (see link below) says the hospitals are filling up with young people. Is that true? If it is, then it represents a dramatic departure from the last 18 months.

One thought I have is that after 18 months of lockdowns, masking, & social isolation etc., the immune systems of the young have been seriously damaged, and that is something I've been worried about for quite a while now.

This would be in line with my expectation back when I realized the "two weeks to flatten the curve" was nothing but a bait and switch and that the government(s) were going to milk this panic for all it was worth in order to pretend that it can solve problems. Any serious observer knows that government(s) NEVER solve problems. They only make them worse.

If this Junk News CBC report is true it reinforces what I have said.

Edmonton ICUs filling up with young, very sick patients, says doctor

Look at this,

"Allergist and immunologist James Fernandez, MD, PhD, says there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that temporarily stepping up your cleaning game is dangerous to your immune health."

temporarily? What about un-temporarily? Like 18 months worth? And not just hand-washing but everything else?

The whole country has been turned into a bunch of germ phobes

Can Being Too Clean Weaken Your Immune System?

on the other hand,

"Dr. Lemon’s prescription for a better immune system doesn’t end there. “You should not only pick your nose, you should eat it,” she said.

She’s referring, with a facetious touch, to the fact our immune system can become disrupted if it doesn’t have regular interactions with the natural world."

Your Environment Is Cleaner. Your Immune System Has Never Been So Unprepared.

Well, well. It looks like the "pandemic of the unvaxed" is surging again in Ontario! And four days before a federal election.

And this just SIX DAYS before the NAZI passport system goes into effect.


Monday, September 13, 2021

The Logic of Illogic

Here is a list of vaccines that people get when traveling to some foreign countries:

  • Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and poliomyelitis vaccine
  • Hepatitis A vaccine
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Meningococcal vaccine against serotypes A,C,W and Y
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Typhoid vaccine
  • Yellow fever vaccine
  • Tuberculosis vaccine

I have never heard of people planning a trip to, say Africa, and who upon learning that the population of Africa has not been 100% vaccinated against the diseases they have been vaccinated against, decide to cancel their trip.

How things have changed. Today we see hysterical mobs of terrified Junk News consumers demanding that EVERYONE get vaccinated against COVID. In Junk News man-in-the-street interviews, respondents say things like, "If I have been vaccinated and I get on a plane, I don't want to think that the person sitting next to me hasn't been vaccinated."

Why the fuck not? What are you afraid of? Is it because you weren't really conned by the claims made about vaccine efficacy, have no confidence in the ability of the vaccine to prevent you from dying, and the only reason YOU got jabbed was to earn some travel credits? At least THAT would be logical.

Also, if the Coof vaccines do what vaccines are supposed to do, then our respondent's well thought out response, to be consistent would be something like this given a slight change in context,

"Even though I have been vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningococcal serotypes A,C,W and Y, rabies, typhoid, yellow fever, or tuberculosis, if I take a trip to Africa I don't want to think that the person beside me on the plane has not been vaccinated."

THAT makes no sense.

And also begs the question of what our traveler intends to do once they get to Africa. Become a hermit?

With respect to the argument that getting vaccinated is a form of public heroism because some people cannot be vaccinated due to certain health conditions, that argument has been detonated by the discovery that vaccinated indivuals can carry the same viral load as the unvaxed. And worse - to the degree they have dropped their guard, post-vax, they could be more likely to spread the virus.

Coincidentally, I wrote most of the above - minus the title - before I saw the following presentation by Ivor Cummins.


"Stasiland" is, in its way, a very modest book. It is not a detailed history of the rise and fall of East Germany. Funder does not delve deeply into the reasons why so many East Germans collaborated with the state to spy and inform on their neighbors and families and lovers and friends. Some did it for money, some out of fear, others for the narcissistic thrill of feeling themselves indispensable to those in power."

Sound familiar?

Line up at the sign! Follow the arrows! Stand on the circle! Wear a mask!

Aarf! Aarf!

The Logic of Illogic PUBLISHED JUNE 25, 2003

Finally, a big piece of the puzzle if you want to know who some of the "converging opportunists" responsible for the damage done by the disastrous COVID response are.

Bad Idea Good Idea


For some information on the people who organized the Canadian hospital rallies on September 13, 2021, and who are being vilified in the Junk News media, click here.

Also of interest to Canadians is the list of Professionals Against Lockdowns.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Slime-Ball-In-Chief Puzzled that People he Ignores and Insults Get Angry

"Yes, there is a small fringe element in this country that is angry, that doesn’t believe in science, that is lashing out with racist, misogynistic attacks,"

is how Canada's slime-ball-in-chief[1] described people who refuse to blindly jump on the bought and paid for Junk News driven bandwagon.

You have to ask, since discussion of different opinions has been all but banned in Canada, the aspiring dictator NEVER answers difficult questions when asked, actively bans non-government subsidized news organizations from access to his clown show, and intends, if given the power, to impose an even tighter straight jacket on speech in Canada,

what would you expect?

I think it was Jordan Peterson who said when people stop talking they start fighting.

And it has to be obvious to anyone but the seriously brain-damaged that this fucker is lying through his teeth when he tries to paint his opposition as nothing but a bunch of anti-science, racist misogynists.

Trudeau swarmed again in Ontario, protestors throw gravel and debris at prime minister

Meanwhile, clown number 'Toole farts out this gem, "We're a democracy, we should be having a healthy and respectful debate on ideas."

Yeah. Do ya think?

Where the fuck has he been hiding over the last 18 months?

Doesn't he know that anyone who has tried to have a "healthy and respectful debate" on COVID policy has been censored, banned, fired, and smeared as "nothing but a bunch of anti-science, racist misogynists?"

In Canada, "healthy and respectful debate" has been cancelled. And the protestors are NOT the ones responsible for that.

There isn't a snowball's chance in hell I would cast a vote for that schmoo no matter how much I loathe his rival.

[1] I would prefer to call him the "cocksucker-in-chief," but that would be disrespectful and I dissapprove of profanity.

The Lay of the Land - "SISSY-MEN" and More

Health Canada exaggerating the risks of smoking and second-hand smoke was also a lie.

See Health Canada says Arsenic in Cigarettes, Bad - Arsenic in Water Okay

Looking back.

Something I wrote years ago about the unmasking of the sleazy crypto communists driving our country into the dirt. "It may be a good thing to quit smoking but it is not a good thing to get used to having the government dictate your behaviour. I would rather have smoke billowing out of every doorway than live in a socialist ant-hill." At the bottom, you will see a link to an article about what Australia was doing at the time to acclimate its citizens to mandates, lockdowns, and other forms of social control.

It's one reason I am not in the least bit surprised by Australia's hysterical response to a virus for which there is an almost 100% survival rate. It's also why, in many conversations with people over the years who saw Canada's slide into statist oblivion, were fishing around for a country of refuge, and suggested Australia as a viable option, I would advise them that going to Australia would be a mistake. Australia was obviously already deep into the straightjacket of collectivist thinking.

I read something years ago about Adolf Hitler. I can't remember where but it described Hitler's decision to quit smoking, From memory, "as he threw his last cigarette butt into the Danube he made a decision. What was not good for Hitler was not good for Deutschland." (On the other hand, it was okay to pump Wehrmacht soldiers up with methamphetamine to boost their fighting abilities.)

And once he gained power he implemented draconic tobacco restrictions more than half a century before the "democracies" of the West adopted the same policies.

September 7, 2021

Sunday, September 5, 2021

There Will be No Herd Immunity from the Coof

It's only been a recent change in my thinking. At first, I was a believer, and not the only one, in herd immunity as the way to eradicate the Coof.

Then my confidence in that idea started to waver as I considered the never-ending reinfections from colds and flu that happen every cold/flu season.

At first, it was just a brain tickle. Then I read this article and I'm sold. Herd immunity for the Coof is fiction.


"Research has demonstrated that getting chilled can temporarily suppress your immune system."

Well, go figger! That's what my mother always used to say, in her way, as she bundled me up to go outside and play in the winter. "You'll catch your death of cold!" She once told me of an uncle she was fond of back in England who jumped into the Thames to save someone's life and ended up dying a few days later from pneumonia.

Back when the idiocy first surfaced in early 2020, one of the things that struck me was the long lineups outside of the Walmarts and grocery stores, on some of the worst damp, cold, rainy days. Was that not going to make a lot of people sick?

It's one reason I very rarely subjected myself to the lunacy of waiting in long lines. Instead, I would check another store, or come back later.

From my perspective, standing in line for an hour in the cold wind and rain was just as stupid as buying ten years worth of toilet paper.

Not only that. Because I've read a lot about life in communist regimes, these lineups were enough to make me ill all by themselves. Historic statues don't offend me nearly as much as the slightest whiff of communism.

Because of my politics, one of my core beliefs has become that whenever the government acts in a way to ostensively "solve" a given problem, the result is almost always worse than the original problem. Given this belief, I am always on the lookout for the negative side-effects of all government "solutions." And when you know what to look for, it's not hard to find. This scamdemic has been a gold mine.

Anyway, without droning on further, I highly recommend you read the linked article.

It's one of the best synopses on the scamdemic I have read to date. It took me about an hour to read it. It was time well spent.

The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots (Immunity as a Service)

Does this passage sound familiar to you? Keep in mind, this was happening at a time when the Junk News media was downplaying the severity of the virus. They didn't need those Junk News automatons on the six o'clock news citing the daily numbers of deaths. They could see the deaths all around them.

Oh, and on the efficacy of masks?

They didn't need worthless politicians passing edicts on self-quarantine and social distancing. Unlike the current mass hysteria that has divided families, media fearmongering was not needed.

Just as the Junk News media continues to blame the collateral damage on the virus, instead of the government's edicts, no edicts were required during the Spanish Flu.

Note: "because you saw so much death around you," not because of the mendacious media and the declarations of politicians and their Medical Officers.

Fear didn't have to be generated by blaring TV propaganda. People could see the danger with their own eyes.

And please, don't try and tell me it would have been the same thing with the Coof if not for dramatic actions by the idiots in charge with all of their mandates and lockdowns. There remains the inconvenient experience of Sweden, a country that DID NOT adopt a monkey-see, monkey-do, Chinese Communist-style response to the panicdemic. Thank goodness for the example of Sweden.

For a great read on what a real pandemic looks like, I recommend THE GREAT INFLUENZA: THE STORY OF THE DEADLIEST PANDEMIC IN HISTORY

More food for thought.

COVID-19 From the Point of View of a Funeral Director

Is the Scamdemic organized mass murder?

RBR Sept 2, 2021, Neil Foster W John O' Looney Copy

James Rickards on Vaccine Voodoo

Saturday, September 4, 2021

All Hell is About to Break Loose in Georgia

Something the Facebook censors don't want you to know.

All Hell is About to Break Loose in Georgia

How to Circumvent Slimy Facebook Censorship

A documentary of the devious, underhanded tactics employed by Facebook to restrict the information and opinion its members, or more like its pets are permitted to have access to, and how I got around it, this time.

Click Here


Does Electile Disfunction cause Erectile Disfunction?

Just wondering. Have any of you guys, or gals, experienced erectile disfunction after getting jabbed? I too have noticed ...