Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Those Who Claim to "Follow the Science" Are Mostly Liars.

It really makes me sick when I hear people authoritatively declare that they have "the science" on their side. 99% of them are liars.

It's easy to understand why.

The last four years of my own formal education were concentrated on science. In grade 13 I took six classes every day. Three maths: finite, calculus, and algebra, in addition to one class in physics, and one class in chemistry. Then I spent three years in college studying chemistry.

No, that doesn't make me a scientist, not even close. I worked for real scientists at a research center in the 1980s which is when I really realized that I knew almost squat all about science. I was just a gopher there.

But when I got back out into the general population, and yes, in light of what's been going on these last six months, I think that "general population" or "genpop" is an apt term, I understood from my day to day interactions with people that I knew more about science than about 99% of them.

So I can only laugh, or scoff when someone arrogantly tells me they believe in the science. I know they don't know WTF they are talking about. The confident boast has no more weight than hearing someone say they believe in God, or the Bible.

It's not that they are deliberately lying. It's just that they have never paused to do some self-examination. They have been thoroughly hypnotized and they don't even fucking know it.

The bottom line is that 99% of those who preach about following the science are basing their pontifications on what SOMEONE ELSE has told them the science says. It has absolutely zero to do with any independent scientific inquiry or understanding on their part.

Since this whole scamdemic started, I have done what I learned to do in school, in forming my own opinion about the severity of the so-called pandemic instead of naively absorbing the crud that is spewed out daily by the drive-by, drive-thru, fast news media - and now social media.

I might be 100% wrong, but I am doing what I was designed to do.

I am using my own brain, instead of delegating that task to someone else.

As Adolf Hitler reputedly said, "What good fortune for governments that the people do not think." He was right about some things.

Back in September I was exploring the Ontario COVID-19 numbers and noted that at the height of the pandemic in Ontario, there were 5.4 cases per hospitalization. Or that about 20% of infected people ended up in the hospital.

I predicted that on October 8th, which was an error because I meant to say October 4th, the ratio of cases to hospitalizations, given a ten-day lag would be nowhere near what it was back in April.

Then I got distracted and forgot to do the calculations for October 4th, so I will do them now.

On September 24 there were an alleged 3652 "active cases" of COVID-19 in Ontario. On October 4th, there were 169 hospitalizations for a ratio of cases to hospitalizations of ---- 21.6 to 1. (4.6% vs 20%)

If it were as severe as the "first wave" it ought to be accompanied by 676, not 169 hospitalizations. In other words, so far this headline-grabbing "SECOND WAVE" is barely a ripple. (Not to mention that the prevalence of false positives, along with the lack of "infections" coupled with symptoms or illness, suggests that a portion of the currently hospitalized patients, a sizable number of them have been hospitalized WITH positive PCR tests for COVID-19, but not BECAUSE of it.)

IF this "SECOND WAVE" is as scary as the screaming headlines suggest, we ought to see a ration similar to that back in April, which would translate into

It looks like Ivor Cummins was right, after all.

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