Friday, March 20, 2020

Do We Really Need Government Teachers?

Even though I think most of the responses from my favourite institution have been totally disproportionate to this new variant of the common cold, I do see one silver lining.

Most of the resources commandeered by the various governments to "fight" the Chinese virus will be misallocated.

This is an iron law of political economy. For example, they will go hog-wild buying respirators when, perhaps the money spent would be better spent on Hydroxychloroquine. The result will be typical of socialist lived experience; not enough resources to allocate to real solutions.

A bunch of rusting respirators. A shortage of drugs.

Pots and pans being donated to meet steel production quotas, etc.

Pigs being slaughtered by the millions and left to rot, in order to support pork prices. That sort of thing. (Then they'll print more money.)

When governments are put in control of the disposition of all resources, inanimate and man-made, they end up wasting them. As Milton Friedman said, "People are never as careful with other people's money as they are with their own." Do you disagree?

Many, if not all, of the FEW apparent exceptions to socialist waste and failure will be emphasized as evidence of the success of socialism, as calving glaciers are touted as evidence of CO2 induced global warming. But when socialism operates on the back of a capitalist base, it can be made to perform miracles, like the socialist medicare regimes in most Western countries. The costs can be fudged, hidden, and politicized. The enterprise won't collapse because of its irrationality because it is "backed" by taxpayers.

It can even begin to deliver a product that has zero, or negative real value. The old Soviet Union might have boasted that they had universal and free medical care but the people weren't fooled, it was just as available as all of the other goods people living in capitalist countries took for granted, NOT.

The public education system in Ontario is entirely based upon the communist model.

And under all variants of communism there is fear.

Think about the degree of fear this Coronaville celebration has generated in some people. I have seen people wearing surgical masks in the supermarkets. And just LOOK at how willing they are to embrace communistic solutions to the perceived threat.

From the perspective of a free market purist, it's truly frightening.

But it really must be striking fear into the hearts of the teacher's unions and their membership. A warming planet doesn't mean that EVERYONE is going to suffer. But a mass insanity response to a flu variant has already shown us how MILLIONS of people have been harmed.

But like I said, maybe it's not all bad. Just as the end of the Dark Ages roughly ended with the Bubonic Plague, the era of socialist education may be ushered out by our new, kinder, gentler plague.

"Ontario is launching a new Learn at Home portal."

Oh! Oh!

A "learn at home portal." The internet version of homeschooling?

Imagine that same headline if there were no Corona holiday.

The teacher's unions would be GOING BALLISTIC!!!

But they can't say fuck all now. Social distancing is becoming the new normal. The classroom is, therefore, obsolete.

Because it won't end with the Coronavirus, virtual homeschooling has gotten its foot in the door.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste."

May the left eat their own words.

What if Ontario's new Learn at Home portal turns out to be a stunning success?

And it turns out we didn't need those teachers after all?

Ontario will launch phase one of “Learn at home Portal”

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